15 Best Label Maker Machines 2017 Reviews

Technological developments have made it easy for us to make professional style labels with ease.  You can label things in your home, office, or retail business with a quality label maker.

Designed to work with traditional printers but smaller in size, label makers are such a good investment to have.

Normally, there are two basic types of label makers in the market.

Some are portable. They have a keyboard that allows you to label stuff on the fly.

The other types of label makers in the market are wireless models.

These work with wireless devices.

More recently, we’ve had mobile first label makers which can be connected to mobile devices.

When you’re buying a label maker in 2017, you need to ensure that the model you pick suits your needs and working style.

Good features to consider before buying include internal storage space of the label maker, ease of use and how it connects to networks.

Best Label Maker Machine Reviews 2017

This article shares some insights and recommendations on the best label makers are in the market.

1. Brother PT-P700 PC-Connectable Label Maker

Brother P-Touch PC Connectable Label Maker (PT-P700)
  • A versatile desktop label printer for labeling workplace assets such as IT and electrical equipment as well as paperwork, files, signage and storage
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Mac v10.6x, 10.7x, and 10.8x.
  • Label length settings: 25mm - 1000mm
  • Tape widths: 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24mm
  • USB interface: USB 2.0 (Mini-B type connector)

As the name suggests, this is a sleek connectable label maker. It is one of the best sellers on Amazon and has received rave reviews from buyers.

We consider it the most versatile, modern desktop label printer in the market.

It is best suited for labeling workplace assets like IT equipment, signage, storage, electric appliances, and paperwork.

What we like about this one is the ability to connect it to any computer via USB.

This gives you the freedom needed to use it anywhere in the office or home.  As a modern gadget, this model is Wi-Fi and internet friendly. There is no limit to the value it can give you when you buy it in our opinion.

2. Dymo Label Manager 160 Hand-Held Label Maker

DYMO LabelManager 160 Handheld Label Maker (1790415)
  • 6 AAA Batteries required. Works best with Polaroid AAA batteries.
  • Type text quickly on the computer-style QWERTY keyboard, edit with one-touch fast-formatting keys and print for perfect, professional labels every time
  • Create high-quality labels for all your organizational needs with 6 font sizes, 8 text styles, 4 boxes plus underline, and 228 symbols and clip art. Compatible...
  • Compact and lightweight for portability, making it easy to label just about anything, anywhere
  • Single Unit Includes: LabelManager 160 Label Maker, D1 Starter Label Cassette Black on White, 1/2" x 10', Quick Start Guide, 1-Year Limited Warranty

As the name suggests, this is a handheld labelmaker that will be pleasant to your eyes.

It is characterized by a computer style keyword which makes printing out labels very simple. Of all the label makers we have seen, the Dymo Label Manager 160 is one of the quickest and most painless to use whether you’re working from home or in an office setting.

It comes with six font sizes which add variety to the type of labels you can make.

It is also built with intelligent power management capabilities which ensure that it goes off when not in use. This model is the perfect mix for anyone who wants to use a labelmaker once in a while- not for super heavy users.

What we like most about this model are the light weight, portability, and QWERTY keyword. It’s not so different from your blackberry J.

3. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld LabelPrinter with Rubber Bumpers, Multi-Line Print

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers, Multi-Line Print, 6 to 40 Point Font
  • Handheld printer with keyboard creates multi-line labels for clear identification of wires, panels, circuit boards, and other industrial items, and has a tough...
  • Keyboard contains letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9, and the text displays on the LCD screen as it is typed
  • Text prints in a single color and in 6 font sizes (6 to 40 point)
  • Continuous tape cartridges (sold separately) enable labels of varying widths
  • Six AA alkaline batteries power the printer for portability

This has to be one of the perfectly handheld label printers in the market right now. As one of the Amazon best sellers, it is hard to find a reason why this label printer is not a good option. First, you will not have to spare an afternoon to learn how its features work- it is very simple to use.

In addition to this, its keyboard has all the numbers and letters you can think of which is one of the primary reasons why we love it.

