20 Best Baby Potty Chair Reviews 2017

Taking perfect care of your little baby is always a top priority to you. You always want to keep your little baby calm and happy. That’s why you need an innovative baby swing and a comfortable baby bouncer. Whether you like it or not, your toddler is growing up. Understandably, they’re not accustomed to standard sized toilets due to their size, delicate nature, safety, and hygiene. Among the things you have to invest in for them is potty training. A standard potty chair functions as a small toilet.

It solves many of the limitations toddlers could have if they were to use a standard toilet.

Although baby toilet seats work, depending on their age and weight, your baby may need a potty chair to learn the transition effectively.

One of the factors to consider before buying your baby a potty chair is their body weight. Research has shown us that cheap or substandard potty chairs can be hurtful for your child.

Storage and transportation are other important elements one has to consider before investing in a potty chair as well.

Other factors include the gender of the child, cleaning capacity, the material used to make a potty seat and the texture of the seat.

With all the variables at play, it is comfortable to say that it’s easy for one to be lost during potty seat shopping.

20 Best Potty Chairs In 2017 Reviews

We hope the following list of best potty chairs will help you make the important shopping process as simple as possible with well-researched potty chair ideas and recommendations.

1. Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty Seat

Summer Infant Lil' Loo Potty, White and Teal
  • Removable pot for quick and easy clean-up
  • High back for support and comfort
  • Splash guard for boys

Summer Infant is one of the most popular makers of kids toilet seats.

The Summer Infant Lil’ Loo is one of the most stylish products they’ve built. We recommend this product because it is not only built for efficiency but also because it has a splash guard for boys.

It is sturdy, has a removable design which makes cleaning simple and very easy to clean. What we like about this potty is the non-irritating design which encourages the little ones to use it consistently. It also has a high back which improves support and safety.

This potty is meant for both genders – kids with a maximum 33-pound weight.

2. BABYBJORN Potty Chair

BABYBJORN Potty Chair, Gray
  • Comfortable for your child; ergonomic design with soft lines
  • Sturdy construction; high backrest and comfy armrests
  • Easy to clean; inner potty seat is easy to lift out, empty and clean
  • Splashguard prevents spills
  • Material: The potty chair is made from polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

Training babies to use a potty chair has never been easier than using this simple yet effective BABYBJORN Potty Chair.

It is characterized by a high backrest which helps stabilizes and increases the safety of your babies. It’s also characterized by tiny armrests, with a padded lift out the seat for increased comfort.

What we like about this potty is it’s easy to clean, and sturdy in nature.

It can handle babies who weigh up to 96 pounds.

Its characteristic soft linings protect the babies from irritation. The potty is suitable for both sexes and measures 14 x 14 x 13 inches.

3. The First Years Disney Baby Potty Mickey Mouse

The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-In-1 Potty System, Graphics May Vary
  • 3-in-1 system grows with your child
  • Use standalone potty or place detachable seat on your family toilet
  • Sturdy base doubles as a handy step stool
  • Lift-out pot can be easily emptied and cleaned

As the name suggests, this potty draws its name from the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

It functions like a 3-1 potty system.

It features a standalone potty, stands, and a soft padded seat.

Unlike other potties which are outgrown by the child, this potty is designed to grow with them.

For the price its being offered for, we can comfortably say that it’s quite a steal as it eliminates the need for several accessories you have to add or buy as the baby grows.

What we also like about this potty is the safe baby design; a fade proof cover which makes it easy to clean with ordinary soap and simplicity of use.

If you’re looking for a plastic potty for your baby, then you’re going to like this unisex, 50-pound capacity, and 12.6 x 12.6 x 7.5-inch potty.

4. Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Baby Toilet Seat

Do you want a potty that not only teaches your kid how to use a toilet but also trains them on good toilet manners?

This potty is designed as a learn-to-flush potty for your kids.

The potty has all the standard features of a potty in addition to a flushing system that produces a regular flush sound.

This should be quite entertaining for your little ones.

What we also like about this potty is the price. It is extremely affordable for its features range, easy to use, and made of baby safe material. This ensures that your baby is not harmed in any way while using it. You can use it with babies of all genders up to 50 pounds in weight.

5. BABYBJORN Smart Baby Potty Seat

BABYBJORN Smart Potty, Gray
  • Comfortable for your child; ergonomic design with soft lines
  • Practical for you; takes up minimal space and is easy to take with you
  • Easy to clean; inner potty seat is easy to lift out, empty and clean
  • Splashguard prevents spills

If you’re looking for a potty that is built for the function, then look no further than the BABYBJORN Smart Potty.

What we like about it is the fact that it is smart to feature rich. It has a soft line and ergonomic design.

Its attractive and compact design makes it easy to store, move around with, and clean besides not cluttering your space.  If you’re worried about the spills, don’t do it anymore because this potty’s functional splashguard prevents them.

