Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $500

Emotiva Audio T1 Tower Speakers, Black (each)
  • Superb sound quality that lets you hear every nuance of detail in your favorite piece of music, without the slightest hint of harshness or fatigue.
  • Advanced Air folded ribbon high-frequency driver for precise high-frequency reproduction, carefully designed woven fiber midrange for uncolored sound, and advanced low-frequency drivers.
  • A precision crossover, constructed of high-quality components, to route each portion of the audio spectrum to the appropriate drivers.
  • Attractive Minimum Acoustic Signature cabinet, which features a futuristic faceted design that minimizes diffraction and room interactions.
  • A front bezel with an elegant black lacquer satin finish, a stylish magnetically attached grill, and high-quality low maintenance textured vinyl on the sides and back panels.

Jamo by Klipsch S 626 Floor Standing 3 Way Speaker - Black (Pair)
  • 1-inch (25 cm) soft dome tweeter/dual 5-inch (127 cm) aluminized midrange drivers/ 8-inch (203 cm) side-firing woofer.
  • Bass-reflex design with dual flared, rear-firing ports: Increases speaker efficiency and bass output.
  • Waveguide: Provides more uniform dispersion in the critical frequency range of 2-10 kHz. Dynamics and clarity are enhanced while distortion is significantly reduced.
  • Aluminum centre-plug: Eliminates cone breakup for faster "attack" and increased vocal clarity. Additional voice-coil cooling reduces power compression. Aluminized midrange drivers: Increases cone rigidity and vocal clarity
  • Side-firing woofer: Provides a slimmer cabinet design and bass optimization for varying room acoustics.

Vebos floor stand Bose Soundtouch 10 set en optimal experience in every room - Allows you to place your BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 10 exactly where you want it - Two years warranty
  • YOUR BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 10 DESERVES THE BEST - Every BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 10 needs a Vebos floor stand to experience the best in any room in your home
  • BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 10 - Suitable for: BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 10, Floor stand - Bespoke design for BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 10
  • PLACE IT EVERYWHERE - Allows you to place your BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 10 exactly where you want it
  • MADE IN HOLLAND - heavy recycled steel with beautiful powder coat finish
  • EASY TO MOUNT - mount this floor stand quick and easy in any room with the included mounting

Polk Audio T50 Home Theater and Music Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single, Black)
  • Every T-Series speaker features premium acoustics, quality construction, easy setup and great value
  • The T-Series high efficiency design is compatible with most home theater AV receivers
  • 1" silk dome Dynamic Balance Wave Guide Tweeter for transparent crystal clear treble
  • 6.5" extended throw composite Dynamic Balance Drivers for open, uncolored Midrange and punchy, dynamic Bass
  • 2 x 6.5" mass loaded composite sub bass radiators for powerful output bass at the lowest frequencies

ART+SOUND AR1004 Wall Powered Bluetooth Tower Speaker with Lights, Works with Amazon Echo Dot, Floorstanding Speaker for Home, Stream From Any Phone, Turn Lights On/Off (worry-free 12-month warranty)
  • [Mood Lighting] This speaker articulates a powerful presence in the midst of a dimly lit chill session. The speaker's blue lighting makes it look cool and help introduce a relaxing mood into your space. Flip lighting on and off with the press of a button
  • [Stream Music] Stream music from iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, you name it - anything you can stream online, you can play from your phone and stream to the tower speaker
  • [Bluetooth Powered] The speaker can easily wirelessly connect and play from any smartphones, tablets and Laptop. Devices without Bluetooth capability can be connected via the speaker's wired Aux 3.5MM input. It also has a charging docks for your devices
  • [Crisp Sound] There's never a bad time to listen in high quality audio. The LED tower comes with 4 active Speakers to give you the full audio spectrum in crisp and tuned sound. It's perfect for music, talk, movies, and more
  • [Innovative Design] You don't need a huge space to have the speaker tower you deserve. The stylish slim design will leave you plenty of room for dancing.

Klipsch R-24F Dual 4.5-inch Floorstanding Two Speaker Bundle includes Two R-24F Speakers, 16 Gauge 100 ft Heavy Duty Speaker Wire and Brass Speaker Banana Plugs, 5-Pair, Open Screw Type
  • Klipsch R-24F Dual 4.5-inch Floorstanding Speaker x 2
  • General 16 Gauge 100 ft Heavy Duty Speaker Wire Cable For Car & Home
  • Monoprice High-Quality Brass Speaker Banana Plugs, 5-Pair, Open Screw Type

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker
  • 1-inch (25mm) fabric/polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter with powerful neodymium magnet structure delivers clear and detailed high frequency response for realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments.
  • 5 1/4-inch Bi-laminate composite dynamic balance drivers are lightweight and stiff with good damping for high efficiency, excellent bass and lower distortion.
  • Multiple small-diameter driver design delivers wide dispersion, better mid-range, and more detailed bass response for an open, "box-less" three-dimensional sound.
  • Cascade Tapered Array (2-1/2-way) design. Both drivers play bass frequencies but only one driver (the upper one) plays upper-midrange frequencies. This method provides maximum bass output along with precise imaging and detailed midrange response.
  • Non-resonant all-MDF enclosure construction with 3/4-inch thick baffles and front to-back and side-to-side internal bracing ensures cleaner, clearer, more lifelike sound quality.

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