20 Best Baby Bouncers 2017 Reviews

Ever wondered how difficult it is to care for your baby while you are so busy doing errands at home? Worry no more like the answer to your problem is over! Baby bouncers can be the solution.

You can be able to see your baby safe in a spot at home where he can nap or play when awake.

You have to pick a sturdy baby bouncer chair, so you are aware that your baby is safe even if away from you!

This is exactly what you need – a time for yourself to do whatever you need to get done, without having to carry your baby all the time!

Why is a baby bouncer seat essential in caring for your baby? Perhaps you might want to consider the fact that you need to be relieved from lifting your baby 24/7. At some point, you will need to lay him down to sleep on the bed but it’s not safe to leave him behind so to make your life easier, a comfortable baby rocker is best.

Baby bouncers play a significant role in your everyday parenting life. Not only does it save you from being tied up to your daily routine clinging to your baby, but it also helps you accomplish other things.

How do you choose the best baby bouncer fit for your little one? Firstly, you have to consider a sturdy, soft cushioned seat which is machine washable so it can last for years, with a cradling motion to soothe your child, so he will feel that you are still cuddling him in your arms.

baby bouncy chair would assist in your baby’s formative years as it will teach your child to utilize his natural body core motions to bounce and calm down to entertain himself.

bouncy seat would promote muscle development and vigor making your baby stronger and more aware of his environment at home or elsewhere you want to go.

20 Best Baby Bouncers For Sale In 2017

Don’t have any idea on what to pick? 

In fact, the number of qulaity baby bouncers and jumpers in the market is big, making to difficult to pick one as per your requirements. With so many different brands out in the market available, allow me to present you some of the top 20 best baby bouncers reviews for 2017.

1. Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer
  • Cradling seat provides support and comfort for baby
  • Soothing vibration to calm baby
  • Toy bar removes with one hand for easy access to baby
  • Interactive toys encourage baby to bat and play
  • Age start- birth/age end - and up

This is an affordable and practical product compared to more expensive baby bouncers in the market considering its features – lightweight and portable with a vibrant design and thin metal frame to easily bend the seat making it portable.

You are assured that your baby won’t fall off as it has big deep seat suited for active babies.

Like the others, it also has a calming vibration to keep the baby in a relaxed sleep.

It also comes with removable toy bar with interactive toys to entertain the baby.

Product dimension is 19.8 x 13.1 x 3.4 inches and weighs 5.3 lbs.

With maximum carrying capacity of 25 lbs. Overall, this Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer looks simple and classy with a relatively decent price.

2. Tiny Love Take-Along Baby Bouncer

Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer, Green
  • Incredibly easy to fold and array; takes up minimal storage space
  • No assembly required
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Perfect for small home or apartment, travel or outdoor use
  • Includes bonus carry bag

Looking to find a baby seat that fold into its carrying bag?

Then look no more!

This product has that feature ideal for traveling or staying outdoors requiring minimal storage space, so it is perfect for smaller homes.

You don’t need to assemble this bouncy baby chair and its mesh lining to keep baby clam and relaxed.

Product dimension is 1723.7 x 13.8 x 4.2 inches and weighs 6 lbs. with maximum carrying capacity of 20 lbs. For its comfort and functionality, this Tiny Love Take-Along Baby Bouncer is a good deal.

All these cool features make it one of the quality baby bouncers on sale in the market today.

3. Ingenuity Gentle Automatic Bouncer, Sahara Burst

Ingenuity The Gentle Automatic Bouncer, Sahara Burst
  • 30 minutes of continuous, gentle automatic bouncing: mimics mom's natural motion cradling seat with removable head support and integrated bolster
  • Gentle softbeat rhythms to help soothe baby, just like mom's own heartbeat
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds
  • Removable, pivoting toy bar with 2 plush toys
  • Batteries last twice as long as traditional bouncers

If you want total freedom, this bouncer seat could be a great help!

You can remarkably set this one for continuous movement mimicking the mother’s natural motion up to 30 minutes without reducing the life span of your batteries.

The mild soft beat rhythms truly help calm your baby plus the three nature sounds and eight soothing melodies.

It comes with two plush toys with a detachable toy bar like the other baby bouncers. With the exceptional design and functionality of this Ingenuity Gentle Automatic Bouncer, we can consider that the price is all worth it.

4. Bright Starts Rocker, Peek-A-Zoo

Bright Starts Rocker, Peek-A-Zoo
  • Seat can rock back and forth to soothe or can be set to a fixed position, great for small babies and older toddlers
  • Full body recline with 2 positions
  • Soothing vibration calms baby
  • Toy bar with 2 interactive toys removes for easy access to baby
  • Rear kickstand stabilizes seat and is located out of baby's way

The Bright Starts Rocker, Peek-A-Zoo baby rocker seat can rock your baby slowly with a soothing vibration motion ideal for calming tiny babies though it can be good for older toddlers as well.