It is also colorful, gray themed, unisex, and carries up to 96 pounds.

For the environmentalists, you’ll also be happy to note that the BABYBJORN Smart Potty is built with a recyclable design. Considering the price, it’s a good buy for your baby.

6. Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Toddler Toilet Seat

Fisher-Price Pink Princess Stepstool Potty
  • So many ways to grow & learn: Putty chair, putty ring & stepstool-all in one
  • Sensor knows when to reward success with 4 different royal tunes
  • Handles on putty ring help kids feel secure
  • Clean-up is a breeze with removable bowl
  • Integrated splash guard for boys

The Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool is one of the top baby potties we are recommending for you.

It is a princes’ pink step stool potty and manufactured by Fisher Price- a top name in the industry.

Some of the features include the compact design which makes it easy to use both outdoors and indoors.

Your baby will enjoy using this potty on a daily basis even outside.

Although it is a unisex potty, we recommend it for mothers with boys because of the integrated splashguard which prevents spills. It is also built with an advanced sensor-based reward system. This system plays one of 4 royal tunes whenever your baby uses it well.

Its carrying weight capacity is 100 pounds and is made from PVC.

7. Summer Infant My Size Potty

Summer Infant My Size Potty
  • Realistic design looks and feels just like an adult toilet
  • Handle features a flush sound to reward a job well done
  • Flip-up lid and removable, easy-clean bowl
  • Built-in wipe compartment promotes healthy habits
  • Clip on splash guard for boys

What we like about this potty apart from cleanliness, efficiency, and safety for kids is the adult design look.

It looks and feels like your regular adult toilet which makes your baby feel less awkward.

The built-in wipe compartment is one of the enhanced features included to help your child healthy toilet habits.

If you want a potty that will not be too different from the real thing, then this model is for you.

8. Primo 4-In-1 Potty

Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool White with Pastel Blue Seat
  • Complete graduated 4 stage toilet training system. Includes stand alone potty, soft toilet seat reducer and step stool
  • Unique molded design of the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer will not tear or rip and is easy to clean
  • Handles are integrated into the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer to provide extra security and stability to the child
  • Includes toilet training tips, reward stickers and discount coupons for training pants

This 4 in 1 accessory is one of the best soft potty seats for your babies.

It is characterized by a well-designed soft seat, comfortable surfaces, and decent pricing.

If you’re looking for a beautiful baby potty for both sexes, then you should consider getting this potty. A few of the extras you stand to gain with this purchase include reward stickers, discount coupons, and toilet training tips.

9. Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat, Girl

Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat, pink
  • Two-position height adjustable for a custom comfort fit
  • Armrests and high seat back help little ones feel secure
  • One-piece bowl easily removes for easy clean up
  • Designed especially for girls-no splashguard
  • Pretty pink styling

Most of the potties we have reviewed here have been unisex.

If you want a potty that is specially designed for your little queen, then this is the model for you.

Some of the unique features on the Fisher-Price Potty set include the prominent lovely pink style, no splashguard, armrests and a two-position height to improve comfort and stability.

Overall, it has to be one of the best potty chairs for girls.

10. Contours Bravo 3-in-1 Potty, Berry

Contours Bravo 3-in-1 Potty System - Potty,Toilet Trainer, Step Stool All in One, Removable High Soft Splash Guard, slip resistant Surface (Berry)
  • 3-in-1 POTTY SYSTEM - Grows with your baby through different potty training stages! Transitions from a potty chair to a toilet trainer and a step stool
  • HIGH SPLASH GUARD - Removable high, soft splash guard is large enough to provide great protection for boys, and easily folds away for girls
  • EASY CLEAN DESIGN - Clean design and simple, removable waste cup makes clean-up a breeze
  • VERSATILITY - Toilet trainer top uniquely adjusts to fit most round and elongated toilet seats
  • STEP STOOL -- Slip-resistant step stool surface grips the floor to keep your child steady in every stage of use. Convenient carry handle makes it easy to move from room to room. Holds up to 200 lb.

This potty is a good deal for parents who want three in one kid potty models.

It easily transitions from a potty chair, toilet trainer, to a step stool.

It is made friendly for both sexes- with a splash guard that is big enough for your boy child, but easy enough to fold away for your little queens. Overall, it has to be one of the best potty chairs for boys.

11. Pretty Pink Styling Potty

Summer Infant Step by Step Potty, Girl
  • Soft, contoured seat
  • Flushable wipes holder and toilet tissue dispenser help promote hygiene habits
  • 3-in-1: stand-alone potty, toilet topper training seat, and step stool

As the name suggests, this is another pretty colored model you can buy for your daughter. 

A flushable wipes holder characterizes it. It is also designed to accommodate a toilet tissue dispenser which is crucial in teaching your kids toilet manners.