It also comes with an excellent LCD screen which makes it quite easy to edit your labels before printing.

Overall, it’s a great option.

4. Epson Label Works LW-300 LabelMaker

Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker
  • Amazing variety - 14 fonts, 10 styles, 300+ built-in symbols, over 75 frames and more
  • Less waste - smaller margins compared to other brands for up to 62% less waste
  • Large built-in memory - store up to 30 files
  • Specialty print models and labels
  • Easy to use - automatically printed with a split back for easy and fast peeling

It is very hard to create a list of the most recognized office equipment makers without mentioning Epson. This label machine lives true to Epson’s reputation by being a high-quality product.

Unlike many old-school label makers, this product is fully loaded with 14 fonts; 300+ built-in symbols, ten text styles and over 75 frames.

Its strengths include the large built in memory which can store unto 30 files. Buyers like the ease of using it, versatility and cleanliness. The Epson labeling machine has a split back which makes printing much easier.

Buyers like the ease of use, versatility, and cleanliness. The Epson labelmaker has a split back which makes printing much easier.

5. Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer 620, USB, PC/Mac

Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer 620, USB, PC/Mac, 2.76 inches/second
  • Versatile, easy to use, desktop label printer and software
  • Supports all major label formats: address, shipping, file folder, name badge, and more
  • Direct thermal - no ink, toner, or ribbons
  • Sleek new design frees up space
  • 3-year warranty

Seiko is known for building extremely useful technology for your office and home.

This labelmaker is a smart one and one of the best right now. As the name suggests, this label maker is smart meaning it works with PC, Mac, and USBs. What we like about this one is it supports all major label formats like addresses, file folder, name badge, etc.

With its three-year warranty and direct thermal technology which means no ink, toner, or ribbons, you can rest assured that you have a fantastic label printer in this model.

6. Brother PTD400AD Label Maker With AC Adapter

Brother P-touch Home and Office Labeler (PT-D200)
  • One-touch keys for quickly accesssing fonts, symbols, frames and patterns
  • Graphical Display allows you to see how your label will look!
  • 8 professional fonts for label variety
  • Uses Laminated "TZe" Tapes up to 12mm wide
  • Operates on 6 x "AAA" batteries or AC adapter (neither included)

If you like a label maker that allows you to see the graphic display before you print, then you’re going to love the Brother PTD400AD. This model can be powered by both AC and AA batteries.

It is characterized by large character printing, 14 fonts, 99 frames, 600+ frames and over ten text styles.

This product is easy to use, comes with a two-year warranty on Amazon, and very easy to maintain.

The shortfall for this product according to most users is the lack of AA batteries when you buy it off Amazon. You have to keep buying them afterward.

7. DYMO Label Writer 450 Turbo Thermal

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer (1750283)
  • Create and print up to 71 address, shipping, file folder and barcode labels, name badges and more per minute.
  • Use included DYMO Stamps software to print USPS-approved postage directly from your desktop - without fees, contracts or monthly commitments.
  • Thermal printing technology eliminates the need for expensive ink or toner
  • Connect to PC or Mac, and you're ready to print labels right from Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks and other programs.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.9 or later

Do you want a make barcode labels, 71 shipping addresses, and name tags for your visitors?

Then you’re going to love the DYMO Label Writer 450 Turbo Thermal Labelmaker.

Thermal printing technology powers this label writer.

It eliminates the need for expensive printing ink and toners.

Apart from the cost-cutting incentive made courtesy of the inbuilt thermal printing technology in this model, what we also like about it is how easy it is to operate.

You can print a label off Microsoft Word when connected to a personal computer instantly.

If you’re looking for a label maker that does not use expensive ink, creates customized labels, offers speedy labeling and has built in hassle free operation, then you’ll love this device.

8. Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer

Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer
  • Create cost-effective paper labels for packages, envelopes, file folders, discs, banners, postage and more. Ultra-fast, printing up to 93 labels per minute
  • Prints pre-sized, easy-peel, rounded-corner labels. Also prints on continuous-length paper and film tapes for banners and signs up to 3 ft. long
  • Capable of printing postage for packages and envelopes, right from your desk
  • Convenient, drop-in rolls. No ink or toner needed
  • Auto cutter provides precise cuts for printing 1 or multiple labels at a time

This label printer allows you to create cost-effective paper labels for envelopes, discs, banners, packages postage, file folders, among other things.

