15 Best Cheap Cat Beds 2017 Reviews

Cats are one of that pet which required extra attention. They are cute and can bring a smile on your face with their activities. To provide comfortable to your cat, you must purchase necessity cat accessories. Cat beds are one of them because; they spend most of the time there.

But choosing a bed for a cat which can provide comfortable to them is important.

A heated bed not only keeps your cat warm in the winter but also serves the nesting purpose.

We have researched online to find 15 best cat beds for sale to help you choose the best one for you easily and effortlessly. Pet beds for cats, luxury cat beds, heated pet beds, cheap cat beds, whatever you are looking for, you should find here in this list.

15 Best Cheap Cat Beds In 2017

Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed

The Refined Feline's Kitty Ball Cat Bed
  • Made of durable non toxic poly rattan. Will not break if clawed
  • Includes soft machine washable cushion.
  • Includes soft pillow inside 17" dome.

This stylish kitty bed is designed for those who are looking for best among the luxury cat beds.

The design, structure and the beautiful dark espresso color made this pet bed a luxury treat for your cat.

This bed provides your cat a place to sleep up off the floor where its color may match with your furniture.

If you have espresso color furniture at your house, then this should be must purchase pet bed for you.

It has a durable poly rattan which guaranteed you to look less ratty scratch by your pet.

KittiKubbi – Handmade pod for cats and kittens

Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed (Large) - Felted from 100% Natural Wool - Handmade Pod for Cats and Kittens (Lilac)
  • HANDCRAFTED: Each cat bed is carefully handmade from 100% all-natural wool by artisans in Nepal. Using an ancient fabrication...
  • LARGE: Spacious hideout for all size cats from kittens to big cats
  • COMFORTABLE: Super soft resting place for your cat. Wool keeps your cat warm in the winter but cool in the summer

KittiKubbi is a flexibly designed bed for your cat which is made with 100% wool.

Its texture provides your cat great comfortability.

The wool of this bed provides heat in the cold nights of winter.

But this bed can be used by your cat in any season of the year. This bed is easy to wash and flexible enough to travel with.

It is available in multi colors, so you have a choice to purchase which suits with your household most. Due to its high price and superior quality, calling this bed one of the luxury cat beds won’t be wrong.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Bed

K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Bed Small Sage 16-Inch 4 Watts
  • Heater uses only 4 watts and is MET Listed
  • Soft foam walls cuddle your cat in comfort
  • Recommended for indoor use

Cats love to hug soft and silky surface and love to sleep over a surface like that. Because its provide them comfortable.

A cat can be easily getting attached with this luxury Thermo-kitty bed.

Although it is among best of the heated cat beds, this is suitable in both summer and winter.  You can also use this stylish, heated bed for your other pets, especially the newborn.

You can easily clean its upper surface and remove and add foam. In fact, that is why it is good for both during the summer and the winter.

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House (Heated)

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House, 18 x 22 x 17-Inches, Heated - Olive
  • Heated & unheated models available
  • Perfect for any outdoor cat
  • Water-resistant for use outdoors

Not really a very cat-friendly design!

But this outdoor kitty house is designed in this way to keep your cat warm in winter.

Due to its design, you can put this stylish bed in or outside your house and garden.

It is available in different colors, so purchase the one which suits with your house color scheme.

To warm this bed, you need to connect it to electricity. Its flexible design allows you to carry this when traveling.

K&H Manufacturing Kitty Sleephouse Tan/Leopard

K&H Manufacturing Thermo-Kitty Sleephouse Tan/Leopard 12-Inch by 17-Inch 4 Watts
  • Easy assembly, no tools required
  • Great hideout for any cat
  • Stylish leopard print

There are many stylish and simple heated cat beds available out there to purchase. But we have included this one due to its multi-purpose design.

Your cat can sleep over this and inside this sleeping house.

The Tan/Leopard color combination of this cat bed gives it a luxury look. No tool is required to assemble this bed except electricity in the case you want to warm it up.

It does not have a very cat only design which means that it can be used as a heated pet bed for other pets as well.

Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed 50 lbs
  • Gives your cat a front view of nature without taking up valuable space in your home (Retail box may vary)
  • Industrial strength suction cups hold up to an amazing 50 pounds
  • Installs in seconds to glass windows or doors, please clean surface thoroughly before attaching suction cups.

If you are looking for cheap cat beds, then this should be your first quality choice.

If you are out of space, then this is a perfect choice as well.

It can be fixed to any window with the help of cups hold. This light looking seated window mounted pet bed can carry up to 50 lbs.

The size and weight of this bed are not very big and bulky. You can take this along with you when you are traveling.

You can also purchase this bed as additional pet bed due to its low price.

Take Good Care of Your cat Buying One of these quality cat beds
Take Good Care of Your cat Buying One of these quality cat beds

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. [Superior Cardboard & Construction]. Beware 'cheaper copycats' with 'unverified' reviews
  • CATS LOVE IT: A scratcher, lounge, & SO MUCH MORE (see video on left). Incl premium USA organic catnip leaf. Natural...
  • YOU'LL LOVE IT: Made of recycled cardboard, non-toxic corn starch glue. Attractive design, neutral colors. Recommended to...
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Curves make for easier scratching & a more comfortable place to rest & play. Naturally attracts cats....

This bed does not look like a bed for the pet, but as per the company claim, this will provide more comfortable to the pets.

Overall, its structure looks like a furniture made of wood, but it is not.

It is made with stretchable cardboard which your cats are going to love.

If your cat is damaging your sofa and scratching, then purchase this to provide your cat its scratching place. It is big enough in size for a cat and other pets to sleep and spend comfortable time.

