10 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 Reviews

Looking for the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive buyer’s guide for the best gaming keyboards under 50 dollars.

Every gamer spends a lot of time in building an ultimate rig that can play all the next generation video game titles at maximum possible frame rates, but it is also vital to pay extra attention to the peripheral devices too. The physical keyboard still stands strong in 2017, especially in the gaming population. It’s easier just to connect a controller to your rig, but the precision and the ultimately satisfying response of gaming keyboards make them worth having.

With keyboards, you also get much more customization features than you can get with gaming controllers, as you can set certain control schemes to some specific actions in a game when a simple  „WASD“ doesn’t satisfy your needs. Almost every gaming keyboard comes with the multi-colored RGB lighting that further enhances the experience for every gamer. These lighting schemes can often be adjusted and offer several color schemes to personalize your gaming experience further.

If these backlit keyboards aren’t your cup of tea, you also have much more options. The best gaming keyboards combine responsiveness and look to offer every gamer the best gaming experience they can imagine. These kinds of keyboards are ideal for multiplayer gaming thanks to the increased responsiveness and will boost your scores in multiplayer games most certainly.

Even if you’re a casual gamer on a lower budget, you don’t have to worry about missing out of these benefits you get with these kinds of keyboards, as many great keyboards come at extremely low prices.

The most important thing is that the right keyboard is the one that suits your preference, and there is a whole bunch of them to choose from. You have keyboards with membrane switches that are familiar to every PC user out there, but the sponginess of these keyboards may put off some users from buying them.

There are also the much-popular mechanical keyboards that offer responsive key switches that always feel good to push down. The responsiveness of mechanical keyboards is unprecedented in the gaming keyboard market, and they are the preferred choice for many gamers. That responsive feeling is imperative because the keyboard is the peripheral part of the PC that you’ll end up using the most.

The gaming keyboard market, as well as the gaming market in general, has been through some major changes. Some companies make more sophisticated gaming keyboards for the power user, while some other companies go back to the roots for a more retro-like feel.

Whatever your choice of the keyboard is, you can’t go wrong with our picks of the best gaming keyboards under 50 dollars. The best part is that you can enjoy gaming at its finest for such a low cost.

Find Out What’s the Best Gaming Keyboard Under 50 – Our Picks and Guides

1. Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard

Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard - Ergonomic Gaming-Grade Membrane Keyboard With Wrist-Rest
  • Actuate as many keys as you have fingers, and have all of them register accurately and quickly in-game.
  • With the Razer DeathStalker's anti-ghosting capabilities, you can deliver overwhelming destruction to your opponents, and ensure that every command is registered and executed perfectly.
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 is cutting-edge, intuitive software that functions as the Razer DeathStalker's brain, automatically syncing the gaming keyboard to a cloud server to download driver and firmware updates, while saving your individual settings.

This gaming keyboard is manufactured by Razer, one of the pioneers in the gaming accessories department. Its DeathStalker is a membrane keyboard that is ideal for gaming and comes at a fairly low price for the features you get. It also features that signature stylish look of Razer products and offers a superb key response that is much necessary for hardcore gamers. These mentioned features make this gaming keyboard one of the best on the market.

Features and Specifications:

Low-profile Chiclet Keys – this is a keyboard that features membrane keys. Even though many gamers prefer mechanical keys on their keyboard, this one is ideal for gaming. It features more space between keys to enhance the gaming experience further. All of these keys are registered with maximum accuracy when pressed and further improve the gaming experience. The keys are also fully programmable, allowing for more customization that is essential for every gamer.

Anti-ghosting Capabilities – this gaming keyboard from Razer features extreme anti-ghosting capabilities that enable up to 10 simultaneous key presses which allow for even more precision that is vital for gaming. With the improved anti-ghosting capabilities of this keyboard, you can stay assured that every key press of this keyboard is executed with the maximum precision that will surely bring the destruction of every opponent you meet online.

Razer Synapse 2.0 Software – this gaming keyboard from Razer comes with a pre-installed Synapse 2.0 software that functions as a brain of this keyboard. It automatically syncs this keyboard to a cloud server and allows for easy and lightning-quick downloads of drivers and firmware updates. Your individual settings can also be stored in the cloud so that you can switch between different settings with relative ease.