You have two positions to choose from if you want to recline the body and it offers two interactive toys in a toy bar which can be removed anytime.

Product dimension is 34 x 28 x 24 inches and weight is 9.9 lbs.

It can carry capacity of 25 lbs.

The seat is stabilized with its rear kickstand positioned out of baby’s path. One of the baby bouncers to consider!

5. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Seat

Babies would always love to be in mom and dad’s arms so considering buying baby bouncers to care for newborns and babies in their early infancy would be a wise move as it makes your child feel the warmth of your presence.

This baby jumper can bounce and sway side to side or bounce up and down depending on your baby’s movements as it mimics natural gestures in a deep, cuddly baby seat.

It offers ten songs and nature sounds including an ambiance of serenity.

Just plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet while keeping an eye on your baby as he enjoys his baby bouncer substituting the warmth of your arms wrapped around him.

It has three colorful toys with an overhead mobile to keep your baby busy.

You can also recline it in two positions depending on your preference for baby’s convenience.

Product dimension is 11.9 x 15.1 x 26.5 inches and weight is 7 lbs.

It can carry a maximum capacity of 25 lbs.

If you are searching for reliability and a product worth your money, then this Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Seat is one of the excellent alternatives you can have.

6. Baby Bjorn Bouncer, Mini Silver

BABYBJORN Bouncer Mini - Silver
  • Newborn essential that safely holds your baby for you in the early days at home
  • Natural bouncing helps develop balance and motor skills - no batteries, charging or plugs required
  • Ergonomic bouncer with a soft and snug design that gives proper support to a very young baby's neck and back
  • JPMA Certified Product with two easy-to-adjust positions, suitable for both rest and play
  • Can be used from newborn and up to 6 months

This mini version of baby bouncer chair by Bjorn provides appropriate support for the neck and back of newborns that have sensitive undeveloped muscles. Its motion is based on the movement of the baby.

The natural bouncing movement assists in enhancing the motor skills and balance of the newborn as he grows.

Among many baby bouncers listed here, this is perfect for newborns’ napping time as your baby will feel being cuddled in your arms because of its snug fit.

It is not heavy so it would be convenient for you to move the bouncer seat anywhere you want your baby to be near you. It wouldn’t be hard to detach the legs of the bouncer and store flat when it’s not in use or for storage.

In the early stage of newborns, your baby would come up with diaper leaks, so the removable, washable cloth is easy to handle. Product dimension is 2528.9 x 16.3 x 20.9 inches and weight is 7 lbs.

It can carry a maximum capacity of 20 lbs.

With all of the features mentioned, this Baby Bjorn Bouncer just simply rocks!

You can be assured that this is one of the baby bouncers safe for your kind from every aspect. So, if you are looking for quality baby bouncers and rockers, this can be a good option.

7. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny
  • Soft deluxe fabrics in the snuggly bouncer.Weight limit: 25 lbs (11,3 kg)
  • Rich fabrics and textures stimulate baby's tactile sense.A snuggling cushion for your babys head to toe
  • Cushy body insert removes as baby grows
  • Eight songs, nature sounds, and calming vibrations to comfort your baby
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Want a cute looking baby bouncer seat for your little one?

This product surely provides a plush soft fabric cushion which is gentle and mild for your child’s sensitive skin from head to toe. It comes with a detachable body support for newborns which secures the baby as he grows older and bigger.

It comes with a head pillow shaped like bunny ears to snuggle which looks charming!

Product dimension is 24 x 21 x 21.8 inches and weight is 7.8 lbs with a carrying capacity of 25 lbs. For that quirky touch, try the Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny.

Overall, moms and dads looking for baby bouncers and swings need to have a look at this before making the final purchase decision.

8. Skip Hop Baby Uplift Multi-level Adjustable Bouncer

This multi-level bouncy seat is height-adjustable up to 34 inches using a handy knob.

The Skip Hop Baby Uplift Multi-level Adjustable Bouncer is amazing as it offers two soothing sound effects like ocean waves and human heartbeat with volume control and vibration mode which can all be setup to auto-off after 20 minutes.

Your baby can sleep well safely as it has a wide, steady base.

Playtime can be fun as it has a tuck-away toy bar with baby-safe mirror toy so he can see himself as he tries to interact with family as well.

The removable fabric seat with a 5-point harness can be washed to last longer. Product dimension is 30 x 20 x 31 inches and weight is 7.8 lbs. It can carry capacity of 25 lbs.