Its basic parts are in a 3 in 1 fashion: a stand-alone potty, step stool toilet, and a soft topper training seat.

12. Pretty Pink Styling

Lil' Jumbl Bay Egg Potty, Blue
  • This Potty Chair is Thoughtfully Designed for Maximum Comfort and Safety
  • Adorable Child-Inviting Toilet Substantially Eases the Process of Toilet Training
  • Child Potty is Lightweight & Portable - Ideal for Use at Home & for Travel
  • Color-Matched Deflection Shield & Cover Eliminate Mess & Promote Hygiene
  • BPA Free, Safe, and Super Easy to Clean

In our estimation, one of the most efficient potties that are designed with simplicity is the Lil’ Jumbl Bay Egg Potty.

What we like about it is the playful design which is child inviting, its lightweight and portability.

It is specially designed for home use and can also double up when you’re traveling with your baby.

13. Hello Baby Premium Comfort Foam Potty Training

Hello Baby Premium Comfort Foam Potty Training Seat for Infant Toddler Boy or Girl | Portable Trainer Child Seats Cover Most Toilet Chair Sizes | Kids / Toddlers Love Our Soft Covers for Boys or Girls
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We guarantee our toilet training seats for life. If for any reason the seat wears beyond use, we will replace it!
  • COMFORTFOAM TECHNOLOGY: Help your little one learn the art of the potty in comfort so they can focus on learning instead of the discomfort of sitting on a hard toilet seat. Our seats are significantly more comfortable than our plastic competitors.
  • BUILT-IN SPLASHGUARD: Our built-in splashguard will help keep your toilet training experience from being a messy one, especially for little boy learners.
  • TRAIN SAFELY: Nothing will discourage your child from being able to relax while potty training more than the terrifying thought falling into the toilet. Our Secure seat anchors and safety backrest keep your child securely on the potty.
  • FITS STANDARD HOME TOILETS: Our potty training seat was engineered to fit most standard size home toilets. With oblong toilet seats, simply slide the seat cover towards the front of the toilet seat and place your child on it. The weight of your child will hold it in place.

As the name suggests, this potty is specially designed for infants. Its design is simple and what we like more about it is the child-friendly material used to make it. 

Other notable features on this potty model include the built in splashguard, lifetime guarantee and technology friendliness.

If you’re looking for a potty that is specially designed for infants, then you’ll love this one.

14. 2-In-1 Potty Training Seat (Yellow Frog)

2-In-1 Potty Training Seat (Yellow Frog) - Convenient Bathroom Training Seat for Girls and Boys - Travel and Toddler Friendly Portable Toilet - Non-Slip Surface - Safe for Children, All Ages
  • 2-IN-1 POTTY CHAIR - A two-piece potty training chair set, the base washes out quickly and easily. What's more, the frog seat can be removed and fitted over standard toilets to grow along with children.
  • CLEANER & MORE HYGIENIC - A personal potty is not only easier to use for little boys and girls, but they're actually cleaner and safer for children who are less immune to germs and bacteria.
  • CONFIDENCE BUILDER - Say goodbye to diapers and training pants and hello to big boy and girl underwear! Our portable frog potty helps children have fun and build confidence while learning to go on their own.
  • SPLASH SHIELD - Let's be honest; little boys are a tad messier than little girls because aiming is not an innate skill! Thankfully, our potty training seats feature a built-in splash shield for boys to prevent spills and reduce clean up.
  • AIRTIGHT SEALABLE LID - Each portable potty also comes with a snap-on sealable lid to help make lifting the urinal out safer and more sanitary for parents, babysitters and grandparents

What many customers like about this potty is the simplicity it’s built with.

The potty is also built with aesthetics to make it attractive to little kids in the form of a frog. A few parents report a few cases of their little babies freaking out on first interaction, but it remains as one of the most efficient 2 in 1 potties in the market.

The price for this model is also affordable thus a good product to buy in our estimation.

15. Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Chair

Most millennials vividly remember “Sesame Street” the 90’s TV series. Named after this epic TV show, the Elmo Adventure Potty Chair is designed for both sexes.

Its distinct, yet attractive and entertaining feature is the aquarium theme which features, Elmo, a legendary character in the program. This product is also priced affordably.

16. Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus

Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus, Blue
  • Comes with 3 super absorbent, leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners
  • Suitable for ages 15 months and up to 50lbs when used as a traveling potty
  • Easily converts to a folding trainer seat. Contoured seat for your child's comfort
  • Non-slip, durable, and comfortable. Can be used on all toilet seats
  • Legs lock into place when opened

As the name suggests, the Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus is a simple potty for your child.

It’s specially designed for infants and toddlers.

What many parents like about is the little circular molded hard ring- the seat as well as two half-moons shaped “legs.” You can easily fold and move around with this potty easily.

