10 Best Free Standing Punching Bag Reviews 2017

The most important thing to have if you are a martial arts or boxing practitioner is a punching bag to perfect your punching and kicking skills. It is a fact that we live in a very mobile society in this day and time and that people change jobs frequently which at times causes them to move from place to place often. Also, with incredibly busier lives that reduce their expendable time, they need convenience and portability. With this in mind, you will like our suggestion that purchasing a free standing punching bag will give you everything you need for your busy, mobile lifestyle.

If you are a kickboxer or student of Tae kwon do, then a free standing punch bag will be an excellent fit for you. The foam target area on the free standing heavy bag starts closer to the ground than the standard punching bags do.

It is recommended that you weight your free standing heavy bag by filling it with water or sand to provide a stable base. The use of water is an ideal choice because it helps create a wave-motion.

Free standing bags do need to be replaced more frequently and can be damaged more easily if used improperly.

Also due to its construction, it is not conducive to seriously hard impact strikes.

The free standing punching bag would be the recommended choice for the beginner martial arts student who is no into high impact kicks as of yet.

This particular bag would also be for someone that wants to develop a moderate kicking and punching workout routine to tone their muscles or to enhance their cardiovascular workout.

So whether you are the beginning kickboxing martial arts seeker, or the average Joe wanting a great workout to relieve stress and build muscle tone – then the free standing punching bag is the ticket for you.

10 Best Cheap Free Standing Punching Bag Reviews

After comprehensive research, we are finally able to give you the list of top 10 cheap free standing bag reviews.

With this equipment, you can easily build a huge amount of muscles from your home.

You heard it right – from your home!

It means you can train whenever you want. Muscles aren’t the only thing you will build, but also your self-defense skill will be much better.

Here’s the list:

1. Century The Original Wavemaster Free Standing Training Bag

Century The Original Wavemaster Training Bag (Black)
  • Provides Optimal Resistance and Rapid Rebound
  • Fill Base with Sand or Water
  • Round Base for Easy Roll Away
  • 7 Height Adjustments from 47" to 68" in 3" Increments
  • Weighs Approximately 250 lbs when filled

The standard size of this free standing punching bad does not represent XXL, but it can be changed. That is one of the popular freestanding products by Wavemaster because of size option.

There are seven height adjustments available in this punching bag. You can change the height of this product from 47 inched to 68 inches. As a weight wise, its total weight is 250 lbs once it’s filled.

This free standing heavy bag can be filled with sand and water. Its round base is designed in this way to make it easy to move around. It is available in different colors, so no need to purchase an annoying black punching bag anymore.

This free standing punching bag has a great bouncing back rate. It’s moved back very fast once you punched or kicked it.

To protect from damages and accident, the company has made it with durable material It is filled with foam and covered with a vinyl cover.

Price wise, it is one of the cheapest free standing punching bag for sale available to purchase on our list.

2. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag
  • Extra-large martial arts training bag with high-quality striking surface
  • Durable vinyl cover and high-density foam fill is tough yet forgiving
  • Low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution
  • Fills with either sand or water; weighs roughly 270 pounds when filled
  • Stands 69 inches tall and measures a full 18 inches in diameter

It could be hard to found a freestanding punching bag for sale which is enough big in height and not expensive.

This durable free standing bag is not just come at the affordable price but also with right height.

Its total height is 69 inches which make it one of the XXL punching bags by Wavemaster.

Its tall body allows you to practice more than just boxing and punching. You can practice kick, elbow strikes, and other sports quickly.

The base of this product is also bigger in size for extra support. The low profile base of this product helps in stable weight distribution and perfect free standing.

You can also remove its bag from the base to practice other ground techniques.

After filling the base with water or sand, the total weight of this product will be about 270lbs.

To make it playable for everyone, the company has made this bag with durable vinyl cover and filled with foam.

3. Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag Stand

Century Aerobic Wavemaster (Red)
  • Size: Bag 10.5" Diameter X 40" Tall; Base diameter-22"
  • Weight: Approx. 170lbs when filled
  • Colors: Blue and Black
  • Four different height adjustments
  • Round base means unit can be rolled away

That is another flexible free standing punching bag by Century. As compare to the other model, this one has a big base for high density.

