15 Best Cheap BMX Bikes In 2017

Biking is a physical activity that helps you be fit and healthy while having fun. People of all ages have always enjoyed this type of time-efficient exercise, whether it be a kid who’s trying for the first time or an adult who uses their bicycle to ride for work. Nowadays, there are a ton of cheap BMX bikes that you can choose from if you are in the market looking for a new ride.

There are different brands and different styles, but one thing they all have in common is that they are all bikes you can use for transport, for recreation, and for sport.

Benefits of Biking

Biking is, undeniably, an easy exercise.

It doesn’t require an extreme amount of effort to ride a BMX bike.

It is not only good for your stamina and strength but also good for your heart and lungs.

Other health benefits of regular biking include stronger bones, better posture, increased muscle strength, and being less prone to anxiety and depression.

It can also help you protect from serious diseases like stroke, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, and arthritis.

Easy to squeeze in your everyday routine, biking is a healthy, low-impact physical activity that will reduce the chances of many health problems.

Best Cheap BMX Bikes Reviews 2017


15 Best Cheap BMX Bikes

We have done the hard work and found some of the best quality yet cheap BMX bikes in the market right now.

You can just carry on reading this post to be able to find the one perfect for your requirements and budget.

We have not made any ranking because some of these are good for boys, and some for girls.

You can make easily find the one perfect for you after reading the article.

Raleigh Bikes Men’s Retroglide Cruiser Bike

[amazon box=”B01M10LYA5″ template=”bigbox”]

We start this list with Raleigh Retroglide Cruiser; a BMX bike specifically made for neighborhood cruising.

With its cool, laid-back frame and stylish sweep cruiser bars, the Raleigh Retroglide Cruiser is sure to grab everyone’s attention while you’ll be biking.

It has a durable aluminum frame, cushy, wide saddle, and a kickstand for when you want to rest, making your biking as easy and as comfortable as it is fun. Sleek and stylish, it’s perfect for both boys and girls looking for a good BMX bike. It might not be the most popular option out here but it is an option worth a look.

Sleek and stylish, it’s perfect for both boys and girls looking for good entry level, cheap BMX bikes. It might not be the most popular option out here but it is an option worth a look.

Raleigh Bikes Rep IV Boy’s BMX Bike, Grey

[amazon box=”B01M3YC2G9″ template=”bigbox”]

Designed for kids 7 to 9 years old, this Raleigh BMX bike is perfect for beginners.

If you are a parent looking for quality and cheap BMX bikes for your kids, you shouldn’t ignore this one.

With its lightweight aluminum, BMX frame, Jr. BMX padded seat and Jr. Soft Kraton rubber grips; this bike will make your kid’s first biking experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

[amazon box=”B006Y5GD9W” template=”bigbox”]

This Mongoose Maxim makes riding easier and fun with its SRAM twist shifters, making shifting a breeze for you.

It has an aluminum suspension frame and suspension fork that not only maximizes comfort and performance but also smooths the bumps and increases your control. For its cheap price, this BMX bike certainly does not disappoint.

For its cheap price, this BMX bike certainly does not disappoint. If you are looking for cheap BMX bikes for your 8 years and up age-old girls, this one can be a great job.

Mongoose 21 Speed Front Suspension Steel Frame Mountain Bike for Girls

[amazon box=”B00AQBR4Y8″ template=”bigbox”]

This Mongoose mountain bike is all about sleekness with its high-quality steel frame, front suspension fork, 21-speed twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur.

The black and pink color combination of this bike screams fun and girly with just the right amount of thrill.

It has all-terrain knobby tires for super traction on dirt and rocks, making your biking safe and hassle-free.

This 24-inch BMX bike is perfect for grown-up thrill-seeking girls, making it one of the quality and cheap BMX bikes available in the market today.

X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

[amazon box=”B000HS1680″ template=”bigbox”]

Boys looking for an excellent and smooth ride should take a look on this X-Games Freestyle bike.

It has sturdy steel welded frame and fork, smooth grippy street tires and alloy wheels that make biking easier.

You can even perform tricks with this BMX bike because of its awesome BMX handlebar with a welded cross brace and front and rear alloy hand brakes.

This sturdy BMX bike will certainly bring out the little daredevil in you. Ride safely in style.

Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike

[amazon box=”B0060PI0QK” template=”bigbox”]

Ideal for kids ten years old and up, this Kent Pro BMX bike is a freestyle bike is built to take abuse and tricks.

It is very durable with its Tig Welded Steel Frame and Fork, 20-inch wheels with pegs, and front and rear handbrakes, making your biking experience safe and fun.

It holds up well, and the design is nice to look at, too.

Overall, a great BMX bike for an affordable price.

Tony Hawk Boy’s 720 Bike, Matte Black

[amazon box=”B00E1XWDJ8″ template=”bigbox”]

Perfect for boys 9 to 12 years old, this Tony Hawk 24-inch BMX bike has a lot of glowing reviews that will convince you of its high quality.

It has a BMX steel frame, bright green hand grips, and see-through chain guard that just scream cool and fun.

It is very durable, even after many box jumps or wall rides or any other tricks you can perform, you can sure count on this BMX bike to never fail you.

24″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Girls’ Bike – Purple

[amazon box=”B01MXO4H33″ template=”bigbox”]

Make your kid appreciate the outdoors more with the help of Roadmaster Granite Peak bike.

