7 Tips For The Smoothest Kitchen Re-model

Re-modeling your kitchen can cause headaches and dip into your wallet quite a bit. For those reasons, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and the outcome is going to be everything you’ve ever wanted. Working with a trusted contractor makes the entire process smoother, but there are also some things you should research and know on your own to make the kitchen re-model an exciting time rather than a hassle.


Tip #1: Set a budget

There’s no doubt that kitchen appliances, cabinets, flooring, lighting fixtures, etc. come for a pretty penny. Without a budget, you can rack up the bill pretty quickly. Be realistic with yourself about whether a high-end or more budget friendly kitchen fits your home and neighborhood. A $50,000 kitchen re-model isn’t the best idea for a starter apartment that rents for $1,500/month. You won’t see a return on investment when selling the home if you start overspending.


Tip #2: Be realistic with the style

Flipping through magazines can make you want to pull the trigger on a style really quickly, but take some time to make that type of decision. If your kitchen doesn’t have high ceilings for a barn-type-look, really think about the consequences of doing an entire overhaul. Work with the architecture you have, financially it’s usually not worth it to spend a ton of money on a kitchen that won’t match the rest of the home.


Tip #3: Set it up so you don’t have to chance the plumbing

One of the toughest and most expensive parts of a kitchen re-model can be the part that you don’t even see once it’s done. Moving sinks, ovens, gas lines, and pipes can be wildly costly and unnecessary. There are definitely layouts that can accommodate the style you’re going for without adding the extra expense.


Tip #4: Consider keeping your existing cabinets

If your current cabinets are quality, they might not be a total wash. Definitely consult with a trusted contractor before purchasing new cabinets or keeping your old ones. You can add new drawers and doors, re-paint, or  re-laminate. Going this route will save you thousands on your kitchen re-model, but make sure it fits into the look you’re going for.


Tip #5: Pay attention to the hardware

It’s the little things that are really going to pull your kitchen re-model altogether. Things like doorknobs, cabinet handles, lighting fixtures, and even curtain rods are the details that make the biggest difference. What’s the point of doing an entire kitchen re-model if you’re going to keep your old pieces of hardware. These details can be executed after the bulk of the work is done, but don’t forget about them!


Tip #6: Work with a pro

Re-modeling a kitchen is not something you want to do all on your own, unless that’s what you do for a living. Talk to a contractor that can give you things like a free quote on the re-model, virtual 3D kitchen design for style choices, or even show rooms to visit. It’s even good to check out any testimonials and referrals the company may have before choosing to work with them.


Tip #7: Do your research when it comes to appliances

It’s usually recommended that you stick to one brand when choosing the appliances for your new kitchen. Many companies are coming up with sets that you can buy rather than selecting from a ton of options on the market. This makes it easier to choose, deliver, and install. Make sure you know what type of appliances will be the most functional for your kitchen. If you never cook, don’t spend the money on double ovens and stovetops. Make sure you have enough space to work with, but also don’t buy the most expensive appliances just because the salesperson told you to. There are tons of options out there that look just as great, for a cheaper price.


Re-modeling a kitchen isn’t something you want to go into blind. Like most other large purchases there’s some due diligence that needs to be performed before making decisions. Hopefully these tips can help you with a smooth transition from old kitchen to new.

Image source:  https://pixabay.com/photo-3255051/

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