17. Arm and Hammer Secure Comfort Potty

As the name suggests, this potty can be attached to any clean regular toilet seat.

The seat is designed with firming contours on the lower side.

These improve the grip on the seat, backrest, and one deflector.

The other feature we love on this potty is the deodorizing disc which ensures that bad smell is kept at bay.

18. Mayfair 83EC 000 NextStep Potty

Mayfair 83EC 000 NextStep Child/Adult Built-in Potty Seat with Lift-Off Hinges, Round, White
  • Potty seat secures magnetically into cover and removes when no longer needed or for cleaning
  • Easy-Clean & Change hinge allows for removal of seat for easy cleaning and replacement
  • Durable molded wood adult ring and cover with a high-gloss finish and solid plastic potty seat
  • Fits all manufacturers' round bowls
  • Made in the USA with environmentally friendly materials and processes

Mayfair is one of the most respected baby brands on the planet.

The Mayfair 83EC 000 NextStep Potty has all the features you’d love on a baby potty. It belongs to the group of potty chairs that adapt your toilet seat to a kid friendly version.

If you’re shopping for an accessory that is not so far off from an adult toilet seat and is easily converted into a potty chair, then you’ll love this model.

19. Cozy Greens® Potty Seat

Potty Training Seat for Boys and Girls | Toddler Potty Ring | Fits Round and Oval Toilets | FREE Folding Toilet Training Chart, Kids Toilet Training Essentials eBook | Gift Box
  • POTTY TRAINING MADE SIMPLE. Potty training your toddlers doesn't have to be a frustrating experience! The Cozy Greens seat adapter helps children feel safe when learning to use the toilet, and is perfect for elongated and round bowls. The integrated urine splash guard prevents accidents and makes cleaning a breeze. We also include a FREE Potty Training Chart with stickers, AND our illustrated eBook on potty training with tips to get your toddler trained in no time. Farewell diapers!
  • COMFORT WHERE IT MATTERS MOST. Cozy Greens potty seats feature luxurious ComfySeat material which helps your child feel comfortable. Increase your child's confidence with the added stability of the GrippySafe Anti-Slip Ring which eliminates the fear of falling in by preventing the seat from moving around. No kiddie handles or grips needed! Our portable toilet trainers are ergonomically designed, and compact enough to pack for use on toilets during travel or in cars.
  • STYLISH DESIGN. As parents, we believe that baby products should be stylish and functional. That is why we designed our potty training seat to fit any bathroom decor. As opposed to squatty potties and potty chairs that take up valuable space, our soft potty ring comes with a suction cup and hook screw for convenient storage on the wall or the side of your toilet tank, allowing the trainer to be an adornment to your bathroom instead of a disruption. Pair with our Step Stool for the perfect set.
  • LIFETIME FULL FACTORY WARRANTY. All Cozy Greens products come with a LIFETIME Factory Warranty. If you experience ANY problems with your potty ring FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, contact us and we will refund every penny of your purchase, AND ship you a new seat FREE of charge. NO questions asked. Order your Cozy Greens Potty Ring today and experience an easier way to toilet train your little one. AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY "Parent approved for appearance!" "Great Birthday Gift!"

We like this potty seat due to its urine guard system specially designed to prevent splashes as well as ease the cleaning.

This potty chair also comes with a sanction cup which makes storage extremely effective. For the price at which the potty chair is retailing, it’s a complete steal!

If you’re looking for a toddler toilet seat, the list we have shared above contains many.

20. Calunce Potty Training Seat For Boys / Girls

Potty Training Seat For Boys / Girls |,Potty Seat With Sturdy Non-Slip Ladder, Toilet Seat Reducer & Portable Potty,Two layers of pedal,orange and green
  • It is the portable potty seat that will adjust to every stage of your child's potty training so they could learn to use the toilet independently.
  • A self standing potty seat for toilets that is designed with bright and cheerful colors and will encourage your toddler to want to use their potty seat everyday.
  • Our potty training seat for boys and girls is made with skid proof, non slip materials and has sturdy floor grippers.
  • Not only is this portable potty seat lightweight and transportable, it is designed with bright and attractive colors perfectly suited for your toddler.
  • This potty training seat for boys and girls has a removable basin for quick clean-up; wash with mild soap and water.

It takes a bit of time to train your kids on the best ways to use a standard toilet.

This potty takes you closer to your dreams by allowing you to train your little boys and girls on the normal adult toilet.

Designed with a toilet seat reducer feature as well as a small ladder, your little ones are only a step away from learning how to use a regular toilet!

best baby potty chair reviews for 2017


Go ahead and pick one of these top quality baby potty chairs available in the market. You may want to have one of these beautiful toddler beds for your cute little babies. If your baby is 9 months old and yet to try walking, consider having one of these best baby walkers online.

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