It is ultra-fast and can print up to 93 labels every minute. Although old-school looking with a drop in rolls, it’s one of the simplest label printers in the market.

Although old-school looking with a drop in rolls, it’s one of the easiest label printers in the market.

The pros include the fast printing speed, ability to post print right from your desktop, and the variety of sizes and label types it can print. In addition to this, this label printer is time saving.

The biggest challenge users express with this online label maker is the somewhat buggy software.

9. DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker for Office or Home

DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker for Office or Home (21455)
  • Handheld label maker has 2-line printing, 5 font sizes, 7 print styles, 8 box styles. 9-label memory, date stamp, and 3 language options.
  • 13-character LCD screen and graphical display on this label printerlets you see messages, and font and effects on-screen before printing.
  • Prints on LetraTag LT labels available in plastic, metallic, magnetic and iron-on label varieties. Thermal printing needs no ink or toner.
  • Automatic-off saves power. easy-to-navigate, quick-access buttons for swift and easy label making.
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included). 1-year warranty.

As the name suggests, this Dymo label printer is a well-rated home and office label maker.

The handheld label maker is characterized by five font sizes, seven print styles, and 2-line printing.

It also comes with a 9-label memory, three language options, and date stamp.

What we like most about it is the 13-character LCD screen which allows you to preview your prints before the label is printed. It’s automatic off also helps you save energy while using it.

It comes with a 2+1 year warranty, ABC keyboard and ample internal memory of up to 9 labels. If you want a simple yet decent label maker, buy this one today.

10. Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer

Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer
  • Labeler produces high-resolution labels for home and business applications
  • Can print at speeds up to 68 labels per minute
  • 300 x 600 dpi resolution for sharp and detailed text and imagery
  • Includes P-Touch Label Creation software for customized labels
  • Backed by a two-year limited warranty

This one is a professional labeling machine. It is designed to produce high-resolution labels at home and in business environments.

It is great when you’re printing folder labels, name tags, and generic addresses.

Although well reviewed and liked, there are a few concerns around its capabilities to work with the latest Microsoft programs. There is also a few concerns about its ability to print advanced labels like USPS priority mail labels.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best online label makers you can buy for basic home and small business label printing needs.

11. Brady BMP21-LAB Label Printer

Brady BMP21-LAB Handheld Label Printer (BMP21-LAB)
  • Includes BMP21-LAB Handheld Label Printer, M21-750-7425 Label Cartridge, and Quick Start Guide
  • Handheld label maker capable of creating multi-line labels for clear identification of laboratory equipment including slides, tubes, flasks, beakers, bottles...
  • Built-in label templates with mathematical symbols makes labeling easy and efficient
  • Labeling keyboard contains letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9, and paired with LCD text display for easier, more efficient labeling
  • Prints text in single color and in 6 different text sizes ranging from 6 point to 40 point

As the name suggests, this Brady label printer is solid like its top line contender we reviewed earlier. We would have loved to set it up there knowing the reputation this brand has.

But as a new product, though well received by the market, we have to add it here.

It comes with the characteristic rugged look, A-Z keyboard, and an LCD screen which makes printing labels not only simple but also enjoyable.

12. DYMO Industrial RHINO 5200 Labeling Machine

DYMO Industrial RHINO 5200 Label Maker (1755749)
  • 1-touch "Hot Keys" automatically size, space, and format text for electrical/patch panels, terminal/110 blocks, wire/cable flags, horizontal and vertical wraps,...
  • Labels up to 77% faster than the competition*
  • Print Code 39 and Code 128 bar codes on 3/4" (19mm) wide labels - perfect for asset management
  • Meet key ANSI and TIA/EIA-606-A industry labeling standards
  • Uses DYMO Industrial labels with chemical-heat-and UV-resistant materials; also prints heat-shrink tubes and non-adhesive labels

The DYMO Industrial RHINO 5200 Label Maker is one of the best brands meant for industries.

