10 Best King Size Air Mattress Reviews 2017

A king size air mattress is ideal for some situations. They are great to have on hand at home. Whether you are planning that ultimate camping trip or you are having guests to stay, these king size air mattresses might just be what you need.

There are an enormous amount of types to choose from all with various features. If it is your first time buying an air mattress, then it could be quite daunting. Don’t worry; we are to help!

What Is An Air Mattress?

An air mattress is also referred to as an air bed. These are mattresses made from PVC material and filled up with air instead of springs and foam. Some can be placed on a stand, and others sit on the ground. Available in single, queen or king size air mattresses you have the choice to decide what is right for you. They have many advantages including:

  • The firmness or softness can be adjusted to personal preferences.
  • Air beds can quickly be stored away.
  • More durable than normal foam mattresses and don’t sag. Will possibly last 15 years if taken care of.
  • Can be inflated rapidly. If it has a built in pump, then it can be up and ready in three minutes or less.
  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere and has versatile uses.

10 Best King Size Air Mattress Reviews

1. Trustworthy Air Bed for Quick Inflation

Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed , Full
  • Soft plush top with comfort coils for added support
  • AirTight system and Double Lock valve help prevent leaks
  • Integrated Wrap 'N' Roll storage system for easy cleanup and storage
  • Approximate inflated dimensions: 73 x 53 x 8 inches; fits standard size sheets
  • For indoor use only

This is a king size mattress not to miss. It comes in three different sizes, but the king size is the most popular and most spacious.

This king size air mattress comes in a beautiful, mutual brown and cream color. It is designed with a coil system which allows for extra comfort so you can get a good night’s sleep. This model doesn’t have a built-in pump. Any hand or electric pump will work fine on it.

The next best feature is the double lock valve. The first seal stops air from escaping when you remove the pump. Then the second valve locks the air in so you don’t have to worry about it inflating.

It comes stored in a nifty bag and is easy to inflate, roll and store away.

This air mattress is sturdy and durable. What is even better is that it comes with a one year warranty as well!

2. Comfy and Luxurious Fox Airbed in Various Sizes

Top Rated Best Inflatable Bed By Fox Airbeds - Plush High Rise Air Mattress in King, Queen, Full and Twin (King)
  • Pillow Top Air-Flow Chambers
  • 43% Thicker Vinyl
  • Built-In Two Way Pump
  • Inflate with Built In or External Pumps
  • 90 Day Warranty

Fox Air Beds is a notable company when it comes to sleeping requirements. This king size air mattress is comfy and luxurious.

Although more costly, you are getting more for your money with this option.

It is double height which is higher than the standard air beds. The pillow top air flow chambers allow for the air to be evenly distributed.

The built in pump works in two ways. Quickly inflate your mattress or quickly deflate when needed. This is a sturdy option and requires less pumping up than usual. You can sleep on this for over a week without having to add extra air.

The king size dimensions are 80″ x 76″ x 25″. This is an option to choose if you will be using the air bed on a regular basis.

3. Air Mattress Complete With Skirting and Sheet

Air Mattress KING size - Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed with Fitted Sheet and Bed Skirt - Built-in High Capacity Airbed Pump
  • NO-HASSLE WARRANTY - Your purchase includes a 1-year WARRANTY and a 60-day RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you're not completely thrilled with your air mattress, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. We'll even pay for return shipping for the air mattress KING.
  • NO MORE BACK PAIN - Read the reviews of the Best Choice Air Mattress. You'll find that people are thrilled with the firmness of this air bed. Other inflatable beds will collapse or stretch, which offers no support for your joints. With the laminated material of the Best Choice, we have solved that problem. It not only offers a firm sleeping surface, but it also makes for a very sturdy air mattress on the edges as well.
  • BEST LOOKING AIR MATTRESS - No one will argue, The Best Choice is in fact, the best-looking air mattress out there. The stylish bed skirt and fitted top sheet is much more than a fashion statement; it provides a critical layer between you and the bed. This will keep you much warmer and keep you sleeping much deeper.
  • GETTING GOOD SLEEP IS ALL ABOUT BACK SUPPORT - This is the firmest raised inflatable bed out there, offering second to none back support. So many positive feedback letting us know how it has helped their back from hurting. We've even had customers suggest putting a simple pillow topper on top, "making it the most comfortable bed in the world". Or, our favorite quote, "My hip doesn't hurt anymore like when I sleep on my $1500.00 mattress".
  • IF IT LEAKS, IT'S WORTHLESS - We understand this very well. That is why we spend extra on the material. Laminated vinyl prevents the air bed from stretching too much. It is the seams of an air mattress that will break down and start to leak. Preventing the seams from over stretching will prolong the life of your air mattress. So much so, you can expect your bed to last twice as long as a regular vinyl product. You can also put over 600 lbs. on a raised air mattress queen.

