15 Best Double Umbrella Stroller Reviews 2017

Taking strolls and moving around with your baby (s) is a gift. It is rewarding when your babies are well taken care of at their most vulnerable state. It’s also fashionable, an object of today’s culture to be proud of your babies. But it’s not always fun when you have twins. If it were possible, we know a lot of moms and pops who’d move around with multiple assistants for each child, like Angelina Jolie. But a majority of parents are not her! A double umbrella stroller comes in handy when you want to travel with twins and luggage.

As the name suggests, a double umbrella stroller is a stroller with two sitting positions instead of one.

Original double umbrella strollers are characterized by three distinctive parts: a seat, basket storage area, and a sun shade/umbrella.

Before buying a double umbrella stroller, you need to take enough time vetting what’s available in the market.

We call this pre- shopping research.

Researching different double umbrella strollers before purchase protects you from making bad buying decisions.

The harsh reality is that, although there are many double umbrella strollers in the market, experience with some may be pumped up by unscrupulous manufacturers who make low-quality double strollers. Researching also allows you to compare different double umbrella strollers based on user feedback, editor ratings, and buyer reviews.

BestCheapReviews aim at helping you to buy the best double umbrella stroller to meet your needs. We discovered the strollers in our list by going through hundreds of products being sold and reading their customer reviews on Amazon and other consumer report sites. We also applied our experience and research methods and decided to share with you.

15 Best Double Umbrella Stroller Reviews In 2017

Here is our list of top double umbrella strollers you can buy today.

1. Britax B-Agile Double Umbrella Stroller, Black

[amazon box=” B00K0AV47S” template=”bigbox”]

According to our research, the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is one of the best reviewed double umbrella strollers in the market.

It features the famed quick fold design, height adjustable handles to cater for different user height, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

One thing we liked about it is the unlimited reclines you can enjoy with it.

It is a good fit for those who want something that is not only practical but one that combines the quick-fold technology without sacrificing maneuverability.

The drawback, according to people with twins is that they have to innovate because this stroller doesn’t support two car seats!

This has to be one of the suitable options as it is a double umbrella stroller that reclines.

2. Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Twin Travel Double Umbrella Stroller System

[amazon box=” B01GQHQWL6″ template=”bigbox”]

This stroller is perfect for big city travelers.

It is one of the lightest double strollers at only 16 lbs. according to our research.

This makes it lighter than most Maclaren, UppaBaby, and Baby Jogger double umbrella strollers.

As a top tier product, this double umbrella stroller has a few high-end features which include a child cup holder, a baby snack tray, and a parent cup holder.

Others include the magnetic peekaboo canopy window, padded front double belly bar, and a large storage compartment.

This double umbrella stroller is ideal if you like quick dashes to the local grocery store with your babies or daycare. Thus, it is a perfect double umbrella stroller lightweight you can go for.

3. Delta Children City Street Side by Side Double Umbrella Stroller

[amazon box=” B003TRVFJG” template=”bigbox”]

Are you looking for a good city stroller where you can have your babies lie side by side?

The Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller has the qualities you will love.

It is light weight, passes through a standard doorway, exceeds all ASTM standards, and has cup holders for the rider.

It is ideal if you’re looking for a functional yet elegant double stroller for two tiny passengers. If you are looking for a double umbrella stroller side by side, just go for it.

4. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

[amazon box=” B00O20OV6S” template=”bigbox”]

Joovy is a family company which manufactures theJoovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller.

This 30-inch with double umbrella stroller pass through standard doors.

It is designed to accommodate two 45 pound kids (90 pounds in total) and is suitable for parents whose small passengers weight that much.

Other features we liked about this stroller is the ability to recline the seats independent of each other as well as storage pockets. According to many user reviews, the biggest issue with this stroller is the fact that it cannot accommodate a normal car seat. Overall, it’s a good fit if you’re looking for a practical, cost effective double stroller.

5. ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double Xtra Lightweight Twin Travel

[amazon box=” B01GLXJAIC” template=”bigbox”]

This double umbrella stroller is a lightweight model that allows users to enjoy the pleasures of modern parenting.

It comes with the quick fold mechanism as well as a set of strong wheels.

This model stands out because it comes with a free warranty on wheels.

In Zoe Fashion, this model is also super lightweight weighing just around 16 pounds.

If you are looking for a model that is practical, twin umbrella stroller that is both lightweight and easy to maneuver, we suggest the ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double Xtra Lightweight to you.

6. Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller

[amazon box=” B01F7DWY9O” template=”bigbox”]

This is one of the most versatile double umbrella strollers in the market.

This double jogging stroller is designed for people who are giving birth to more kids or have young twins.

The Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller is a good fit for newborns and infants.

When you’re looking for a travel system, a double stroller or a pram this stroller is also for you. One of the things users praise about this double stroller is its light weight.

You can easily move around with it, fold and store.

On the other hand, some users don’t fancy the manufacturers’instruction manual concerning the second seat.

Looking at its features and capabilities, this stroller is a 5-star quality stroller and one of the best double strollers in the market today.

7. UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller

[amazon box=” B015EBYK3C” template=”bigbox”]

For a stroller that is at least 25 pounds, we consider the UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller a prime double stroller for a new family, or one with a set of twins.

It is very easy to use.

It has agile features that are quite user-friendly; like the intuitive ability to fold, buckle and recline capabilities one can deploy easily.

