10 Best Digital Thermometer Reviews 2017

A digital thermometer generally provides the quickest, most accurate readings.

They come in many styles and sizes and are available at most supermarkets and pharmacies in a range of prices. You should read the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine what the thermometer is made for and how it signals that the reading is complete.

Whatever thermometer you ultimately choose, be sure you know how to use it properly to get an accurate reading. Keep and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for any thermometer.

Overall, electronic thermometers usually can be used for these temperature-taking approaches:

  • Oral (in the mouth)
  • Anal (in the bottom)
  • Axillary (under the arm)

Start the thermometer and make sure the actual screen is clear of any age readings. Digital thermometers usually have any plastic, flexible probe with a temp sensor at the tip as well as an easy-to-read digital display on the opposite end. If your thermometer uses disposable plastic sleeves or handles, put one on in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to dispose of the sleeve after each use and to clean the particular thermometer according to the manufacturer’s recommendations before putting it back its case.

Best Digital Thermometer For Sale in 2017

Following we are sharing with the list of top 10 best digital thermometers to purchase in 2017. We have added a short review of each product along with its features and pictures. This will surely help to buy a perfect thermometer for baby or the whole family.

1. Exergen Temporal Forehead Thermometer

Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer Tat-2000c Scanner
  • Gental stoke of forehead captures naturally emitted heat
  • red LED lights and soft beep indicate correct scan
  • Arterial Heat Balance computes the correct temperature
  • Safe and easy to use

The Exergen thermometer is a kind of forehead thermometer. Just like any other forehead thermometer, it is a very easy to use a thermometer which is easily found nowadays.

You do not need to undergo any specialized training for you to know how you can handle it.

This Exergen thermometer can be used by pressing the forehead of your child with the thermometer. Swiped across to the child’s temple after which you lift the thermometer away from the child’s head, and you will have measured the temperature of your kid.

This Exergen thermometer will give you an immediate and very accurate result. Though extreme room temperature variations can bring an inaccurate result, you can avoid this by first waiting for some time when you have brought your thermometer from a cold room or a hot room.

This Exergen thermometer is very accurate and very easy to use on your kids as well as on yourself. Forehead thermometers significantly reduce your kids’ anxieties brought about by putting your thermometer under his or her tongue.

2. Braun Ear Thermometer

Braun Digital Ear Thermometer Suitable for Baby, Infants, Toddlers, and Adults, ThermoScan5 IRT6500
  • Braun ThermoScan5 Ear Thermometer is gentle, safe and easy to use on the entire family.
  • Used by more pediatricians' offices than any other infrared thermometer brand, the IRT6500 thermometer features a pre-warmed tip that helps ensure accuracy.
  • ExacTemp positioning system confirms good thermometer position in the ear with a light and a beep to ensure accurate temperature measurement.
  • Memory function recalls the last temperature reading on the thermometer allowing you to keep track of fluctuations with a large, easy to read digital display.
  • 2 AA batteries, 21 lens filters and protective case included.

Ear thermometers were designed for babies, but today they are being used by all age of people. Braun has designed this ear thermometer for all members of the family including infants and adults.

It is one of those digital thermometers which keep the record of previous reading. For the protection of the product, the company has added lens filters and protective case.

The latest technology has been using to tell you when the reading has been recorded. Its tip is pre-warmed to tell you the exact and accurate temperature of the body.

3. Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function - iProven DMT-489 - Upgraded Infrared Lens Technology for Better Accuracy new
  • CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE Ear Thermometer with Forehead function (Dual Mode) - the easiest and most practical way to take a body temperature.
  • Clinical Thermometer - UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE with REVOLUTIONIZED CALIBRATION TECHNOLOGY - Clinically calibrated for medical use. Delivers temperature readings with Unfailing Accuracy and very fast.
  • PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - Trusted by Pediatricians and Medical Professionals, this thermometer is the #1 CLINICALLY Tested and SECURE solution for All Ages.
  • HASSLE FREE - With just 2 buttons, Head and Ear, this electronic thermometer is very easy to use. The thermometer reads in 1 second and a loud enough beep will notify you it is done. It comes with fever alarm, it requires no covers and the last 20 readings can be easily recalled.
  • When you ORDER TODAY, you're protected by a 100 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service.

This medical thermometer can be used in both way; forehead and ear. It is designed for the whole family; there is no age limit to use this.

Optimized calibration technology is used to tell you an accurate temperature. You have the option to choose the reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit mode.

The memory can keep the record of previous 20 readings. The reading temperature time is 60 seconds which is a bit slow as compare to others.