9. 4moms BounceRoo bouncer – multi plush

4moms, bounceRoo, Bouncer Seat, Multi Plush
  • 3 unique vibrations
  • 3 intensity settings
  • Natural bouncing movement with baby's movement
  • Lightweight and portable - less than 6 pounds.
  • Easy to remove, machine washable fabric

 This super-lightweight baby bouncy chair weighs just below 6 lbs. So it is not difficult to transfer it from one place to another. It offers three settings for vibration and intensity for relaxing and calming your little one while snuggled in a deep padded seat.

It can easily be assembled too and has removable machine washable seat fabrics.

The overhead toy mobile can be slid aside when placing your baby on this baby bouncer. What’s delightful is that this is a techie baby accessory wherein you can use Bluetooth to control the music and movement as well as you can also plug in your mp3 gadget with your playlist of calming and soothing baby music.

Product dimension is 25.83″ L x 16.7″W x 22.54 “H and weight is 5.86 lbs.

It can carry a maximum capacity of 25 lbs. 4moms BounceRoo bouncer simply just caters to all your baby caring needs.

10. Ingenuity InLighten Bouncer

Ingenuity InLighten Bouncer, Twinkle Twinkle Teddy Bear
  • Cradling seat design provides support and comfort for baby
  • Twinkling light show displayed on canopy toy bar
  • Adorable teddy bear infant support bolster and headrest
  • Soothing vibration, 7 melodies, volume control and auto shut-off
  • 2-position recline

Like all baby bouncers, this can truly save you from lifting your baby more often especially if you are normally a very busy person doing chores at home.

Soon as your baby develops his awareness in his surroundings, allow him to enjoy and entertain himself by viewing some twinkling lights dancing above him on a canopy type toy bar that can be removable with two plush toys included.

It allows your baby to interact by touching, hearing and viewing the comforting lights with seven melodies, soothing vibration. You will adore its teddy bear designed infant support bolster and headrest while your baby lounges anywhere even outside the house as he gets comfy in the cradling soft seat which can also be reclined in 2 positions.

Product dimension is 22.3 x 24.5 x 23 inches and weight is 42.4 lbs. It can carry a maximum capacity of 25 lbs. The seat pad is also machine-washable so it would be easier to cleanup in a jiffy! Thus, Ingenuity InLighten Bouncer is one of the perfect baby bouncer seats for parents to choose.

11. Baby Trend Rock’s 2-in-1 Bouncer

Baby Trend Rock'n 2-in-1 Bouncer - Green
  • 2-in-1 Rocker and Bouncer with 3-point safety harness; Deep comfy seat with removable head support
  • Removable toy bar with 2 plush toys
  • Music center with 5 melodies and 3 soothing sounds with volume control
  • Calming vibration to comfort and soothe the baby
  • The Baby Trend Rock'n 2-in-1 Bouncer in Green is a modern style entertainer; it has brought a sleek and comtempory design to the traditional rocking bouncer. The rocking bouncer is easily folded down flat for storage or transport. Engage and entertain your little one hands-free with the 2 plush toys on the removable toy bar. Turn on the vibration and soothing music to help calm your child down, and use the three-point harness to help keep your little one safely in the deep comfy seat. The removable head and body support cushion your child for comfortable rocking and bouncing.

Compared to other baby bouncers on this review, this bouncer just can be hidden in a flash when you fold it flat and store under your bed or probably underneath your couch. This is a two-in-one bouncer and rocker as well with a 3-point harness for your child’s safety.

Its comfortable deep seat comes with a detachable head support. Like the others, it also offers soothing sounds with volume control and vibrating action for calming and relaxing the infant.

Overall, the Baby Trend Rock’n 2-in-1 Bouncer is durable and ideal for smart mothers on the go, so this baby bouncer is a perfect choice!

12. Babymoov Swoon Motion Bouncer

Babymoov Swoon Up - Foldable Ergonomic Adjustable Height Bouncer with 360° Rotation (Zinc Deep Gray)
  • Enjoy more eye contact and bonding with baby! Swoon Up has 2 heights: couch height(21.5in) or table height(29.5in) plus 360 degree rotation, so baby can be closer to family
  • Incredibly comfortable, this is like a baby version of an amazing, luxury, ergonomic recliner
  • Natural rocking motion created by baby's own movement. No batteries or plug in required!
  • Ergonomically correct parent benefit. Adjustable seat height allows you to move baby in and out of seat with ease; no uncomfortable or awkward bending to the floor while holding baby
  • Machine Washable cover, 5-point safety harness, and folds easily for storage or transport

This baby bouncer is simply amazing at it has eight mp3 sounds perfect for your baby with a motion detector when the baby awakes and wobbles from crying. Unlike the other baby bouncers in the market today, this one does not just stay low to the ground as you can pull the levers to reach your baby to the height of the table when you are having a meal with family.