The king size air mattress is an ideal option to use at home, for yourself or guests.

To make a statement and forget you are sleeping on an air bed it comes with skirting. This

This white, ruffled bed skirt hangs to the floor and covers the vinyl. This can be removed and is washable.

The air bed is made with a coil construction. This provides comfort and will exceed the durability of the mattress. This air bed will take a weight of up to 600lbs.

A lot of problems seen in air beds are stretching. This air mattress is designed with an extra layer of nylon laminate. This stops stretching up to 40% making it last longer. The additional bamboo fitted sheet cover offers the feel of a real foam mattress which can be removed and washed.  

The built-in electric pump allows the user to deflate and inflate the bed with ease. It also comes with an alternate pinch valve to use in case you find yourself with no electricity. This air bed looks and feels like a normal bed.

When it comes to air mattresses, this is a popular choice. When it comes to quality, style and versatility Air Mattress have thought of everything.  

4. Air Bed By Coleman Made To Adjustable Sizes

Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed, Twin/King
  • Versatile air mattress can be used as 2 twins, a king, or a double-high twin
  • AirTight system and Double Lock valve help prevent leaks
  • ComfortStrong coil construction for better support and superior comfort
  • Approximate inflated dimensions: 73 x 38 x 8 inches each; fits king and twin sheets
  • Supports up to 300 pounds; designed for indoor and outdoor use

If you want an air bed that is versatile and can be made into three sizes, then Coleman has made it. This king size air mattress is made from two sections and can either be a

This king size air mattress is made from two sections and can either be a twin or a king or even be made into two twins.

The beige and brown color is earthy looking yet stylish. It is designed with an airtight system which makes it leak free and stays inflated for longer. 

It is also designed to deflate, roll and store away with ease. Most airbeds are difficult to fold away but this model isn’t.

The patented coil system provides support throughout the night to stop sagging. With the additional double lock valve, you won’t lose air either.

This doesn’t have a built-in pump, but any regular hand or electric pump will work. The top of the mattress has no fabric covering so invest in a thick sheets not to feel the PVC underneath.

For the option of changeable sizes, this air mattress is great value for money coming in below $50.  

5. King Size Air Bed With Memory Foam Topper

Top Rated Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Inflatable Air Mattress with Premium Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper and Form Pillows (Cal King)
  • Pillow Top Air-Flow Chambers
  • 43% Thicker Vinyl
  • Built-In Two Way Pump
  • Inflate with Built In or External Pumps
  • Premium Gel Memory Foam Topper and Pillows

If you want a king size air mattress that has innovating features then choose this design from Fox Air Beds.

This unique combination of high-quality materials and priceless features make this investment worthy. It is

It is extra high making is easy and comfy to use. Additionally, it comes with a premium gel memory foam topper with built in pillows. This makes it feel like a real bed. This can be removed as needed.

The design uses a thicker vinyl than most air beds making it super durable. It is easy to inflate and deflate with the built-in air pump. You can also use an external pump if needed.

It is designed with airflow chambers.

This evenly distributes air throughout the air bed. This bed won’t sag or split. It is unusually comfortable and makes perfect use for an extra bed when needed at home.   

6. King Size Air Bed With Two Various Zones

Aerobed Sleep Basics 2-Zone Air Bed with 120-volt Air Pump
  • King, fits standard king size sheets
  • Dual firmness, adjust each side independently for customized comfort
  • Hand-held AC pump inflates mattress quickly
  • Whoosh Valves for deflation in a minute
  • Inflated dimensions: 80 in. x 76 in. x 9 in

Coming up next on our list this king size air mattress is a suitable option to purchase. This is a standard height air bed but has a unique feature.

This air mattress, in fact, has two separate zones.

This means that each person sleeping on the bed can adjust the firmness of the mattress, making it soft or firm. It comes with an electric pump so you can have it up within minutes.

It is designed with whoosh valves which mean it can be deflated in less than a minute. This one is easy enough to fold and pack away into the carry bag. This option is stylish in gray.

The raised end where you heads lay offers extra comfort. This is an ideal option for camping and recreational purposes as well as using at home for guests.