A soft pouch is also included to keep it safe and clean from the germs.

To make this product user-friendly, there are no complicated buttons has been added. The LCD is big with light to read the temperature in the dark.

4. Digital Thermometer for Rectal, Oral and Axillary

iProvèn Digital Thermometer for Rectal, Oral and Axillary Measurement - iProvèn DT-K117A
  • Digital Thermometer iProven DT-K117A. Highly reliable and durable FAST THERMOMETER that show your ACCURATE body temperature in 20 seconds
  • This is an ALL ROUND device for rectal measurement, oral measurement and Axillary measurement in the armpit. Comes with transparant PROTECTIVE CASE.
  • MEDICAL and CLINICALLY proven thermometer for accurate Fever detection.
  • FRUSTRATION FREE - With the FLEXIBLE TIP and WATERPROOF design it is both easy and comfortable to use and clean. Reads both C and F. Easy to switch by the press of the only 1 button.
  • ORDER NOW with Peace of mind. 100 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

This thermometer comes in a very flexible design because of its usage. It is made for to measure temperature through rectal, oral and axillary.

The tip of this digital thermometer is moveable for more comfort. It is waterproof and can be clean with the help of dish soap.

A free hard case is also included in the price to protect from germs and damage.

Due to its flexible design and measurement techniques, this can be used by any member of the family.

Overall, the size of this product is small, but still, it has a big LCD to tell the temperature. It has light in LCD to read in the dark and also beep when the temperature has been recorded.

It has a replaceable LR41, 1.5V with long life which comes for free with the product.

Although, it has been proven by medical and clinically for use.

5. Clinical Digital Thermometer

Clinical Digital Thermometer Best to Read & Monitor Fever Temperature in Quick 15 Seconds by Oral Rectal Underarm & Axillary - Professional Thermometers & Reliable Readings for Baby Adult Children
  • RAPIDLY MEASURE kids, infants, adults and animals FOUR TIMES FASTER than conventional competitors orally & rectally utilizing Generation Guard's superior microchip and highly sensitive accurate dual mode tip sensor best for mouth, anal and armpit use
  • ENJOY CONFIDENCE in the CLINICAL ACCURACY and RELIABILITY of your premium health care thermometer with our improved build quality. Look no further this is FDA and European APPROVED by regulators as medical supplies for the home or workplace
  • JOIN THE HAPPY CLUB of 1000+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS Thousands of customers who agree that this is the best digital medical thermometer they've had and the best MERCURY FREE GLASS ALTERNATIVE with a versatile Fahrenheit & Celsius degree option
  • SAFE and COMFORTABLE reading of basal body temperature BBT for ovulation and featuring FLEXIBLE tip and WATERPROOF design with the comfort and safety of your beloved kid, infant, and toddler in mind approved by professionals
  • ADD TO CART NOW you are protected by our 30 day NO QUESTIONS asked money back guarantee. Clinical Digital Thermometers purchased from Generation Guard come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with the product for any reason, simply return it for a full refund.This manufacturer's warranty applies ONLY to purchases made from Generation Guard.

This is the most general and popular thermometer which you see when you visit the clinic. Unlike old thermometer, you don’t need to shake this to know the temperature.

The big LCD on this thermometer will tell you exact body temperature. It is mean to design for clinical use, but you can purchase it for personal use as well. It has an extended life battery with simple to clean waterproof design.

To make it a perfect product, the clinical accuracy material has been used.

The rapid reading has been recorded with the help of upgraded microchip. This thermometer is effective for all purposes usage including clinics, animals, schools and home, etc.

Last 5 Digital Thermometer Reviews

6. Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer – Medical Thermometer with Fever & Health Tracking for Children and Adults
  • Pediatrician-recommended fast, accurate, reliable thermometer for all ages with no batteries so it always works
  • Kinsa's free app gives you more than a number readout - it guides you on what to do next.
  • Get personalized guidance on how & when to soothe symptoms, take meds and call the doctor
  • Keep each family member's health details in your pocket for you or your pediatrician
  • Compatible with all iPhones 5 and up (including iPhone 8 and X) and all most major Android devices (see "Compatible With" section below); Kinsa plugs straight into your iOS or Android device (you will need your lightning port adapter if your phone uses a lightning port for headphones), giving an accurate reading on the free app in seconds.
  • Works as a baby thermometer rectally, or with oral and underarm use for people of all ages

The picture of this thermometer says everything. With the promotion of technology, this smart thermometer was needed.

You don’t need to visit a doctor again if you have Kinsa’s smart stick thermometer. All you need to put the sharp stick in your mouth and attach it with your Smartphone to know the temperature.