It also has three positions for adjusting backrest and footrest as well as a 360-degree rotating seat.  Product dimension is 33 x 19 x 8 inches and weighs 12 lbs. It’s a bit costly, but it is worth everything! If you want to try something new that won’t fail your expectations, then buying  Babymoov Swoon Motion Bouncer is a wise option.

13. Bloom Coco Go Organic 3-in-1 Baby Lounger

Bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 Baby Lounger / Bouncer / Rocker Cappuccino Frame with Seat Pad in Organic Cotton Front Face Canvas (Navy Blue)
  • • plush, organic cotton baby-facing seat pad with polyester rear lining
  • • 5-point padded safety harness incorporating one-push bloom smart-buckle
  • • 3 easy-to-activate recline positions; fully lie-flat, semi-reclined & fixed upright
  • • concealed 2 speed vibration unit
  • • formed birch wood elements in cappuccino and natural finishes

This high-end baby bouncer chair can be folded flat so you can conveniently bring it along offering three reclining positions so baby can lounge sleep and play.

The Bloom Coco Go Organic 3-in-1 Baby Lounger also has two-speed vibration units with a padded safety harness that has one-push smart-buckle.

Product dimension is 27.5 x 4.2 x 21 inches and weighs 10 lbs. Besides the great features of this baby product, it is also made of organic cotton; the plush seat pad also suits your baby’s sensitive skin, so this baby bouncer is perfect for parents who always want the best for their baby even if it is quite expensive.

14. Summer Infant Sweet Comfort Musical Bouncer, Swinging Safari

Summer Infant Sweet Comfort Musical Bouncer, Swingin' Safari
  • Melodies, sounds, and vibrations are ideal for both soothing and entertaining with 15 minute timer with an auto shut-off
  • Large seat cradles baby and features a 3-point safety harness and removable newborn head support
  • Easy to assemble design can be put together in under 10 minutes
  • Gender neutral fashion coordinate with any nursery
  • Swinging' Safari Sweet Sleep Musical Swing, Classic Comfort Wood High Chair, Grow with Me Playard and Changer, and Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet collection pieces sold separately

This product has a 15-minute auto shut-off timer with melodies, vibrations and soothing sounds to entertain and calm the baby while enjoying the three lovable toys included.

This design can be easily assembled in a span of 10 minutes so that it won’t take long putting it all together.

Like some baby bouncers, the Summer Infant Sweet Comfort Musical Bouncer, Swinging Safari has a larger seat so it can cradle your baby securely considering its detachable head support for newborn infants up to 25 lbs.

This is perfect for busy moms and dads too, at a very affordable price!

15. BabyHome Wave Wooden Rocker – Walnut/Clay

BabyHome Wave Wooden Rocker - Walnut/Clay
  • INNOVATIVE AND BEAUTIFUL - The Wave bounce chair offers a pleasant, steady, front-to-back rocking motion that helps relax your baby and ensure a peaceful and restful experience.

This baby rocker is customized for parents whose taste is more of a traditional smooth walnut wood finish design rather than of those made in plastic.

Simply elegant looking, this product is sturdier and presentable with a steady rocking motion of front to back helping your infant to relax and have a peaceful sleep.

Baby bouncers can be fancy, but some prefer the conventional wooden material. Product dimension is 32 x 20 x 16 inches and weighs 10.1 lbs. With maximum carrying capacity of 20 lbs.

Whether you are just staying at home or traveling, the BabyHome Wave Wooden Rocker is the perfect pick for your precious one!

16. Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer, Whimsical Bumble Bee

Babies doze off most of the time while putting in a baby bouncer seat but this product allows your child to sleep lying on his back with the flat reclining feature of this bouncer seat.

It quietly adjusts, so your baby’s naptime won’t be interrupted.

The built-in wings made of jersey knit soft cloth makes your baby feel more warm, secure and comfy during its first months and are designed to adjust as your baby grows.

This Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer is so soft because it is made of the blanket which restores the comforting snugness inside the mother’s womb familiar to the baby.

It also has hanging toys like other baby bouncers, to entertain the baby along with calming lullabies to develop your baby’s musical experience.

Product dimension is 21 x 18.8 x 3.8 inches and weighs 6 lbs. with maximum carrying capacity of 20 lbs.  All these amazing features make it one of the best baby bouncers in the market today.

