5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Office Furniture

A new Microsoft’s Healthy Computing Survey reveals that today’s employers should not only be worried about employee turnover or job satisfaction when they consider managing their staff. Surprisingly, many computing employees are uncomfortable on at least a day-to-day basis, with current office accessories and desk setups partly to blame. According to the survey, 85% of the workforce says they experience discomfort at work. With more than 12% of these workers revealing that this happens to them for at least half of each day.

If this survey is anything to go by, then employers ought to shift their focus to ensuring that their team gets ergonomic and customized kontorimööbel to enhance their levels of comfort.

The question then becomes, how does one identify the perfect office furniture?

The market presents an incredible selection of office furniture. It can be difficult for an ordinary person to identify which one is the right fit for their team. If you find yourself in that situation, you’ll need to do a little research regarding what’s best for you, and what’s not.

Here are five tips for selecting the perfect office furniture for you and your team:

Functionality and flexibility

Fancy is good, but when it comes to office furniture, you want to consider functionality first. Many office owners make the mistake of choosing fancy, and end up regretting their purchase down the lane. Go for functional pieces that serve the basic functions – for instance, a desk with drawers to store your files for an organization or an adjustable seat to accommodate different individual’s needs.

Needs and comfort

In addition to functionality, you also want to pick furniture that’s comfortable. Today, ergonomic desks and chairs have become the go-to choice for many as they make working easier. You can also get other kinds of furniture and design your interior according to your business type.

Right size

Measure your office before you go out to purchase furniture, this will save you lots of headaches. The last thing you need is to buy a furniture piece that’s too big to fit through the doorway, let alone into space, or one that’s too small that it feels misplaced in the room. Other than that, make sure that the furniture size can accommodate the needs of the employee in question. For instance, an employee who only uses their desktop will need a different kind of furniture as those who deal with plenty of paperwork.

Aesthetic value and brand identity

Buy a furniture piece that will contribute to the overall beauty of your office – amazing office design eases stress, lightens up the mood and enhances productivity. Don’t pick furniture because you love the design or color, choose furniture that matches with the brand or office personality. Ideally, the piece should transcend the comfort and aesthetic value it offers – it has to reflect the company’s culture and identity.


Every cent that you use in your business should be an investment. Consider how much you’ll need to spend on furniture and do the calculations beforehand. This will help guide you to getting the right furniture. Keep in mind that cheap is not always good – so, go for quality.

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