Wrist Rest – this gaming keyboard comes with a wrist rest that was specifically designed by Razer to offer the maximum comfort for gamers. It is a great addition to an already wide array of features and makes this keyboard extremely comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. Razer has thought about the gamers first when designing this keyboard.


Great anti-ghosting capabilities
Comes with a great software pre-installed
Extremely comfortable to use
Spaced keys designed specifically for gaming


Keys may be tough to press, as this is a membrane keyboard
No media keys featured


2. Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard K502 Karura by Redragon Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Illuminated Keyboard 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard Silent Gaming Keyboard with Wrist Rest (New Improved Version)
  • SILENT GAMING KEYBOARD; 104 Key Gaming Keyboard with quiet Island-style Chiclet keys designed for longevity, durability and responsiveness. The keyboard keys offer less resistance and ashort key travel, they require less work to type and still deliverprecise tactile feedback for a Flawless Gaming Performance
  • RGB BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD; K502RedragonRGB LED Keyboard lighted keyboard in 7 different colours,4 backlight brightness levels and adjustable breathing speed, the illumination can be completely turned off. The Laser engraved keycaps offering clear uniform backlighting
  • EGRONOMIC SPLASH PROOF DESIGN; The PC Gaming Keyboard is not only good for gaming. It has been ergonomically designed to be a superb typing tool for office work as well. You'll love the feel and keystroke accuracy, which leads to fewer errors and typos. The gaming Keyboard is built to withstand the average liquid spill. The integrated wrist rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions
  • BACKLIT ANTI GHOSTING KEYBOARD; The Redragon K502 has 19 conflict free (n-Key Rollover), Interchangeable ARROW and WASD keysfor ultimate Gaming performance; 12 multimedia keys. Comes with Full numeric keypad and a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection
  • PC GAMING KEYBOARD COMPATIBILTY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support

That is a gaming keyboard manufactured by Redragon, and it is one of the best gaming keyboards available that cost under 50 dollar price tag. It is one of the cheapest gaming keyboards out there and it also packs a lot of great features that make it worth the buy. The design of this keyboard is top-notch, and it is surprising that you can get this kind of quality for such a low price. This keyboard also features backlit keys that are ideal for night gaming.

Features and Specifications:

Superior Design – this is the new version of the Karura line of Redragon keyboards and it features some great changes that improve the overall gaming experience. As this is a slim keyboard with a rigid case design, this keyboard features chiclet-style keys that feature superior grips and spacing for more efficient use. The keys don’t click as the mechanical keys do, but they are easy enough to press and the feedback you get from pressing the keys is noticeable enough. This keyboard also comes with a wrist rest, so you can enjoy in maximum comfort this keyboard offers for every gamer.

Great Lightning – this is an LED-backlit keyboard and the lightning it uses screams high quality. You can choose from 7 different color schemes: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, White and Purple. The brightness level of these color schemes, as well as switching between color schemes, is made super easy thanks to the one button control. You can also turn off the backlight if you prefer a classic look or even let the keyboard switch through the 7 colors with a cool pulse effect.

Multi-purpose Keys – this gaming keyboard features 12 multimedia keys that ease up the overall computing and gaming experience greatly. You can easily control the volume with the media keys or do even more complex operations with the press of one button. The Windows key can also be locked which is a great benefit, as many gamers press the Windows key accidentally and get sent to the desktop, which is annoying. This gaming keyboard also features a response speed option that greatly enhances the overall gaming experience. You can also switch the functions of arrow keys and WASD keys so you have a choice which controls scheme to use, which is a great benefit.


