All about Baby Tooth Care

Now that your baby will move from bottles to baby food, you might want to take care of his dental health. Also, he/she will be more prone to put anything and everything in their mouth. You will not be present there to stop them every time they do so. So the only precaution is good products for dental care. Pigeon provides the solution for this. You can shop for Pigeon baby toothpaste online. If you need help, here are some tips for baby tooth care.

Tips for Baby Tooth care

  • Begin before a tooth comes

Your child’s mouth should be cleaned even before their teeth come out.

The gums should be wiped after every meal with warm water and clean wet washcloth or damped cloth. Nowadays, some rubbery devices can fit in your finger so you can wipe your baby’s gums.

  • Taking care

Most parents think those baby teeth are not that important compared to other care. But, it is not to be neglected. As soon as the teeth come out, care should be taken immediately. If the care is not taken properly then it will create problems not only then but also in the future.

  • Watch for cavities

Never leave your baby with bottles for a long time. They will just use them for comfort, other than drinking. The initial signs of cavities in babies are minor pitting and discoloration. These milk teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth, so if milk teeth are affected then it will result in the future.

  • Fluoride Intake

Even if you’re not providing any fluoride-containing toothpaste, then you have to be careful if your baby is taking fluoride intake through tap water. Consult your doctor about fluoride supplements you can give your child if he is six months or older.

  • Brushing

After the baby’s teeth grow, it’s time for brushing. Use a small amount of toothpaste (the size of a grain) and brush the teeth twice a day for healthy teeth.

  • Dental Test

The studies show that the first dental exam should be taken when your baby is one year of age when the first tooth appears. If you want your baby to have a good white shining smile then establish and maintain good hygienic habits for the future.

  • Teething Toys

Studies show that chewing of toys might provide the most relief compared to other methods. The science behind this is that pushing down on a teether will provide counter-pressure to an uprising tooth. This is the most recommended method.

Some MOM-Tested Tricks you can try

  • Always keep a washcloth and binky in the freezer.
  • You can freeze fruits like cucumber, watermelon, strawberries, melons, etc and teether.
  • You can buy a teether shaped like a thumb if your baby loves chewing hands.
  • You can change the teether in shape, size, color, texture whichever suits your baby.
  • You can use cinnamon sticks. As cinnamon sticks are natural analgesics, they are hard and they don’t sprinter easily.
  • You can also keep a spoon in the freezer and give your baby later for chewing.

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