The mobile application of this product does not only tell temperature but also how ill you are. The application is supported on iOS and Android Smartphone only. So, make sure that you have one of them before you purchase this one.

This thermometer can be clean with the help of soap of alcohol swabs. No batteries required to use this smart digital thermometer. It is easy to use and to engage kids there is bubble-popping game for them.

7. Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer
  • Rectal use only
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • 10 second readings
  • For newborns to age 3
  • Lifetime warranty

This rectal thermometer is specially designed for the baby, newborn baby to age 3.

Size wise, this is one of the smallest thermometer in our list of best digital thermometer reviews 2017.

It is made with plastic which makes it waterproof. The large LCS display in this product gives you the accurate reading of the temperature.

This is one of few rectal thermometers which come with lifetime warranty.

The reading time of this product is only 10 seconds which make it a perfect product for newborns.

8. Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Digital forehead thermometer, also Digital thermometer has made the measuring of body temperature even more naturally easy just like the feeling of your Child’s forehead.

This is a kind of forehead thermometer which can be used for all the family members, and it gives a very accurate measurement in just a matter of seconds.

When your kid is experiencing some colds, there is no other thermometer which can give you an accurate measurement of the temperature in such an easy way as a thermometer.

This thermometer is very easy to read, you just take the reading presented on the screen of your thermometer.

To use this thermometer which is digital, you just place it on your finger and press the on/off button then release it. You then wait for two beeps after which you hold it onto the forehead and wait for the next beep. You then take your results, just that easy.

9. Vicks Forehead Thermometer

Vicks Forehead Thermometer
  • Fast 3 Second Readings
  • Non-Invasive - suitable for use even on sleeping baby
  • Fever InSight Color Display System helps user better understand the meaning of their child's temperature
  • Easy to hold & use

Vicks forehead thermometer is easy to use the color coded thermometer.

When you are using at night, you do not have to strain yourself to be able to determine if the temperature is high, low or moderate since the color changes will enable you to know that.

Vicks forehead thermometer changes color from green, yellow then red determining the grade of fever. You may have to play around to be able to use it perfectly well.

It is however pretty easy to know how to use Vicks forehead thermometer and after you have known how to use it. You will find it very easy to take the temperature of your baby, yourself or the temperature of any other person.

The technique for using this is by swiping it quickly, smoothly and most importantly flat against the forehead of your kid.

10. Revieta Medical TherMOMeter For Baby

Medical Thermometer for Oral, Rectal and Axillary Use - Fast 8 second readings - Flexible Tip - FeverGlo by Revieta
  • From Baby to Grandparents, this TherMOMeter is suitable for the entire family. Easy-to-read giant numbers. With clinically proven accuracy you can rely on. Get readings fast: 8 SECONDS from beep to beep!
  • For oral, rectal and underarm use. DISHWASHER SAFE for friendly thorough cleaning and sanitization. Fits in purse or emergency kit.
  • FeverGlow (tm) LCD glows green for a normal temperature and red for fever of 99.5F or higher. Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit. And, this therMOMeter keeps the last reading for your convenience.
  • Soft and flexible tip, safe and comfortable. Easy to use, it beeps when it is ready. Stores last measured temperature. Automatic Shut-off. 5 year guarantee.
  • When a loved one does not feel well, we don't want to second guess our decisions. This concern is what started our quest to find the perfect thermometer for you and your family. Of course we wanted it to have accurate temperature taking, which is why we wanted clinically proven accuracy. We also wanted it safe for infant use, so it had to have a small tip for easy insertion. We hope you and your family enjoy this thermometer for years to come.

Most of the digital thermometer is limited to use. You can use them in one place only like rectal, armpit or oral. This medical thermometer by Revieta is designed for everyone.

From newborn baby to old age person can use it effectively. You can get the temperature simply by using different ways.

You can use this as oral, armpit, rectal or axial thermometer. It is fast and tells you the reading in just 8 seconds. It is water and heat proof.

You can wash it in the dishwasher as well. The LCD does not only tells you the body temperature but beyond this. The fever glow feature will tell you exact temperature.

If the LCD turns red, its mean the person is suffering from fever. As compare to other thermometers, this one has a bigger LCD screen to read the temperature.


In past couple of years, the technology in clinic thermometer has been improved but among all the concept of digital thermometer has made it easy for everyone to check the temperature at home.

By having one at home can save your money and time. We have shared the best digital thermometer to purchase in 2017 in hope to help you to pick one or more. Having 2-3 thermometer of different types at home is a goof idea because it is better to err on the side of caution rather than be caught without one when your child is sick.

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