Extremely cost-efficient
Great back lightning
Wrist rest adds more comfort
Great key grip


Some keys are difficult to press, leading to some annoyances
Layout takes a little to get used to


3. Redragon S101 Vajra USB Gaming Keyboard with Centrophorus USB Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse Gaming Keyboard Combo S101 Redragon RGB LED Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Set M601 Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Silent 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard with Wrist Rest (New Improved Version)
  • GAMING KEYBOARD AND GAMING MOUSE: Includes Redragon Premium RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Red LED Backlit Gaming Mouse. ALL-IN-ONE PC GAMER VALUE KIT, Fantastic for Gamers [New Improved Version]
  • RGB BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD: Redragon LED RGB Keyboard: 4 backlight color effects, 5 levels backlight breathing speed, Ergonomic designed keyboard with 104 keys, 25 keys without conflict, 12 multimedia keys, 8 independent control keys for quick management, splash-proof, WIN key can be disabled for gaming. Laser-engraved keys, 5 foot high-speed USB cable, 3mm diameter high-strength braided fiber cable
  • GAMING MOUSE: Ergonomic Redragon M601 Centrophorus Red Backlit Computer Gaming Mouse. (LED can be turned off)3200 DPI (1000/1600/2400/3200 4 level DPI adjustment), 4000 FPS, 15G ACC super-fast game engine
  • 6 BUTTON GAMING MOUSE; 5Buttons of the Mouse are programmable. Easily assign keyboard keystroke or Multimedia or Windows functions to any button with the included Software. Comes with 8-pieces weight tuning set (2.4g x 8). Durable smooth TEFLON feet and contoured body for ultimate gaming control. Ergonomically Designed and Quality ABS construction
  • PC GAMING MOUSE AND KEYBOARD COMPATIBILTY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support

That is another keyboard manufactured by Redragon and is one of the best deals when it comes to cheap gaming keyboards on the market. You get a decent gaming keyboard with a mouse, all at an extremely low price. This deal is not to be missed and the keyboard and the mouse are packed with great features that make you wonder how the price of this bundle is so low.

Features and Specifications:

Comes with a Mouse – this is a highly affordable bundle that includes a great gaming keyboard as well as a great gaming mouse. The mouse is made for gaming, so it’s expected to have features like high DPI of 2000 as well as three DPI settings that suit different game genres. This mouse also features Teflon feet pads that will improve the shelf life greatly. It also glides with relative ease across most surfaces and comes with 6 function buttons. That is a great gaming mouse and the thought of the price you have to pay for this bundle is mind-blowing.

Great Design – this keyboard is backlit and is great for night gaming sessions. Its keys are also laser engraved so you’ll have no worries with seeing the keys in the dark. The function of the WASD and direction keys can be adjusted to your preference, which is a great benefit you get with this keyboard. Input speed can also be adjusted for better gaming experience. You also get 12 multimedia keys with this keyboard, allowing for maximum control over your system with just one press of the button. The buttons are also surprisingly responsive even though this is a non-mechanical keyboard.


Keyboard and mouse bundle
High-quality keys greatly boost the gaming experience
Great value for your money
Many customization options


No wrist rest panel
Made entirely of plastic material


4. Logitech G105 920-003371 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard
  • Long-life blue LED backlighting: Select from two brightness levels to easily see keys in the dark
  • 6 programmable G-keys: Configure up to 18 unique functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros or intricate Lua scripts* (*Requires software installation)
  • Multi-key input: Press up to five keys at once to perform multiple complex actions without interference or ghosting
  • Game/desktop switch: Disables the Windows/Context Menu keys to prevent accidental game interruptions
  • Made for PC gaming: Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista

That is a gaming keyboard manufactured by Logitech, one of the pioneers in PC peripheral design. It’s no wonder that this is one of the best cheap gaming keyboards available on the market, as this keyboard features great design choices that make this keyboard worth the purchase. Its layout may be off-putting for some users, but it still isn’t a deal-breaker and will be in your setup for years to come.

Features and Specifications:

Great Lightning – this gaming keyboard features long-lasting blue LED backlights that will greatly enhance the gaming experience in the night time. The illuminated keys are easy to locate and you get two brightness levels to adjust the backlights to your preference. With this backlight technology, Logitech has surpassed the competition and this feature alone make this keyboard worth the purchase.

