Activities and Toys that Can Boost a Toddler’s Development

All people learn best through play, and this is particularly true for babies and toddlers. During the first few years of life, children are sensory learners, so the activities and the toys that stimulate their senses are the most likely to boost the development of their brain. While any activity and toy offers a certain degree of sensory stimulation, some are more efficient than other. So, if you want to make sure that your child develops in a healthy rhythm, here’s what you need to do:

Play with building blocks

Building blocks are among the oldest toys, but they continue to be the most efficient for the development of toddlers. First of all, blocks encourage experimentation and problem-solving skills. For a child, something as simple as putting blocks on top of each other teaches them an important lesson about balance and weight. In fact, you could say that these toys can build the foundation of scientific thinking. Blocks also boost the creativity, as they encourage the children to build different types of structures. These toys offer even more benefits if they come in a variety of colors, shapes and weights.

Encourage a love of books

Some parents buy books for their children only when the kids are old enough to understand stories. However, books can have a great impact on children from the youngest age. First of all, they stimulate the eyes through the pictures. Secondly, they develop a basic understanding of continuity and time. By flipping through the pages, the children understand that stories make sense if events happen in a certain order. To get your child interested in books, buy personalized story books for kids. It is more likely for children to be interested in stories if you read them books that feature their picture, with stories where they are the main characters.

Explore the outdoors

The outdoors offers endless learning opportunities, and you should expose your child to numerous environments. For example, you can take your child to the beach and let them play with sand, water and beach toys. For you, this is a great way to keep the child entertained while you relax a little. However, for the child, this is a great opportunity to learn about textures, volume, liquids and solids. You can also take them to the park to teach them about nature.

Dress-up and roleplaying games

All children love playing dress-up, especially if they get to dress up like adults, or like favorite characters. However, this activity is not only fun, but also very educational. It stimulates creative thinking and it boost the imagination. The same goes for roleplaying games. At a certain level, these activities also set the foundation for impulse control, as they teach children to behave in different ways in different situations.

Play hide-and-seek

This may be a classic childhood game, but it is very efficient for learning purposes. First of all, it encourages creative thinking, as the children must come up with creative hiding places. Secondly, this game is great for developing special skills, as the kids must visualize the playing area, map it and navigate it properly. For young toddlers, who don’t yet understand the concept of hiding, start by hiding their toys when they are looking, and they ask them to find them. After a while, hide the toys nearby, when the child is not looking and ask them to find them.

Sing together

Music is not only relaxing, but it can also be a great teaching tool. Singing with your child is a great way to boost their memory skills, as they will slowly learn to memorize the lyrics. Moreover, you should focus on singing learning songs, like the Alphabet song, songs bout family, about the weather, about animals and so on. For older toddlers, you can even sing kids songs in another language. Children are very responsive to foreign languages, and raising a bilingual child is great for the development of their brain.


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