7. Raised Air Bed in Blue

Smart Air Beds King Raised Comfort Top Air Bed, Blue
  • Please note: some packaging may denote a queen sized mattress inside the king size box. The product is actually a king mattress, not a queen.
  • Sleeping surface raised 20 inches off the ground
  • Comfort top construction gives the air bed a firm, mattress-like feel
  • Included external A/C pump inflates the bed in about 4 minutes
  • Flocked top provides warmth and a soft sleeping surface
  • Dimensions: 78x70x20; sleep dimensions: 70x68

Another option on our list is this king size air mattress in deep blue. When inflated this mattress raises above 20 inches off the ground.

This will give the impression of sleeping on a real bed.

The top layer of the mattress is constructed with additional layers which are made for durability and add extra comfort. It has a velvet topping which gives it a mattress-like feel. This also adds extra warmth when the user is sleeping.

Although it doesn’t have a built-in pump, it comes with an electric pump.

This can be used and the air bed can inflate in less than four minutes.

The anti-roll edges are designed to keep you on the bed and off the floor. It has a higher raised end where your pillows go for additional comfort.

Long lasting quality is assured because the seams are electronically welded. This helps to stop the mattress from splitting and sagging over time. It comes with a carry bag meaning it is easy and functional to store in the closet when not needed.

8. Traditional King Size Air Bed

Stansport King Deluxe Air Bed, Gray (78- X76- X5- Inch)
  • Heavy PVC material
  • Coil beam waffle construction with soft velour
  • Self-locking safety valve
  • Quick-Release valve
  • Includes Adapter
  • The ultimate king travel bed
  • Take this on the road in your tent or van, or use it as an extra bed at home

This deluxe king size air mattress is made for all purposes. Traditional and simple, it will get the job done.

With a blue base and a white top, this is also stylish and modern to have in the home. It is made from heavy duty PVC material. It is designed with coil beam waffles. These add extra comfort and will make the air bed last longer.

The soft velvet surface gives it a mattress feel and will prevent you from sweating in the night.

This is again made with double welded seams to prevent splitting.

This model is harder to fold up and put away and doesn’t come with a pump. Saying that it does come with a repair kit in case you get a leakage from somewhere while on a camping trip!

For overall quality and price, this mattress will suit your needs.

9. Best Inflatable Air Bed By Fox Airbeds

This is another king size air mattress which is a popular choice. This is a luxurious white mattress. It can be raised ten inches off the ground, not too high and not too low.

It comes with a built-in air pump.

The hand remote control which is attached to the pump can adjust the firmness of the mattress. You can adjust either side of the mattress and also the edge support.

This model is also super easy to inflate and deflate and can be done within minutes.

The top lining gives you a mattress feel. The storage bag is oversized, so you don’t have to wrestle with the mattress anymore to store it away.

For what you are getting this is one of the more costlier options. With the extra cost though you are getting a high-quality product. This has been designed and tested for comfort and safety to give you peace of mind.

10. Lightweight Air Bed Made For Camping and Recreational Purposes

KingCamp 2-Person PVC-Free Ultralight Camping Air Bed Mattress with Battery Operated Pump, 6 Pounds
  • Full inflating size 78.7 × 55 × 5.9 inches; Made of 100% polyester 150D oxford with TPU coating, this 2-Person PVC-Free airbed is light (Only 6 lbs), damp-proof, comfortable and durable to use for many years.
  • Very firm with the 192 stabilizers between the top and bottom.
  • The Boston valve air tap and battery operated pump provide rapid inflation and deflation. It is convenient to adjust the comfort level of this airbed.
  • Battery operated pump (4 D-size batteries not included), compression straps, an oversized oxford carrying bag and repair kit included.
  • Twist the cap of the valve off to inflate with the pump, remove the valve to deflate (you can also use the pump to make this process quick); Ideal for both indoor use when you have guests around and outdoor activities, such as travel, self-driving tour, camping, backpacking and hiking.

Simple, lightweight and inexpensive this is an air mattress not to miss. Although not one of the comfiest options, this is probably one of the most practical.

It weighs in at only 6 pounds which make it easy to carry around, especially when on holiday.

This comes in the blue color and is made from durable PVC. There is no velvet lining, but it is made with ripples. These ripples allow the PVC to breathe and to stop you from sweating.

It comes with a battery operated pump. This is convenient, especially if you aren’t near electricity. Additionally, you get a repair kit and compression straps when purchasing. It also comes with a bottom mat to protect the mattress when using outdoors.

This mattress is ideal for those outdoor adventures and unexpected guests. It is easy to inflate and deflate and even easier to fold. The oversized storage bag makes it easier to put away than other mattresses.

This is a popular and inexpensive choice for those on a budget.

Best King Size Air Mattresses in the market


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