It also features very comfortable seats which improve the comfort of your toddlers. Maneuvering with this stroller gets accolades from buyers who also love its ample storage compartment.

Although we noticed some user complaints about tiny tires, overall, the UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller makes up for its minor flaws by not only being agile, user-friendly and robust build.

8. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller

[amazon box=”B019W8WBPC” template=”bigbox”]

This stroller is good because it runs on valued and patented quick fold technology.

This tech allows users to fold the stroller with one hand.  It is one of the best double umbrella strollers if you’re looking for modern stroller innovation, good functionality, and simplicity.

It is one of the best double umbrella strollers if you’re looking for modern stroller innovation, good functionality, and simplicity.

Its also been designed for buyers who want to enjoy an effective carrier on 8.5-inch all-terrain nonflat tires. This makes riding it smooth.It is designed for running errands as well as moving around with your kids.

Other features we liked about this double stroller include the vented seat top; plush padded seats which have the ability to recline to a near flat position and the adjustable handlebar. The later caters for riders of all heights. This stroller also has a large adjustable sun canopy for sunny-hot days.

9. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini Double Stroller

[amazon box=” B019W8W8KK” template=”bigbox”]

Are you looking for a double stroller you can go jogging with?

If so, you’re going to enjoy riding the Baby Jogger 2016 city mini double stroller. This double umbrella stroller is designed with an elaborate front wheel suspension to soaks up road bumps.

As the name suggests, it is an idea for joggers who want to move around with their little ones.

Some of its features include adjustable sun canopies for sunny days.

This baby jogger also comes with ample storage compartments which allow you to carry small things your baby may need like feeding bottles.

One storage compartment is under the seat basket while another is situated at the back of the seat compartment.

If you’re looking for a double umbrella stroller with basket designed for the urban mobility and are a jogging fan, this looks like a good choice.

The only negative feedback we found about this stroller is the fact that it is not an all-terrain model. If you are

10. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, Coal

[amazon box=” B00IE4B4MM” template=”bigbox”]

This is a good stroller if you’re looking for a travel solution for twins or one baby.

It features rear canopy panels, four position reclining seats, and dual front wheels. The advantage this double stroller has is the folding technology which makes it easy to pack and store.

It is ideal for those with travel needs and can be used to carry a baby who weighs up to 40 pounds per seat (total 80 pounds).

If you are looking for a practical and compact double stroller, then the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is for you.

11. Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller

[amazon box=” B01AMD4MVW” template=”bigbox”]

As the name suggests, this is a double seat stroller for toddlers and small kids. It is both practical and functional for parents.

We like it because you can walk through standard doorways with ease.

It has a maximum carrying the weight of 50spound.

Unlike other double strollers we have reviewed, this one is unique due to the premium wind-resistant rain cover.

To think that this accessory is included in its price, this to us sounds like a good product to have.

Users like it more compared to jogging strollers because of its solid performance that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Due to its small size and practicality-getting through doors, etc. this stroller seems to sacrifice the storage space compared to bigger models- this is the only negative feedback we could find about it.

Overall, this Maclaren double stroller has to be among the best double strollers for sale in the market in 2017.

12. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

[amazon box=” B01J889IBQ” template=”bigbox”]

This double umbrella stroller features reversible seats that have been designed with lift-assist mounts which accommodate up to 7 easy seating options.

It accommodates up to 2 Infant car seats and has an 80 lb. Stroller limit.

If you are looking for an elite double umbrella stroller that is both practical and profitable, then we suggest you have a look at this one.

13. Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect Double Stroller

[amazon box=” B00MOJWK1M” template=”bigbox”]

This double stroller has a maximum capacity of 50 pounds.

Its unique features are the multi-position seats which recline independently for each passenger seat, good sun blockage, ample ventilation in hot climates, compact frame for easy use, and removable front wheels.

It is specially designed for parents with toddlers or twin toddlers due to its 50-pound maximum passenger load.

14. Summer Infant 3D Two Double Convenience Double Stroller

[amazon box=” B01AZC37EI” template=”bigbox”]

This stadium style double stroller is perfect for the summer. It features two position reclines, two large canopies, rear storage pocket, cup holders and is light weight.

The double stroller is specially designed for parents with two kids and has one of the best fold capabilities in the market- the 1-hand recline and1-hand fold which makes it very easy to use.

The only issue we have seen some users complain about is the front seat recline challenges without exerting reasonable pressure on it. Other than that, this is a good fit for any parent with two kids.

15. TZ Twin Lightweight Stroller Double Baby Pram

[amazon box=” B01J3F5ITK” template=”bigbox”]

This double umbrella stroller is ideal for infants because of its design. It is one of the best fits for parents with twins. This stroller  comes with a few cool features like the adjustable harness strap which grows with your child. It is best known as a twin stroller, its practicality, and all terrain capabilities.

Despite having rave reviews on Amazon, a few customers are not happy with the front wheels which they feel are weak and can buckle under pressure.

Nevertheless, the safety ratings for this model seem good with its unique umbrella closing system. This auto lock prevents it from opening accidentally while one is riding it.


Generally speaking, double umbrella strollers are a must have if you like city travel and convenience when you move around with your kids especially twins and infants.

Double Umbrella Strollers Reviews 2017

But satisfaction is only guaranteed if you buy the best double umbrella strollers in the market.

From the best double umbrella stroller compilation above, take advantage of the good features and functional models. Pay particular attention to customer reviews to get the best one for your kids.

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