It has a traditional steel mountain-style frame with a front suspension fork to smooth out bumpy paths.

Shifting is also made easier and smoother with its 18-speed twist-style shifters. This 24-inch BMX bike can handle all types of conditions, perfect for girls who love thrills and adventures.

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike

[amazon box=”B00BD45SGS” template=”bigbox”]

Rugged and sturdy, this Kent BMX bike is suitable for beginners aged 7 to 9 years old.

It has a fully welded dual suspension frame and downhill front suspension fork for increased control and hassle-free ride.

Its adjustable seat and 7 Speed Gearing with Twist Grip Shifting make riding safe, comfortable, and durable. You will never go wrong with this cheap BMX bike.

Razor Kobra Boy’s Bicycle

[amazon box=”B0025TYPS2″ template=”bigbox”]

This Razor Kobra BMX bike is perfect for beginners who find 20-inch bikes a little too daunting.

It has a sturdy steel frame and fork, making it safe and durable.

Its side pulls alloy brake and adjustable, cushioned seat, on the other hand, ensure security and comfort.

It is a freestyle bike that has the same features as adult bikes sport: gusseted steel frame, motocross-style handlebars with crossbar, front and rear sure-stop handbrakes, 36-spoke wheels, and front freestyle pegs.

Budding freestylers will certainly enjoy this sharp-looking and one of the best cheap BMX bikes.

Razor Angel Girls’ Bike

[amazon box=”B0085YEX3S” template=”bigbox”]

This Razor Angel BMX bike is ideal for girls who are just starting to discover their love for biking. Durable and comfortable, this BMX bike features sturdy steel frame and fork, 20-inch wheels with 48 spokes, front, and rear hand brakes, and alloy seat clamp.

Durable and comfortable, this BMX bike features sturdy steel frame and fork, 20-inch wheels with 48 spokes, front, and rear hand brakes, and alloy seat clamp.

Its pink and white color combination and whimsical decals scream girly and fun but don’t be fooled by its design. It is a BMX bike built for any types of conditions and abuse. A perfect cheap BMX bike that offers smooth riding.

It is a BMX bike built for any types of conditions and abuse. Thus, it has to be one of the cheap BMX bikes in the market you can go for your young daughter.

A perfect cheap BMX bike that offers smooth riding.

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

[amazon box=”B00HXGSBXC” template=”bigbox”]

The RoyalBaby BMX bike is great for kids who want their first biking experience to be safe and fun.

What sets RoyalBaby bikes apart from the other ones is that it is packed with features that make biking safe, comfortable, and enjoyable especially for beginners.

The design is sure to catch your kid’s eye, with stars on handgrips, vibrant colors, and unique training wheels. It is also built with safety in mind so you can take that sigh of relief because RoyalBaby bikes have chain guards designed to keep fingers safe and their handgrips help prevent hands from sliding off the bars.

The RoyalBaby bike features the steel frame and fork, water bottle and cage, training wheels, and a bell. The 12-inch bike is perfect for 3 to 4 years old while the 14-inch is for 3 to 5 years old. The 16-inch bike is ideal for 4 to 6 years old while the 18-inch is for 5 to 7 years old.

This cheap BMX bike will surely provide a great riding experience for your daughters and sons.

Dynacraft 8109-34ZTJ Boys Throttle Magna Bike

[amazon box=”B00LPBM7CM” template=”bigbox”]

Enjoy an excellent and fun riding experience with the Dynacraft Boys Throttle BMX bike.

Ideal for kids 6 to 10 years old, this bike, features a boys BMX style, deluxe paint, handlebar pad, and the coaster brake that makes coming to a stop easier and smoother.

It also has an adjustable black seat with matching grips, and a kickstand whenever you feel the urge to rest and take in your surroundings.

It is very sturdy and comfortable, indeed a great purchase that you will not regret. This cheap BMX bike will be a keeper in your garage, and you have glowing reviews that will ensure it.

26.5″+ Schwinn Aerovane Men’s Cruiser Bike 

[amazon box=”B01HWYVHOE” template=”bigbox”]

A BMX bike you can keep for life, this Schwinn Aerovane sports a classic look that’s reminiscent of your uncle’s old bike without the age and the rust.

It has a 26-inch balloon tire frame, steel classic motorcycle-inspired handlebars, front springer fork, and a rear bobbed fender for added style. Perfect for ages 12 and up, this cheap BMX bike will surely make your rides more enjoyable.

All these bikes might not be the best MBX bikes, but all are quality options if you are looking for entry level and cheap BMX bikes. So, before you make the final decision make sure you pick 3-5 of these cheap bikes, carefully compare them and pick the best one as per your requirements.

Mongoose 21 Speed Adult Steel Frame Ladies Mountain Bike for Women

[amazon box=”B00AQC4EN6″ template=”bigbox”]

This classy and rugged Mongoose adult mountain bike is ideal for your grown up daughters who are just as classy and sturdy.

Its sleek, all-black design will certainly catch attention, but you’ll be surprised to find that its elegant look is accompanied by a durable steel mountain frame that’s designed to take the abuse of bumps and dips found on dirt pathways and trail roads, where you will need to get a safety BMX helmet while riding on them.

It has front and rear linear pull brakes that make stopping simpler. For an affordable price, riding has never been this easy or smooth.

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