10 Best Laminating Machine Reviews 2017

Do you run a business or own some legal documents like CVs, certificates, licenses and testimonials? How would you feel if they became stained, smudged or damaged by water? The fact is that no one would be happy if their valued documents were to become damaged. It also doesn’t look good on you when you walk around with “dirty” documents. As a result, a laminating machine is one of the essential office equipment you need to buy in 2017 because it protects your documents from unnecessary damage.

Although not a new technology in 2017, laminating machines have been used to cover photographs, legal or personal documents, and leaflets for many years. Laminating machines work with a thin film of vinyl or plastic films to give users the best experiences with their documents.

Distinguishing features to pay attention to when buying laminators include the pouch sizes, entry width, rollers, power consumption and portability.

Because laminators play a very crucial role in your office or home or classroom, they come with many features of great importance.

10 Best Laminating Machine Reviews 2017

We have used these as well as user reviews and manufacturer info to recommend some of the best laminating machines to buy. Here are top laminating machine reviews of 2017.

1. Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System -TL901

Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901C)
  • Laminates items up to 9 inches wide
  • Two roller system for a professional finish
  • Suitable for use with photos
  • For use with both 3 mil and 5 mil Thermal Pouches

 We consider this laminating machine the best on our list of recommendations. It’s made by Scotch and weighs just about a pound.

This Scotch laminating machine has excellent features which are not common with many laminating machine brands.

What we like more about it is the two rollers setting with two temperature configurations to ensure that you get the best results.

These features make this device versatile enough to work on any document or pressure.

Its exclusive compact design makes it more suitable for small spaces say, a small office. Its laminating thickness is up to 5 ml and can laminate documents that are up to 9 inches wide.

It is compact, lightweight, and durable.

If you want a laminating machine that will preserve licenses, make reusable menus, certificates, patents, and prepare luggage tags, then you’re going to love the Scotch thermal laminator.

2. Apache AL18P 18″ Professional Laminator

Apache AL18P 18" Professional Laminator
  • 4 Silicone Rollers
  • Forward and Reverse Switch
  • Dual LED's Red LED When Preheating Green LED When Ready
  • ISO9002 Designation
  • 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty

 Not all of us have standard sized documents because some of our documents are admittedly huge. The Apache AL18P 18″ Professional Laminator is one of the best investments to have in your office if the documents you want to laminate are fairly nonstandard sized.

As the name suggests, this is an 18-inch width laminator. As a result, it is more suitable for professionals. It features a forward and reverse switch, 3 and five gauge, and four silicon rollers.

What we also like about it is the rugged steel design. This makes it even more suitable for heavy duty use it’s designed with.

As an A3 class laminator, you can rest assured that this ISO9002 certified model will cater for all your laminating needs without tiring!

Thus, this laminating machine professional remains as one of the best options for you.

3. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator
  • Laminate documents up to 9 inches wide; compatible with letter-size, legal-size, business-card-size, and photo-size papers
  • Two heat settings: for best results, use '3mil' heat setting for normal documents, photos, and card stock; use '5mil' setting for thinner papers (note: mil refers to thickness of lamination film)
  • Works with any 3 mil or 5 mil laminating pouch; includes two 3-mil-thick, 8.9-by-11.4-inch laminating pouches
  • Compact design - ideal for any home office or classroom
  • Quick 4-minute warm up with ready indicator light; jam release lever for easy clearing
  • Note: Reading the full user manual is recommended prior to the first use of this product
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

 This Amazon Basics product has to be one of the best picks because it’s built with superb features.

Weighing around 2.6 pounds, this device wins when it comes to performance.

It features a 2-head setting, compact features and fast warm up- its warm up time is 4 minutes.

It is the best laminator because it can serve varied environments like homes, offices, and classrooms.

For best results while using it, use the ‘3mil’ (thickness of lamination film) heat setting when laminating normal documents like photos and card stock. The ‘5mil’ setting is best used for thinner papers.

4. Scotch Thermal Laminator, 2- Roller System, Fast Warm-up, Quick Laminating

Scotch is one of the biggest brands when it comes to laminating machines. This model is different because it comes with a safe photo feature that will protect your photos.

It is a performance laminator, weight 3.1 pounds.  