Great Design – along with an impressive backlight technology, this keyboard features highly responsive keys even though they’re non-mechanical. This keyboard features 6 programmable G-keys on the far left side. Every G-key has 3 macro functions which make room for 18 unique functions per game, which is a great benefit you get with this keyboard. With these G-keys, you can program single keystrokes, intricate LUA scripts and complex macro functions. You can also record new macro functions while playing a game. This gaming keyboard also features anti-ghosting function which eliminates the interference that happens a lot with the other keyboards. You can also use up to five keys to perform various actions. The keys are made specifically to last longer allowing for longer gaming sessions with no interruptions. This keyboard also features function buttons which allow for full control over your system with just a single tap of a button. It is a pinnacle of Logitech design and is one of the best gaming keyboards out there.


Superb design made to last
Lots of features for such a low price
Programmable G-keys are a great addition
Extremely durable


One backlight color


5. Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Black)
  • Custom mechanical switches (Cherry Blue equivalent) for ultimate gaming performance
  • Red LED adjustable lighting and double-shot injection molded keycaps for crystal clear backlighting
  • Metal and ABS construction, mechanical keys, and gold plated USB connector stand up to hardcore gaming
  • Custom mechanical switches designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. Mechanical keys with medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile feedback
  • 87 standard conflict free keys, 12 multimedia keys, and splash-proof design

That is yet another keyboard manufactured by Redragon and it astonishes with its high-quality design. It is one of the rare keyboards on this list that is dirt-cheap and also features mechanical keys. The keyboard itself is made of a high-quality and durable material, making this keyboard extra reinforced and durable. It also features backlights, which is a great addition. Overall, with this keyboard from Redragon, you get value for your money, and it is extra cheap.

Features and Specifications:

Great Build – this gaming keyboard is designed specifically to last for a long time, as it is a mechanical keyboard. It is made of metal and ABS construction which boosts the durability of this keyboard greatly. As this is a mechanical keyboard, it features custom Cherry Green mechanical key switches of high durability. These mechanical switches were built with durability in mind, and you can expect this keyboard to last for a long time thanks for that. Mechanical keys also offer superior tactile feedback and responsiveness that are essential for hardcore gaming.

Backlight Technology – this gaming keyboard features LED backlight technology that is featured in many modern keyboards nowadays. The backlight technology features several effects like the breathing mode, adjustable brightness and the option of turning it off. This backlight is bright enough to keep up with late night gaming sessions. The keycaps are also red-backlit for even more lightning.

Key Functions – this mechanical gaming keyboard features 12 multimedia keys that allow for easy control over your system with just a single tap of the button. You can also switch the function of WASD and arrow keys to suit your preferences. The keys are built to last for a long time and feature superior tactile feedback essential for hardcore gaming.


Great value for your money
Features mechanical keys
Great backlight technology
Built like a tank


No wrist rest pad
Backlight comes in only one color


6. Cooler Master Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (SGB-3031-KKMF1-US)

Cooler Master Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (SGB-3031-KKMF1-US)
  • Mem-chanical Switches - Cooler Master's exclusive switches are durable and feel like mechanical switches with satisfying tactile feedback
  • Red LED Backlighting - Single LED backlight helps you type at night. Plus, it looks cool
  • Laser-etched Keys - The print on each keycap won't fade or disappear
  • Compatible with Custom Keycaps - Customize each key with your own keycaps. Cherry MX compatible
  • Precision Optical Sensor - Your cursor goes where you want, as fast as you want, even during intense gaming. Be in total control.
  • On-the-fly DPI Settings - Switch quickly between three preset DPI settings: 1000/1600/2000
  • Solid Control and Grip - Solid rubber sides provide maximum grip. An ergo-ambidextrous shape works great even if you're left-handed

That is a gaming keyboard manufactured by Cooler Master, one of the most known PC peripheral manufacturers. They totally astonish with this keyboard and mouse combo, as you get a high-quality keyboard that features exclusive button technology that functions almost the same as the mechanical keyboards. The backlight technology of this keyboard is top notch as well as the other features. Having a mouse for a bonus is also a great thing, as the mouse you get with this keyboard is great for gaming and features some customization options.

Features and Specifications:

Great Key Design – this gaming keyboard features a combination of mechanical and membrane key switches, featuring satisfying tactile feedback as well as increased durability of the keys.  The keys are laser-etched, which means that they won’t fade with increased use, which is a great benefit and makes the shelf life of this gaming keyboard even longer. This keyboard feels like a mechanical keyboard, even though it isn’t a mechanical keyboard. The keys are also customizable, allowing for extra personalization of this keyboard. This keyboard also features 12 multimedia keys for added control over your system.