It is characterized by one touch hot keys and labels that are up to 77 faster than standard models.

This label maker is also TIA/EIA-606-A as well as ANSI industry labeling standard compliant.

If you want the best label maker on the job with one touch function, then this model is the right one for you.

13. Brady BMP51 – Printer with AC Adaptor And Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack 

Brady BMP51 - Printer with Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack and AC Adaptor/Battery Charger
  • Handheld label maker capable of creating multi-line labels for clear identification of wires, panels, circuit boards, and any other industrial items
  • Labeling keyboard contains letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9, and paired with backlit LCD graphics display for easier, more efficient labeling
  • Prints text in single color and in different text sizes ranging from 4 point to 103 point
  • Compatible with Brady M Series Label Tape Cartridges to enable printing of various label styles and widths
  • Includes BMP51 Portable Label Printer, Hard Carrying Case, Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger, MC1-1000-595-WT-BK Label Cartridge, USB Cable, and Quick...

This is one of the most versatile models in the market.

It has both a lithium-ion battery part and AC adapter. As it is specifically designed to be a portable label printer, you can use on the go.

It is packed with user-friendly design apps, automatic label formatting, and material recognition software to make your work easier.

Again, it is packed with user-friendly design apps, automatic label formatting, and material recognition software to make your work easier.

It also comes with 200 label parts, 14 different material types among others. Some of the things we liked about this label printer include the large graphical display, audiovisual labeling.

Wi-Fi connectivity and one year warranty are other things we like. It is also mobile friendly.

Although many label makers are analog, this model is built for modern, connected users.

14. Brady BMP71 Label Printer with USB Connectivity

Brady BMP71 Label Printer with USB Connectivity
  • Portable label printer is a labeling tool for identifying a variety of items, like cables, file folders, and equipment
  • Single-color printing on over 400 label materials up to 2" wide, such as heat-shrink sleeves, self-laminating labels, and raised panel labels
  • Thermal transfer printing stays crisp and bright longer than direct thermal printing
  • Automatic label formatting for convenience
  • Print speed of 1.5" per second for fast and efficient labeling

This label maker is a thermal transfer model for connected users. It is best suited for basic needs but can also handle small business needs.

It is built to save time, work faster and last longer.

Although simple looking, we were impressed by the range of labels it can print ranking from indoor outdoor labels, pre-printed die cut labels, raised panel labels among others.

If you’re looking for a versatile label maker that is also simple, then you’re going to love this model.

15. Brother Printer PTD600VP-PC Connectible Label Maker with Case

Brother P-touch PTD600VP PC Connectible Label Maker with Case
  • Smart Compact Design With Large Keyboard and Convenient Top Loading Tape Design
  • Full Color, High Resolution Display With Backlight
  • Create Labels Using The Wide Easy Type Keyboard or Connect To A PC or Mac For Additional Functionality
  • Includes AC Adapter, USB Cable, Plus Carry Case
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty and Free Phone Support For The Life Of Your Product

The P-touch PT-D600VP labeling machine is an adorable full labeling kit for business users. It is one of the perfect tools you can use to get a broad range of professional labels at your home or office.

It comes with a full-colour graphic display to ensure that you see the labels you create before printing. We also like the fact that its inbuilt P-touch editor has many options for connecting to PCs and a rich library of fonts, styles and text modes.

If you’re looking for a good label maker, this model is going to serve you well.

Overall, this is a great device to have if you’re looking for a powerful, compact and easy to use a label maker. What’s more is that it’s easy to connect with a lot of tech used in regular business and homes. The large screen also makes labeling work very easy.


Overall, there is no limit to the things you can do in your office or home with a label maker. The device is as versatile as today’s tech dictates.

Although our research revealed that there are many label makers in the market, there are a few that have adapted to today’s connected world.

Fortunately, we have catered for the best label makers from both worlds. Take advantage of our research to find the best for your needs.

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