Characterized by a 3-5 minutes heating time, this premium model will serve you well in all your home and office laminating needs.

Some of its highlight features include a three mil and five mil setting which ensures you can laminate both thin and relatively hefty documents from pictures to thin papers. It is also portable, has a good finish, and a hidden cord which makes mobility easy.

For an immediate buyer, this product is easy to use, has a limited warranty, convenient, fast heater. As this one is an Amazon best seller, you can rest assured that this is a quality buy.

5. Swingline Thermal Laminator, Inspire Plus, Quick Warm-Up

Swingline Laminator, Thermal, Inspire Plus Lamination Machine, 9" Max Width, Quick Warm-Up, Includes Laminating Pouches, White / Gray (1701857ECR)
  • Inspire Plus thermal laminator provides fast and easy one step lamination and is great for basic home or small office needs. Compatible with 3 or 5 mil lamination pouches and includes a cold setting to allow safe laminating of heat-sensitive materials
  • Quickly warms up in 4 minutes; ready indicator lights up when warm-up is complete; working at a laminating speed of 9 inches per minute; thermal pouch laminating machine offers easy one step laminating
  • Includes 5 letter size lamination pouches; jam release lever quickly and easily clears misfed, wrapped or jammed pouches; maximum document width of 9 inches is perfect for laminating letter, legal, and photo size documents; available in White

 Are you tired of multi-step laminators?

If so, then you’re going to love this top rated laminator.  It is lightweight at 2.9 pounds, compact and suitable for both home and office needs.

Unlike standard feature laminators, the Swingline Thermal Laminator comes with a cold configuration metric which allows one to manage and laminate heat sensitive materials or documents easily.

The device also features fast laminating speeds of around 9 inches per minute making one of the best performers in the market. Its inbuilt jam release comes in handy when your materials get stuck.

It is ideal for people who value clean documents and warms up time is only 4 minutes. This laminating machine is white in color. It is a perfect laminating machine for home use.

6. Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminators

Purple Cows Hot and Cold 9" Laminator | Warms up in just 3 - 5 minutes with pouches / pockets
  • VERSATILE: for 3 - 5 mil (80 - 125 micron)
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: new technology uses up to 50% less energy compared to traditional laminators
  • FAST: heat-up in 3 - 5 minutes
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Anti-Blocking System technology for removing jammed documents
  • ONE FOR ALL: perfectly suitable for hot and cold lamination

 This is one of the best laminators in the market. Its super lightweight at just a pound in weight, German made with both 3 and five mil hot lamination pockets. What we like about this laminator apart from its efficiency is how it reduces power consumption by 50%.

Many standard laminators. We also like the silicon rollers which are a technological advancement to ensure you don’t set the temperature gauges manually.

If you’re looking for a hot and cold laminator that is built with power efficiency, then this model is going to be a worthy steal for you. It is best suited for general home and office lamination needs, making a cool laminating machine for sale on Amazon.

7. Apache AL13 13″ Thermal Laminator Plus 20 Laminator Pouches

Apache AL13 13" Thermal Laminator and 20 Laminator Pouches
  • 13" Laminating Width and 2 Silicone Rollers
  • Quality Grade Motor and Heating Element
  • Power and Ready LED Indicators
  • ABS Release Button; Includes a 20 Pack of 5 and 3 mil Laminator Pouches
  • Sleek, Compact, and Lightweight Design

This sleek, compact and stylish laminator weighs 3.7 pounds and is designed by Apache, one of the most respected and renowned Laminator brands in the world.

The features we like a lot about it include the 13-inch laminating width and two silicone rollers that make laminating fun and easy.

 Its quality grade motor, as well as heating system, ensures that you can laminate in different conditions- both at home and at the office.

This laminating machine is the best option when the documents you want to laminate are wider in size. It can laminate all kinds of documents that are up to 13 inches wide. This is why it’s a laminating machine big.