Backlight Technology – this gaming keyboard features a red LED backlight that will improve the night gaming experience greatly. The LED backlight is also very durable and will last for 10 years and even more. Red LED lights provide an extremely polished and cool look to this keyboard and make this keyboard a worthy addition to your gaming setup.

Comes Bundled with a Gaming Mouse – having a great gaming keyboard for such a low price is a great benefit, but also getting a fleshed-out gaming mouse bundled with it is an even bigger benefit. The mouse you get with this keyboard is also LED-backlit with red lightning and features a precise optical sensor that will work on dusty surfaces with great precision. You can also adjust the DPI settings on the go with a dedicated button on this mouse and you can choose from 3 DPI settings, the highest setting being 2000 DPI. The solid rubber sides on this mouse provide a great grip that will keep you going through intensive gaming sessions.


You get a gaming mouse and keyboard for an extremely low price
Great value for your money
Great key design that can be customized


Keys produce loud sounds when pressed


7. TeckNet Kraken 3 LED Adjustable Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse – Black

Tecknet Kraken 3 LED Adjustable Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse - Black
  • 3-Color Backlit LED Illumination - TeckNet professional gaming keyboard features an adjustable 3-colored LED backlit system that makes gaming in the dark cool and eye-catching!
  • Heavy Duty and Multi-functional Design - 105 keys, 19 keys non-conflict, removable keycaps.12 custom multimedia keys for audio settings.Specially designed keys for enhanced durability and tactile feedback, bring you ultimate gaming feeling.
  • Easy Operation - USB plug and play, no driver needed, anti-skid and waterproof.
  • Extra Mouse Gift - A gaming mouse with 6 handy functional buttons is included as a gaming gift. Its ergonomic and professional design ensures all-day comfort.
  • Works with Windows 98,2000,XP,Vista,7,8,10 and Mac OS. Package Contents - 1x TeckNet backlit gaming keyboard, 1x TeckNet wired gaming mouse,1x User Manual,1x Warranty Card and lifetime friendly customer service.

That is a gaming keyboard manufactured by TeckNet and it is one of the best cheap gaming keyboards out there. It features an impressive backlight as well as an extremely durable design that will make sure that your gaming sessions are uninterrupted at all times. What’s even better, with this gaming keyboard you also get a sleek gaming mouse that has its features that make it worth having in your gaming setup. That is a highly affordable bundle that shouldn’t be missed by any passionate gamer.

Features and Specifications:

Great Design – this gaming keyboard features a superb design that makes this keyboard extremely durable and fit for hardcore gamers alike. The keyboard features a sturdy and ergonomic design that boosts the overall comfort of the keyboard. It also features a wrist rest pad which is ideal for longer gaming sessions. The wrist rest pad can be easily removed if you wish. This gaming keyboard is water-resistant, which further contributes to its professional design. The keys are also easily removable for easy cleaning.

Backlight Technology – this gaming keyboard features LED backlight technology with an offering of 3 different colors. Every gamer should find something for himself with the selection of backlight being Red, Purple and Blue. The backlight can be set to Breath mode which adds to the stylishness of the keyboard. This keyboard will surely personalize your gaming space even more with its modern backlight technology.

Multi-functional Keys – the keys on this keyboard are extremely durable and some of them have extra functions. Even though it isn’t a mechanical keyboard, the tactile feedback of this keyboard is superb. It features 12 function keys so that you can control your system with just one tap of a button. You can also disable the Windows keys so that your gaming sessions stay uninterrupted.

Comes Bundled with a Mouse – this keyboard comes bundled with a gaming mouse that has its great features that make this deal even more worth your attention. The mouse is also LED-backlit; with a choice of 6 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and Purple. This mouse has a DPI of 2000 and that speed can be further adjusted thanks to the 6 function buttons featured. Its heavy-duty and professional design makes this mouse a great addition to this great keyboard.


