10 Best Foot Massager Reviews 2017

A perfect foot massage after long day is the most wonderful way of ending the day. And the fact is that a foot massage not only feels good but is good for your health. In fact, it’s a hugely recommended way of getting your circulation in an area that is the hardest in your body to reach. But for a foot massage to be effective, it must be a good one. And for that, considering that getting a professional to do those foot massages would be rather expensive, you’ll need the best foot massager in the market.

When you’re looking for a good massager, or perhaps even the best massager you’ll notice that there is a very wide range of products to choose from.

The main reason is quite a big market at the disposal of the brands and they’ll look for getting the most money out of people.

It’s the diversity of the quality of these products that make it a must for potential customers to check foot massager reviews.

Understand if the model they’re looking into buying is worth the price they’re asking.

A good feet massager will give you a massage that feels ideal for a long period.

If it only feels nice or doesn’t last long, it’s immediately scraped out of the recommended list.

Several key aspects must be present in a good review. We try to focus on how good the massage feels and how long-lasting its effects are first.

If you buy a massage appliance, consider the following points before deciding:

  • It should be easy to use
  • It should be comfortable
  • Must have a therapeutic value
  • Compare the cost in stores and at various sites
  • Consider the size and longevity of the machine

If the masseur’s hard to use, then you cannot use it out and get an advantage out of it. If the purchased massager is right, it is true that your body relax completely painless.

10 Best Cheap Foot Massager for Sale

There are many critics Foot Massager online and you can compare prices and technical data to find the best for you. Now let’s look at some types of foot massage and see how they work to their feet and body relaxed.

Here’s the list of the best foot massager reviews for you:

1. Conair Massaging Foot Spa Machine

[amazon box=”B0043494XS” template=”bigbox”]
It’s not the same as a professional foot massage or professional spa, but it’s a good value for the money.

You do have to put really warm water in it, as it doesn’t stay warm, and you will have to refresh it if you want to keep your feet in it for awhile.

It is straightforward to set it up as it only needs about 1/2 gallon of hot water to work great. The water doesn’t stay warm for long period.

It is lightweight and easy to lift entirely.

You’ll be able to stimulate the local circulation (on what is a very hard area to have good flow). Calling this foot massager one of the cheapest would not be wrong because of its cost less than $40.

Instead of only electric vibration, you this product will massage your feet with bubbles and its waterfall features. Also, the water can be heated in this product for the purpose of further relaxation.

2. Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

[amazon box=”B000CMDS32″ template=”bigbox”]
This is a two in one-foot massager to use in the bathroom. There are multiple ways to give your feet luxury treats.

Simply put your feet inside the massagers and get relaxes.

You can use the powerful water jets to get pressure or rolling nodes. The pad featured a very ergonomic design, with the optimal angle for the perfect foot massage.

Comfort is indeed the main feature with a product that tries it’s best to overcome all standards.

For an extra touch, the company has included massage roller with powerful motors. The massage rollers feel very nice with hot water in it.

Unlike other feet massagers, you can maintain the temperature for a longer time of period.

You can heat the water up to 115F.

This product comes with a removable pumice stone. Use it to wash and clean your feet and remove the dead skin easily.

The size of this massager is enough big to suitable for all sizes of feet (up to 14).

3. uComfy Heated Foot Spa

[amazon box=”B00DSICT1Y” template=”bigbox”]
UComfy the foot bath is a peak which was launched on the market. The massager is the # 1 choice for customers because they do not only massage your feet, but that is how the calves are massaged and simultaneously projected.

uComfy your convenience throughout the fatigue and pain in muscles and soon you will feel relax. It provides the vibratory massage is very relaxing and with whom pulse parameters and knees.

Also, the massager is very easy to use.

This product is portable and light in weight which means that you can travel with this easily. Its feature of massaging top to bottom of the feet suits with all ages of the group.

Through this foot massager, you will get the feeling of vibration and kneads in your feet.

That is a portable massager which is also light in weight can be carried easily. Its kneading system will not only relax your feet but your legs too.

It is made of solid material instead of plastic which means that I can be last for years.

4. MedMassager Foot Circulation Machine

[amazon box=”B004IF89MY” template=”bigbox”]
Featuring a fantastic 11-speed motor control, this foot massager provides maximum comfort and control at all times. It was originally designed to be therapeutic and it shows on the great results you’ll get when using it.

For people with foot and leg pain, this can very well be the solution for those problems.

When you take a product that is used clinically to treat patients with severe circulations problems and make it available for everyone to get at home you can only have a very compelling product.

