Best 2017 Electronic Drum Set Under $1000

Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Set
  • DTX502 module with over 691 high-quality drum sounds
  • XP80 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot, side-stick
  • Real hi-hat system for authentic, nuanced feel
  • Includes KP65 Kick Pad
  • Large 10" Ride and Crash cymbals and 10" Hi-Hat cymbal (all 3-zone) with exclusive 360-degree "choke" function

Yamaha DTX500 Series DTX520K Electronic Drum Set Pre-assembled Rack System
  • 3-zone XP80 TCS snare drum for superior feel, excellent for open and closed rimshots
  • Includes different styles for user to play along
  • Audio input for connecting an external music player to the module
  • MIDI output port for connecting to additional devices
  • Programmable click tracks

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set(Drum Pedal not included) with Throne,Drum Sticks and Stereo Headphone
  • Package includes : Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set (Drum Pedal,not included) with Mapex T270A Throne,Zildjian 5A Drum Sticks and Yamaha RH1C Stereo Headphone
  • Electronic drum kit with 3 x toms, 1 x snare, 2 x cymbals, 1 x hi-hat, drum module, and rack system.Import your own drum sounds and samples via USB
  • DTX502 drum module gives you 50 preset kits and 50 user kits for you to create your own.Trigger response has been fine-tuned with laser analysis for amazingly realistic response
  • Convenient practice features include a scoring function to help you track your progress.Cymbals can be choked, and even muted before striking.Thone smaller cushion also makes it portable enough for any drummer.Round seat makes it easy to pack inside the hardware bag or with a drum in a case.
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Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set
  • SuperNATURAL-enhanced sound engine with Behavior Modeling provides an expressive and natural drumming experience Diverse sound library covers a wide variety of musical genres for performance and practice Professionally recorded backing songs onboard, ideal for play-along practice and performance Practice features include Quick Record/Quick Play, plus a unique COACH function that helps players of all levels build drumming skills effectively Large LCD and icon-driven user interface

Roland V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set w/ CB-TDP Carrying Case & Anti-Vibe Drumsticks - Bundle
  • This Bundle contains 3 items: (1) Roland V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set and (1) Roland CB-TDP Carrying Case for V Drums Portable and (1) Zildjian Trigger Wood Anti-Vibe Drumsticks (Pair)
  • Renowned V-Drums sound and quality in an ultra-portable mobile kit
  • Innovative folding design for quick, compact breakdown and easy transport/storage
  • Includes TD-4 Percussion Sound Module, loaded with expressive sounds, Coach and Quick Record/Play functions, and more
  • Eight pads total: kick, snare, toms x3, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals; FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller included; kick pedal and drum throne not included

Alesis Command Kit | Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Snare and Mesh Kick and USB Port for User-Loaded Samples
  • Tightly-woven 10" dual-zone snare pad for superior feel and playing response
  • 8" Mesh Kick pad with kick drum pedal included
  • (3) Large dual zone rubber tom pads
  • Command Advanced Drum Module with 70 kits (50 factory + 20 user) and 600 sounds
  • Load .WAV samples and play-along tracks via USB memory stick

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Set Bundle with Drum Throne, Drum Sticks, Headphones, and Polishing Cloth
  • Authentic drumming experience in a compact electronic drum set
  • Genuine Yamaha bass drum pedal included
  • NEW DTX400 Drum Trigger Module with 169 high-quality sounds
  • Steel Rack provides a solid playing experience
  • Includes the TP70S snare pad that allows playing snare head, open rimshot, and closed rimshot voices in each of the three zones for more musical expression

Simmons SD9K Electronic Drum Set
  • Simmons SD9K Electronic Drum Kit
  • Upgraded features The pads feel incredibly life-like, with over 700 realistic sounds and an expressive hi-hat.

ddrum JF-DD-BETA-KIT-1 DD 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set Value Pack
  • Complete electronic drum set, great beginners kit
  • Compact size. 35in x 20in when fully set up.
  • 32 pre-set drum kit sounds, and over 100 sounds in all.
  • Folds up for easy storage, Perfect for quite environments & where space is limited
  • Kit includes: Drum Pads, Cymbal Pads, Drum Module and cables, Drum Rack system, Foot Pedals, Drum Throne, Sticks, Head Phones and Dust Cloth
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