Extremely comfortable and durable design
Great LED backlights
Comes bundled with a great mouse


Breathing LED effect may be distracting to some


8. BlueFinger Adjustable Crack Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard with MousePad

Gaming Keyboard, BlueFinger Mechanical Computer Keyboard USB Wired LED 3 Color Red/Blue/Purple Backlit Gamer lighted Keyboard with Customized MousePad
  • ABS Gaming Keyboard: The BlueFinger USB wired keyboard is made of durable and high quality ABS materials. Designed with crack surface, which makes it fashion and novelty.
  • Illuminated Keyboard: This backlit gaming keyboard comes in 3 LED red/blue/purple colors and 3 breathing modes. You can easily change the backlit luminous mode to your favorite settings by tapping "Fn" and PS/PB/SL keys.
  • Professional Keys: 10 multimedia hot keys on the top of the keyboard that can help you easily access email, media player etc. When you press and operate up to 19 keys simultaneously with keys conflict or missing keys, enjoy your gaming time.
  • Compatible System: The keyboard and mouse set can be easily applied to almost currently operating systems by USB ports, such as Windows XP/ VISTA/ WIN 7/ WIN 8/ WIN 10/ Mac OS X.
  • Quality Guarantee:When you purchase from BlueFinger, you'll get 6 months return or exchange service for quality problems. Please contact with our respond-in-24-hours customer service team.

That is a gaming keyboard manufactured by BlueFinger, and it features one of the most stylish designs out of the keyboards on this list. It is also made of high-quality material that makes this keyboard extremely comfortable for use and comes with a bonus mouse pad. This keyboard is extremely cheap, and the features you get with it are not to be missed.

Features and Specifications:

Cool Design – what sets this gaming keyboard apart is its cool design that is sure to delight hardcore gamers. The keyboard surface features an innovative crack design that is an absolute delight to watch when combined with the superior LED backlights. This keyboard has superior tactile feedback thanks to the superior design of the keys although the keys are a little on the louder side, giving you the necessary tactile feedback. Every key is controlled by a separate switch which further enhances the response time of this keyboard.

Backlight Technology – this gaming keyboard features 3 LED backlight modes: Red, Purple and Blue. These lights can be set on Breath effect for higher cool factor and the brightness of the backlight can also be adjusted. The look of the keyboard is marvelous thanks to the cool cracked design it features. It makes your gaming space much cooler than ever. The backlight options can be adjusted thanks to the Function key this keyboard features.

Comes with a Mouse Pad – this keyboard comes bundled with a mouse pad that should fit your gaming space just fine. It provides superb precision to the mouse and fits the cool look of the keyboard.


Great design of the keyboard surface
Great LED backlights
Comes with an extra mouse pad
Keys are expertly designed


A bit louder than the basic keyboard
Only 5 function buttons


9. HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

HAVIT Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (White)
  • Rainbow of LED Backlit can switch among medium light,high light,breath mode and turn off by pressing Fn and Esc simultaneously.
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 19 keys without conflict, 5 multimedia keys, interchangeable "WASD" keys and WIN keys can be disabled for gaming.
  • 4 colors breathing light of mouse :Red, Blue, Purple, Pink; Light-off mode: forward/back button+DPI.
  • Resolution up to 2400DPI, 800/1200/1600/2400DPI adjustable.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 /Win10/Mac OS

That is a gaming keyboard manufactured by HAVIT and it features one of the coolest LED backlights out of the keyboards on this list. It features a rainbow lightning effect that should provide for a surreal night gaming experience. The keyboard goes along with a mouse that has its set of functions. It is also LED-backlit and features many functions that make you wonder how such high quality is packed for such a low price.

Features and Specifications:

Comes Bundled with a Mouse – you get extreme value for your money as you get a gaming mouse along with a gaming keyboard for the low price of the gaming keyboard. This gaming mouse features its set of features that make it a great addition to your gaming space. It features 4 LED backlight modes: Red, Pink, Blue and Purple and a breathing lights effect that makes it even cooler. These lights can be turned off if that is your wish thanks to the function button featured in this mouse. You can also control the DPI of this mouse which makes this mouse ideal for hardcore gaming.