17. Mamas and Papas Go Go Rocking Cradle

Mamas & Papas Go Go Rocking Cradle, Carousel Lime
  • Reversible seat pad with two teether hanging toys
  • Removable cushion seat pad that can be machine washed at 100 degrees
  • Can be locked in to a fixed position

If you always encounter problems with baby spit-ups and diaper spills, then with this product’s machine washable reversible seat cushion, you can put your worries away!

This bouncy baby chair has two hanging toys safe for your baby to ease his discomfort when he is teething.

This can also be locked, so it offers genuine security while the baby seat gently rocks. Product dimension is 29.5 x 19.7 x 15 inches and weighs 6.6 lbs. With maximum carrying capacity of 25 lbs.

 Looking for a good investment for your child’s safety? 

The Mamas and Papas Go Go Rocking Cradle will cater to your everyday needs at a price that every parent can afford.

18. Nuna Leaf Baby Seat Twilight with Mesh

Nuna Leaf Baby Seat Twilight with Mesh SE02005
  • Elegant, serene design feels right at home in the living room
  • Motion lasts unassisted with a gentle push
  • No batteries, no cords, no buzz, no noise
  • Plush, cushy Oeko-Tex certified fabric made with a skin friendly pH and free of harmful substances and pesticides
  • 100 percent organic cotton insert is soft and light

The Nuna Leaf Baby Seat Twilight with Mesh is simply elegant, with no batteries or cords needed as well as no noise or buzzing sound can be heard.

Cushions are made of organic cotton free from harmful chemicals.

It easily locks in one position for playtime or feeding time.

For easy storage, it pops out of the base and this product evolves with the baby until he grows older.

Little soft breezes are provided by mesh backing.

The movement lasts with a gentle push unassisted, and the revolutionary endurance feature can last as your child grows in his formative years.

Product dimension is 17.7 in high x 28 in wide x 28.3 in deep and weighs 10.5 lbs. With maximum carrying capacity of surprisingly 130 lbs.!

19. Stokke Steps Bouncer – Greige

Stokke Steps Bouncer - Greige
  • Part of the Stoke Steps high chair seating system
  • Newborn insert gives support and comfort from birth
  • Multiple seating positions to adjust to your baby's weight
  • The bouncer folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • Can be used alone or easily clips onto the Stoke Steps chair

This baby bouncer seat is customized to offer vital comfort to your baby with a removable toy hanger that can keep your infant’s favorite toy wherever he goes.

Its one-handed recline feature makes it easier to position the baby for a more relaxed feel in four various seating positions.

You may adjust the bouncer position for handle the increasing weight of your baby as he grows older.

This baby seat allows your baby to bounce independently.

The newborn insert guarantees full support for babies from birth to his fourth month.

Product dimension is 21 in high x 25 in wide inches and weighs 7.7 lbs. With maximum carrying capacity of 20 lbs. Are you looking for a dependable baby bouncer regardless of its price that can last for years as well? The Stokke Steps Bouncer – Greige will serve as both.

20. DarlingWorld Infant Rocking Bouncer with Cradle Music

This baby bouncer is ideal for infants from birth till one year old since the sitting model can fit a 24-month old toddler.

Its self-swing seat is just perfect because its swing range prevents turnover with its strengthened frame.

Your baby will enjoy 12 soothing classic cradle melodies which can be adjusted in 3 volume controls. It also has a calming vibration to replicate the mother’s womb so your child can gradually adapt to the outer environment.

The materials for this DarlingWorld Infant Rocking Bouncer with Cradle Music are all environmentally friendly, and all fabrics are removable for machine wash. Your baby will love the cushion with a supple head support to guarantee your baby’s safety and comfort. This bouncer is durable and would last long even if your child becomes a toddler.

Product dimension is 20.9 x 17.8 x 4.9 inches and weighs 5.8 lbs. With maximum carrying capacity of 25 lbs.


Best Baby BouncerIn a nutshell, parents have many options when you read this review. Sturdy baby bouncing seats play a vital role to the safety and development of the infant as well as the convenience of mothers who have so many chores to attend to.

Baby bouncers are customized based on extensive research on baby’s movements and learning to bounce on his first months would be a great way to enhance his strength and stamina. Having some toys attached to the baby jumper would assist in his psychomotor development.

Bonding with the whole family members is made easier with sturdy baby bouncers playing an integral part in helping your child watch the family enjoy your moments together by just being calm in one place.

I recommend that you look for an affordable yet durable baby bouncer seat which can cater to your child’s needs. Baby bouncers would be ideal if parents especially the moms would need a time-off from carrying their child so try one today and see how it can amazingly help you care for your little one.


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