Awning Windows

Awning basically is a covering in form of overhang on the exterior of the wall of the building. When specifically above the window, they are called as awning windows. They cover the small area inside the window to protect from various unwanted weather conditions. Mostly, they are less in height and more in width to cover the maximum possible area. Many window awnings also offer to change the inclination angle of the awning with the window as required. However, the amount of air entering your room does not alter as the area of the face of the window remains the same.


Awning window provides good ventilation without letting outside elements entering your room. During the hot days of summer, it protects your room from being heated as the sun rays are blocked and provides shade. This step also increases the life of your carpet and furniture near the window as now they are protected from the direct sun rays. If you install an awning in your lawn, children can play over there even during afternoons. On the other hand, it also prevents the rain to fall on your window, keeps the window clear, and lets you enjoy an amazing scene of rain outside your window!

Apart from these advantages, window awnings also make your house look beautiful as these awnings are available in various attractive designs and contemporary looks. Moreover, you need to put your hand in the pocket only during its installation as it needs no maintenance after it is installed.

Types of Window Awning:

  1. Manually and Motor Operated Window Awning:The manual one consist of a long rod which is used to adjust the awning. Whereas the motor operated one does not have this vertical support and provides an obstruction-free shaded area. This is operated using a wireless remote control or by a switch. The latest ones have weather sensor which automatically operates according to the present weather so that there is no damage caused to the awning.
  2. Aluminum Awnings: These are awnings made using fabric sheeting which is put over aluminum support. Designer window awnings have gained rapid popularity in residential purposes. They are available in different sizes, designs, and colors that would match with the exterior walls of your house. They continue providing shade to under the window for more than 40 years! While most of them are the detachable ones so that you can take them out after summers to protect this light-weight material from heavy rain.
  3. Snow Awning: For the areas which experience snowfall during the winters, a window awning made up of poly carbonate plastic is installed above the windows over there. This type of window awning is highly durable and shades off the snow promptly.
  4. Retractable Solar Window Awning: They are made up of fabric which is also resistant to harsh weather conditions like hail and storm along with bright sun rays. They shall also lower your energy costs. Some of them are also the improvised ones and are programmed to open and close automatically in response to the sun.

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