Key Functions – the keys featured on this keyboard are expertly designed to provide maximum tactile feedback. It also has superb response time thanks to the option of simultaneous operation of 19 keys with no interruption. The WASD and arrow keys are interchangeable, allowing for more customization. You can turn off the Windows keys to avoid the interruption of your gaming sessions. The 12 multimedia keys provide additional control of your system with just a single tap of the button.

Great Design – as already mentioned, this keyboard features superb key design and contributing to that factor is the wrist rest pad that enhances the cool factor of this keyboard and adds to the comfort of this keyboard. It also features a superb LED backlight system. The LED lights are colored like a rainbow, which enhances the overall night gaming experience and gives the keyboard a surreal and attractive look. These lights can be set to Breath mode, medium light and high light and can be even turned off if you wish.


Superb design that doesn’t leave anything to be desired
Great LED backlight give a surreal effect
Comes bundled with a gaming mouse with its set of functions
Extremely comfortable to use


The mouse light can’t be turned off


10. TeckNet Gryphon LED Illuminated Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Water-Resistant Design

TeckNet Gryphon LED Illuminated Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Water-Resistant Design, US Layout
  • 3 Adjustable LED Backlighting - Backlighting offers adjustable brightness, looks great with other gaming gear and makes it easy to find the exactly keys you're looking-even in dimly lit rooms
  • 10 Programmable keys at your command: Record single keypresses, complex macros on the fly without leaving the game. Complete complex actions simpler and faster.
  • Anti-ghosting, 19 keys are calibrated to prevent anti-ghosting. Press and hold multiple keys simultaneously without fear of missing or unexpected key presses.
  • 12 Dedicated multimedia controls - Play, stop, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume directly from the keyboard. Game/Desktop mode switch disables the Windows and Context Menu keys, so your game won't be interrupted if you accidentally press the wrong keys.
  • Game/Desktop mode switch disables the Windows and Context Menu keys, so your game won't be interrupted if you accidentally press the wrong keys. US keyboard Layout

That is another keyboard on this list that is manufactured by TeckNet and the main buying factor of this gaming keyboard is its great durability. It is water-resistant, so you can have no worries of this keyboard malfunctioning on you when you spill liquid on it. The keys of this keyboard also have a wide array of functions that are essential for every hardcore gamer. This keyboard is a go-to for a power user, as the sheer number of functions is impressive. The price of this keyboard is dirt-cheap, and you get a high value for your money when getting this gaming keyboard.

Features and Specifications:

Backlight Technology – this gaming keyboard features adjustable backlight technology, coming in 3 colors to boost your night gaming experience greatly. The colors of the backlight are Red, Magenta and Blue. These backlights personalize this gaming keyboard even more and enhance your night gaming experience to great effect.

Great Design – this gaming keyboard is built with a maximum emphasis on durability and professional look. The keys are laser engraved and the keyboard is water-resistant, which make this gaming keyboard one of the most durable out of the keyboards in this price range. You can set macro commands on 10 programmable keys which further boosts the gaming experience, especially for RTS and MMO games. This keyboard also features 12 media function keys that allow for control of your system with just a single button press. The anti-ghosting technology makes sure that you can press and hold multiple keys with no fear of input delay or unwanted key strokes. You can also swap the functions of WASD and arrow keys to suit your preference. That is an extremely durable and cumbersome keyboard and a satisfying mechanical click follows each keystroke.


Extremely high durability
Great LED backlights
Many functions make this keyboard extremely valuable


It is a relatively heavy keyboard
Some compatibility issues


What’s the Difference Between Gaming and Non-Gaming Keyboard?

Even though the difference between gaming and non-gaming keyboards isn’t expressed like with the gaming and non-gaming mice, there are still some differences that make the gaming keyboards worth the extra money.

The gaming keyboards are preferred by hardcore gamers, especially E-Sport players as they offer more precision than any other type of the keyboard. Why is that so?

Most of the gaming keyboards feature keys with mechanical switches that have a faster response time than the keys on the normal keyboards. Even though the response time difference is calculated in milliseconds here, competitive gaming is all about the speed and reflexes, and the mechanical keys greatly help with enhancing the overall gaming experience.

What’s even better, much of these keyboards feature extra customizable keys so that you can adjust the keys to your preference. These programmable keys can be set to do functions that suit your needs to enhance the overall gaming experience greatly.  Another thing that is featured with gaming keyboards is anti-ghosting capability, which allows for multiple key presses without heavy input delay, as it is common with non-gaming keyboards.