8. Thermal Laminator Machine from Blusmart

Thermal Laminator, Blusmart Laminating Machine 2 Roller System 3 mil to 5 mil Laminating Pouches Document Photo Lamination High Laminated Speed Laminate Machine
  • Great applicability: Perfect for home & office and craft use,convenient and efficient.
  • Unique Material: A4 class laminator,9" entry width and 2pcs hot roller.
  • Quick warm-up and Super Speed : preheating lamination in 3-4 minutes. Light signals when machine is ready. Work with laminating speed of 11.8 inches/min and 3 or 5 mil lamination foil pouches
  • Eco-friendly energy saving, consuming less than 50W.
  • Release lever: disengages pouch for re-center or remove documents during the process.RETURN or REPLACEMENT Garantee if not satisfied,2 YEAR WARRANTY!

If you’re interested in buying a thermal laminator for your home or office, the Thermal Laminator Machine from Blusmart could be an ideal buy for your needs.

This laminator is characterized by a 9-inch entry width which fits most standard documents- photographs, certificates, etc.

We also like the fast speed at which this laminator heats up- you can have your documents laminated in a matter of 3-4 minutes. It is also a fast performance laminator allowing you to hit at least 11.8 inches per minute.

It also comes with the standard 3 or 5 mil lamination foil pouches which ensure that it can laminate documents of different thickness. Also, this laminator has a release lever for stuck documents, among other features.

It is light weight, compact and sturdy. For the price at which it is selling, this laminator is a complete steal for your money. For those who work in eco-conscious environments, you’ll also be pleased to note that this laminator is eco-friendly.

It consumes less than 50W, making one of the most energy efficient laminators in the market.

9. Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 95 Laminating Machine

Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 95, 9.5 inch, Rapid 1 Minute Warm-up Laminating Machine, with Laminating Pouches Kit (5735801)
  • Rapid 1-minute warm-up with InstaHeat Technology
  • 9-1/2" entry width accommodates multiple document sizes
  • Hot lamination for 3-mil or 5-mil and cold setting for self-adhesive pouches
  • Auto Shut off save energy and prevents overheating
  • Jam Release lever disengages pouch for re-centering or removal

This is one of the most popular laminating machines in the market these days. There are very many benefits you stand to gain by buying it.

One of them is the super speed at which it heats up. It’s a 1-minute warm-up laminator powered by the InstaHeat Technology. Its 9-1/2 inch entry width ensures that it can accommodate multiple document sizes.

It also comes with different added features like the auto shut function which is ideal for energy saving. It also comes with jam release levers and 3-mil or 5-mil pouches for stuck documents and different sized documents respectively. This laminator also comes with a cold setting which allows for self-adhesive pouches.

If you are looking for a laminator built for the modern office or home, then you’ll love the Fellowes laminator saturn3i 95, 9.5 inches, rapid 1-minute warm-up laminating machine.

10. Fellowes Laminator Callisto 95, 9.5 Inch Laminating Machine, with Laminating Pouches Kit

Fellowes Laminator Callisto 95, 9.5 Inch Laminating Machine, with Laminating Pouches Kit (5728401)
  • Advanced system allows users to change between different pouch and document thicknesses without waiting
  • 9-1/2" entry width accommodates multiple document sizes
  • Hot lamination for 3- or 5-mil pouches and cold lamination for self adhesive pouches
  • Ready in 5 minutes, laminates in one minute
  • Jam Reverse button allows user to easily remove or re-center documents

Unlike the Fellowes laminator saturn3i 95, 9.5 inches, rapid 1-minute warm-up laminating machine we reviewed above, this is a 5 minutes heating laminator for your office or home.

Although it shares a lot of the features in the 18-inch model; like the 3 and five pouches, this model comes with an advanced system which helps users change documents between pouches and document thicknesses without waiting.

These features make it a super-fast model with improved efficiency on the whole laminating process. It is safe, provides 1 minute laminating and is sleek in design. We also like the compact nature and the inbuilt portability.

Whether you’re a homeschooling mom, or own a small office, you’ll truly benefit from this laminator.

best laminating machine reivews


In general, you’ll find many ways and tips you can use to protect your documents and papers on the web. Laminating them is one of the best tips you can get. But you need a high-quality laminating machine to get the best finish on your documents.

With a variety of types and brands to choose from, getting the best laminating machine can be a bit tricky. The tips we have shared above, as well are recommendations can assist you to shop for the best laminating machines in the marker whether you’re a lightweight user or heavyweight user.

Take advantage of our best laminating machine recommendations to improve and organize your documents.


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