It is made with durable and long lasting material. So, do not hesitate to practice high-density techniques on this bag.

The height of the punching stand can be increased up to 65.5 inches where minimum size could be 53.5 inches. There are total 4 height adjustments available to play with.

To get fast and quick bouncing rate, consider filling the base with water or sand.

The total weight of this product is 250 lbs once filled. The bigger base at the bottom also gives you the stable base. It’s come back smoothly once kicked or hit with force.

The adjustable stand of this product makes it versatile for different age of the group.

From a professional player to growing children, everyone can use it for practice and achieve fitness goals.

4. Century BOB XL with Base Unit

Century BOB XL with Base Unit
  • Freestanding heavy bag with life-like upper torso
  • Creates more striking surface for head or body shot training
  • High-strength plastisol body filled with urethane foam
  • Polyethylene base holds up to 270 pounds of water or sand
  • Rolls easily for transport; multiple height settings

Surely this does not look like a free standing punch bag, but it is.

The design of this product is enough to make it unique from other in our list.

Instead of using a hanging bag, the company has replaced it with human shaped bag. So, if you are looking for beyond just practicing punching, then this is for you.

It is an ideal choice for those who want to practice for fighting.

You can hit a different part of the faces to practice how its look likes in the real fight. The human dummy has clear features of man including a nose, jaw, and mouth, etc.

The free standing base of this product allows you to change its height from 66 inches to 72 inches. The total weight of this free standing punching bag is 270 lbs once it’s filled with water or sand.

The body of this torso punching bag is filled with high strength plastisol and urethane foam.

5. Everlast PowerCore Free Standing Heavy Bag

Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag
  • Improved design & strength and ease of assembly
  • Tri-disc foam structure provides maximum energy dispersion
  • PowerTransferRing collar offers superior impact and absorption and re-coil
  • PowerCore steel plate technology improves the overall strength
  • Compact base allows for increased accessibility
  • PowerCore steel plate technology improves the overall strength. Height is adjustable from 54 to 65 inches

This free standing punching bag is cheap in price but heavy. To give the better and heavy grip and bouncing rate, the base of this product is biggest than others.

This base can be filled with water, sand or both of them at a time to increase weight. Total weight with filling is 250 lbs. Having such a heavy free standing punching bag is surely make it unique.

The design of this product may not look very attractive due to the bigger base. But if you want to get the real bouncing rate, and then consider it as your new partner in the practice.

Punching, kicking and other MMA related techniques can be practiced on this affordable free standing heavy bag. The height of this Everlast punching bag is adjustable.

You can change it from 65 inches to 52 inches. It is made with durable material, and it is easy to easy to assemble.

6. Century Versys Fight Simulator

Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)
  • The most versatile System on the market
  • Ideal for both Stand-Up and ground training
  • Provides you with the most realistic workout next to partner training

If you are looking for a versatile free standing punching bag, then this item in the list is for you. Usually, freestanding punching bags are limited for punching and kick practicing, but not this one.

The design of this Everlast punching bag will allow you to go beyond punching. You can also practice pound and ground techniques with this punching bag.

Its small base does not look very supportive but its bounce back very quickly on powerful strikes.The base of this product is very heavy which due to which the bouncing rate is very fast. Its slim design does not require you to have a lot of space to practice.

It can be fit in any corner of the room when it’s not in use. It is not very heavy. Its total weight can be 110 lbs once its fill.

The height of this punching bag is about 66 inches. From a professional boxer to teenagers, this is an ideal product to practice MMA techniques.

7. Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Punching Bag 

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag (Black)
  • Fully assembled bag with high grade shock absorbing foam striking surface.
  • Nevatear outer shell provides lasting durability and functionality.
  • Omniflex neck allows for maximum impact absorption and reduced base movement.
  • Low-profile base design allows for punches, kicks, and knee strikes.
  • Approx. 130lbs when filled with water, 67" tall @ highest setting.

Unlike other standing punching bag, the area for the bag is not fully covered. As a size wise, the punching bag of this product is small.

The extra small size of the bag allows you to change the height of the product as required by you. By increasing its height up to 67 inches, you can practice kick punching on this product.

You do not need to purchase multiple freestanding bags for different heights of people. The flexible stand can change the height of this product from small to XXL.