Amazing Kitty Pad (Heated or Unheated)

K&H Manufacturing Amazin' Kitty Pad 20" x 15" (unheated) 1-pack
  • Traps kitty dander and hair like a magnet!
  • So Amazin' this will be your cat's favorite place to snooze
  • The Amazin' Kitty Pad acts like an insulator to absorb and hold your cat's body heat; making this bed a warm and toasty...

The Kitty pad is available in both heated and unheated versions in the same price.

It is one of the cheapest among all the cheap cat beds. But that does not mean its quality is bad.

Purchasing a heated one is a great option to use it in all seasons. The hair can be easily removed from this cat pad due to its fabric. The design, size, and weight of this pad allow you to move it easily to your cat’s favorite space.

MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Cats

MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats
  • Pet bed fits 24-inch crates & works great as a stand-alone pet bed. This pet bed is not ideal for excessive chewers.
  • Ideal pet bed for dogs / cats 11-25 pounds, pet bed measures approx. 24L x 13W x 2.25H Inches
  • Pet bed features ultra soft fleece cover & comfortable padded polyester bolster cushion

This is another highly affordable bed in our list of best cat and pet beds.

It is made with very soft fleece and polyester bolster cushion to provide full comfortable to your cat.

Its size is big enough to fit more than one cat at a time. This MidWest Deluxe Bolster Bed is 100% machine washable.

Due to its flexible design, it can be used in a crate for newborn kitties or puppies.

It is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a cheap bed for your cat which can be easily cleaned and dried with the help of washing machined and dryer.

Aspen Pet Oval with Bone Appliqué

Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed, 20-Inch by 16-Inch, Chocolate Brown
  • Raised sides help promote the nesting instinct, & reduce exposure to drafts
  • Filled with high-loft, recycled polyester fiber fill that will make pets feel like they are on cloud nine
  • Machine washable for easy care

Aspen Pet is a company which is known for pet accessories. Among all of their collection, we have chosen this bed to put in our list of 2017 because of its low price, stylish look, and warm fabric.

This product is not very big or very small. Ideally, this can be used for the small and medium size of pets like cats and dogs.

To give an extra touch of style, the company has decorated this pet oval with a bone appliqué. Its design also allows your pet to use this bed as a great nesting place.

Modern Chic Trellis Cat Bed by Trendy Pet

Pet Trendy Modern Chic Trellis Thick Bolstered-Microfiber Machine-Washable Pet Bed for Dog and Cat, 20-Inch x 28-Inch x 8-Inch, Navy Blue
  • Trendy Designer Pattern & Colors: Trade in drab for fab! No more embarrassingly ugly pet beds. Now your feline & K-9 kids can...
  • Thick, Bolstered & Ultra-Soft: Hefty, reinforced microtec center holds strong against sharp teeth and nails, while...
  • All-in-One, Easy to Clean: The one-piece Trendy Pet bed cleans up in a snap. Toss the entire bed into the washer, tumble dry...

If you are looking for a stylish pet bed which suits with your house interior, then forget the above.

Because this attractive pet by Trendy pet is what you need. It is available in different colors and designs.

The size of this pet bed is big enough for one big cat or up to 5 kitties.

The comfortable fabric of this cat bed is enough to keep your cat warm in winter and provide comfortable throughout the season. You don’t need to assemble this beautiful pet bed to wash.

You can wash it in the washer and dry in tumble easily.

K&H Manufacturing Hooded Lounge Sleeper

K&H Manufacturing Hooded Lounge Sleeper Tan Print 20-Inch by 25-Inch
  • Zip off hood for easy removal to convert into a lounge sleeper
  • Removable pillow
  • Fill is made from recycled bottles

The lounge style beds for cats are in trend in the year 2017.

They provide comfortable and stylish enough to put any there in the house.

This K&H Lounge style bed has very cozy and comfortable surface. It has a zip off hood and pillow which can be removed easily if it’s required.

Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat Beds for Cats

Armarkat Cat Bed, 18-Inch Long, Brown
  • Soft Velvet with waterproof and skid free base
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 18-inchL by 13-inchW by 13-inchH

This is a truly luxury bed for a pet, not because of its price but its features.

It is made with soft velvet to keep your cat warm. It is few of those pet beds which is waterproof.

This bed has a skid free base to keep your pet comfortable.

This Armarkat’s bed for a pet is available in different shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. This bed can also be used for cat nesting.

Armarkat Burrow Pet Cat Beds for Cats and Nesting

Armarkat Sage Green Cat Bed Size, 20-Inch by 14-Inch
  • Dimensions: 20-inch L by 14-inch W by 10-inch H
  • Color: Sage Green and Beige
  • Machine washable

If you are looking for a cheap cat bed which can also keep your cat warm and stylish, then this is what you need to purchase for your pet.

It’s economic in price, trending in style and furry material make it a perfect choice.

This is also a perfect choice for those who are looking for a solution of nesting for their pets.

Also, the newborn kitties will be safe with this bed.

AlphaPooch Siesta Round Fleece Cat Bed

AlphaPooch Siesta Round Fleece Cat Bed, Black, Medium
  • Inner and outer foam core is covered in plush colored woven synthetic lambskin
  • Creates a cozy nest-like structure for your cat
  • Only the pillow is machine washable/tumble dry low.

This bed for the cat does not look very luxury or attractive by its design.

But the shape of this bed is designed in this way to provide your cat privacy and cozy space for sleeping.

This multipurpose bed can be used for nesting as well. It is made with silky foam for the comfort of your pet.

Only the pillow of this bed can be washed in the machine and dry with tumble but not the whole bed. As compared to its features, the price of this bed is bit high.


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