Much of the gaming keyboards also feature LED backlights that provide every gamer with more light and enhanced night gaming experience. Most of the gaming keyboards come with various color schemes for the backlights and each one of them features its distinct mood that will fit perfectly on your desk.

It is commonly known that the non-gaming keyboards often feature keys that fade out after increased use, but with gaming keyboards, much manufacturers have introduced laser-engraved keys that won’t fade.

The differences between gaming and non-gaming keyboard may not be a big factor with the casual gamers. Hardcore gamers will surely appreciate the additional function keys that allow for control of your system with just a button press and the programmable keys are a godsend for the hardcore gamers.

The gaming keyboards are also much more durable than non-gaming keyboards, so you can expect your gaming keyboard to last long in front of your monitor.

Mechanical Keyboard Benefits

Mechanical keyboards had an extremely high popularity in the past decades and if you ever typed on one of these older keyboards, you could notice the increased precision and durability over the other types of keyboards. The distinctive click sound of mechanical keyboards is absent in membrane keyboards that are used in many keyboards today.

Membrane keyboards are now more popular than mechanical keyboards thanks to the mass production of them and the low prices. This shift in popularity is easily understood as the main goal of many companies today is to maximize profit, but the disadvantages of these membrane keyboards are much higher in number compared to the mechanical keyboards.

The mechanical keyboards are seeing a rise in popularity thanks to the gamers and typists that look for keyboards with higher quality. Gaming keyboards often use mechanical switches which enhance the overall gaming experience thanks to the added precision and responsiveness.

More people today appreciate the benefits of mechanical keyboards and the rise of their popularity is finally happening again.

A lot of mechanical keyboards users tend to claim that their typing speed and accuracy is increased greatly when switching to mechanical keyboards. That’s true because mechanical keys don’t have to be pressed all the way as they register the press when pressed halfway through. That greatly increases the speed of typing and it’s no wonder that they have risen in popularity with gamer population. The membrane keyboards just cannot mimic the added precision of mechanical keyboards and that is the main reason for their high popularity with gamers.

The main problem with the membrane keyboards is that they require less actuation force when pressing the button which contributes to typos and other typing errors. The increased reliability of the mechanical keyboards is especially important for gamers, as every key press is important in gaming.

The most attractive feature about mechanical keyboards is that they aren’t all the same. There are many types of mechanical keyboards on the market right now, and each type feels different that the other one. The most common type of mechanical switches are Cherry MX switches. Each type is differentiated by its color. Every type of switch has some specific attributes; for example, MX Blue switches are preferred by people who type a lot because of the superb feedback these switches provide. These switches are also deafening, which may be off-putting for some users.

The MX Red mechanical switches, on the other hand, are preferred by gamers, as they are very sensitive and perfect for gaming as they offer fast response times essential for gaming.

These Cherry MX switches have a life circle of 50 million keystrokes, which is much longer than the life circle of membrane switches of 1 to 10 million or even 20 million keystrokes. If you’re a power user, then you should consider getting a mechanical keyboard, as the benefits you get with them are just worth switching over.


Find out what's the best gaming keyboard under 50 and pick yourself one.

Cheap, yet reliable gaming keyboards have become a thing now. Even though they may not be outfitted with the same high-quality material of the more expensive gaming keyboards, they have the same features that make these kinds of keyboards a must have for hardcore gamers.

When you see a gaming keyboard you may wonder: is this any different from my regular keyboard? The short answer is: yes.

The features you get with gaming keyboards may be unimportant for regular, casual users, but for hardcore gamers, these kinds of keyboards are a godsend. These kinds of keyboards feature programmable buttons, LED backlights, laser-engraved keys and anti-ghosting technology, all of them enhancing the gaming experience greatly.

The mechanical keys on the gaming keyboards are also a great addition that provides better tactile feedback and faster response times over the standard keyboards. You just can’t get the same quality experience gaming keyboards offer with the standard keyboard.

If you thought that finding the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars was a hard task, we hope that we’ve given resolution to that problem of yours.

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