To make it a true Everlast punching bag, the company has made it from durable material. Synthetic leather webbed and interconnected matrix is used in the manufacturing of this free standing punching bag.

The spring and low-profile base of this Everlast product are designed to give you good bouncing rate. Practice multiple MMA techniques including knee strikes and kicks.

8. MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Free Standing Reflex Bag Kit

MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit
  • Tested by rigorously being bent to the same point over 120,000 times without any issue
  • Exclusive patented tension adjustment.
  • Adjustable freestanding reflex bag Kit Patent is outstanding when compared to similar products.
  • The adjustable speed of response is more suitable for hand-eye coordination, such as combat defense training.
  • Perfect for novice boxer or fitness enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a punching bag to increase speed, and then consider this relaxed punching bad. The design of the product may not look very sport friendly, but this is an advanced practice design.

There is an inbuilt speed adjuster to increase the speed.

This product is design to improve your hand-eye coordination and increase responses. So, if you are looking for ways to increase punching speed, then this is a perfect free standing relax bag for you.

It’s come in a kit in which the pair of gloves is also included. It has an adjusted height stand, so do not worry about its height. Its height can be increase and decrease as per your requirement.

Due to its flexible free standing option, it can be used by adult children to practice punching. While it is designed for punching practice only but you can also practice kicking too.

Although for beginners who are looking for a concentrated solution of the free standing bag, this is a great choice among all.

9. Hongwu Adjustable Free Standing Punching Speed Ball

Hongwu Adjustable Free Standing Punching Speed Ball Bag with Boxing Gloves
  • Adjustable Height/Flexible Spring Loaded Pedestal Stand (50 to 58 inches)
  • One Emulation Leather Punching Ball (10 Inch Diameter)
  • One Pair of boxing gloves, Hand Air Pump and Air Pump Needle
  • Ideal way maintain fitness and well-being, increase endurance or simply to relieve stress
  • For Children Aged 6 and Up
  • Toy
  • Hongwu

This free standing punching ball is specially designed for beginners and children above 6 to learn MMA techniques.

Due to its height, it is not suitable for professional to practice. Its pedestal punching stand can increase its height up to 58 inches.

For people with a small height, its height can be decreased to 50 increases with the help of the adjustable tool. The flexible spring in the mid of stand gives very good and fast bouncing rate.

The punching ball is made with durable leather.

The size of the leather ball is 10 inches.

A pair of free gloves and air pump is also increases, no need to buy separately.

It is an ideal product for those who want to improve their punching speed. This punching ball with free stand can be used to improve hands and eyes coordination.

Price wise, this is one of the most affordable products in our list of 10 best free standing punching bag reviews 2017.

10. Ringside Elite Free Standing Punch Bag

Ringside Elite Free-Standing Boxing MMA Fitness Workout Training Kicking Punching Heavy Bag
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately. Taking on the 6'4" tall Elite Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag is not for the light-hearted but is sure to deliver a solid strength building aerobic fitness workout
  • The shock-absorbing foam is encased in a durable synthetic leather shell and is designed with a removable foam collar that will increase or decrease the movement of the spring loaded bag and includes an added base pad for protection when kicking
  • The plastic base tank can be filled with up to 270 pounds of sand or water to stand against even the strongest boxing and MMA strikes, knees and kicks
  • Non-hanging heavy bag design allows you to exercise wherever is most convenient - perfect for your home or commercial gym
  • Unlike other free-standing bags this heavy bag can take a hit without falling over - Punch your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle with this solid heavybag

This free standing punch bag represents a true XXL bag for punching because of its size.

The total height of this free standing punching bag is 72 inches with the base.

The bag can bear up to 270 lbs of weight.

For punching, you can fill it with water or sand; its durable material is made for both of them. It is made with the leather shell.

This synthetic leather material will last longer because of its nature.

To give extra support to the bag, the company has included a removable collar. If you want to go for a hard workout, then you have the option to remove the collar. The collar is here to give extra support and flexibility to the base and bag.

Although to increase the flexibility of the bag, the company has made it with spring. This spring loaded bag will remain in the same place while you are practicing the boxing.

The only drawback in this free standing heavy bag is its price.

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