It’s a safe and reliable item certified by the FDA for therapeutic use.

While you may be happy to settle with second best, if you’re looking for the best foot massager, look no further. It does not have any particular size to fit your foot for the massage which is a big advantage of this product.

You can massage your feet even wearing shoes on them.

These types of massagers are used by doctors to help stimulate circulation. This product can be used by the disable people as well to simulate feet and legs.

5. Belmint Foot Massager

[amazon box=”B0143X748U” template=”bigbox”]
Are you looking for a foot massager who does not require water still can be heated?

If so then this massager is designed for you.

This feet massage has separate foot chambers for both feet. It will cover your feet from top to bottom and sides to relax them everywhere.

It has multiple options which can be controlled with the help of control panel on the massager.

There are three different modes available for heat, kneading, and vibration.

That is an updated version of Belmont Shiatsu foot massager. Now the design is bigger to put bigger feet, more railing and function has been introduced.

Also, you can also set the position of the massage as per your requirement with its flexible stand. The massage can be heated up to 140F and have the same temperature for 8 minutes.

6. HoMedics Calve Massager

[amazon box=”B005DKJLD4″ template=”bigbox”]
If you are someone who enjoys more of a workout to your massage, then the HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massage is the perfect massager for you.

Moderately priced, it has 12 different modes to enjoy. Also included is applied heat, and toe touch controls. Able to manipulate it without all the bending, just sit back and let your feet do the talking.

LED illumination means you can use it in the dark and add heat to keep your feet comfy warm.

There is one thing that we haven’t mentioned yet, which is the pricing.

While we tried to get the best foot massager in the market, we also tried to get it to be as affordable as possible.

7. UComfy Massager for Foot

[amazon box=”B001ECRW9U” template=”bigbox”]
If you are looking for the best foot massage appliance that not only works on the feet, but on the sore muscles of the calves, try the UComfy Leg, Foot, Calf, and Ankle Massager.

The price is considerably more; it is an amazing massage experience for not only your tired feet but your lower legs as well. With different models and adjustable tilt for comfort it makes our list of the best overall foot, and leg massager on the market.

Although more expensive, it is well worth the investment. It does not vibrate or massage your foot in the same tone.

You also have the choice to choose from three auto programs.

The remote also allow you to change the speed and intensity of the vibration.

Coming from the UComfy team, you can only expect the best medical and stress helping massage products. And that is exactly what you’ll get: a complete feet massager product that feels perfect.

8. Brookstone Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager

[amazon box=”B00EP5EC2I” template=”bigbox”]
A good massager hardly comes in an attractive design due to its functionality. This Brookstrone’s model is designed to give you both; style and relaxation.

Its cozy looks design is enough to make you feel very comfortable, but it has more to offer you. Unlike another massager, you can put your whole foot inside the massager to get kneading massage.

Not a single inch of your foot will be missed to get the massage with this amazing designed feet massager.

To make you feel more comfortable, the company has also included air compression and massage rollers.

There are three different massage programs available which can be changed as per requirement. The dimension is enough bid to fit the vast size of the foot too.

Enjoy moderate and high-intensity massage just by clicking on one button.

9. Aw Kneading Foot Massager

[amazon box=”B00YUCSHBS” template=”bigbox”]
If you’re looking for the best massager for your feet, then this is truly for you. You’ll be able to get an experience you never thought possible.

With a machine that will always be ready to help you with the stress and fatigue of a normal daily life.

A portable massager is always the first choice of buyer. These massagers are very light in weight and you can carry them easily while you are traveling.

As a price wise, this portable rolling massager is cheap. It is not just designed to massage your foot but can be used to massage your legs.

There are few foot massagers out there which come with a remote controller.

This product has a separate remote controller to control the massager. Control speed and change mod with the help of remote control.

If you lie down while using this massager, then it can be used to rub your calf.

This massager does not have any heat option because of its very cozy surface to place your feet.

10. MK-9199 Plus Foot&Leg Massager

[amazon box=”B0035RNJXU” template=”bigbox”]
If you have a good budget to invest on feet massager and looking for something different, then consider this product.

With this massager, no need to heat up the water or put your feet into the water.

This machine is designed to give you a powerful massage to your foot and leg. The high and powerful motor will give your feet sound vibration for deep relaxation.

There is the different mod available to change the speed of vibrator. Get best results, starts from the lowest setting and speed.

Anyone can fit their feet in this massager, but it is ideally designed for adults. The design of this massager is flexible enough to adjust it according to your requirements.

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