15 Best Laptop Bags for Men 2017

Are you looking for some selection of laptop bags for men?

Then you have come to the right place.

Nowadays most men around the world are putting some interests in fashion. They start to style their look with a wide variety clothing to express themselves.

Hence, they will search for many fashionable items to add to their collection that includes a bag.

Among of all types, laptop bags for men are one of the most searched items. There have been some fashion retailers selling it with different and exciting designs.

15 Best Cheap Laptop Bags for Men

Here we have listed 15 laptop bags for men which we consider to be the best ones:

1. Kattee Men’s Leather Briefcase

[amazon box=”B00KHGKGZG” template=”bigbox”]

It is one of the best laptop bags for men. It has such a beautiful vintage design, and you can use it for multiple needs.

The weight of this genuine cow leather bag is around 3.6 pounds. Meanwhile, the dimensions of it are 15.2 x 13.3 x 3.3 inches.

The interior is large enough to keep your 16 inches laptop.

It is spacious enough too for A4 files and some other goods. You can also put an iPad in the pocket with zipper on the back exterior.

There is a couple of buckles decoration along with a push button closure on the front side. It has a shoulder strap which you can adjust the length for different modes.

You may utilize it as a shoulder bag, cross-body bag, or handbag.

On top of the bag, it has a top handle with antique brass hardware. You may remove the strap, utilize the handle instead, and turn it into a briefcase.

2. Mancro Business Laptop Backpack

[amazon box=”B01LY3QXGP” template=”bigbox”]

If you are a backpack lover, then we suggest you to this Mancro Business Laptop Backpack. This bag can be very practical to bring a lot of stuff.

It has a total weight for about 1.5 pounds with dimensions 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 inches.

It is available in 5 different colors, which are gray, purple, dark indigo, coffee, and black.

The laptop backpack provides 14 pockets in total. There are three main pockets, two sealed side pockets, and nine small inner pockets.

With all these pockets, you can store you less-than-17-inch laptop, smartphone, tablet, books, bottle, and much more.

There are other factors which will persuade you to choose this backpack. First, it features a USB portable charging.

That enables you to charge your smartphone anywhere and anytime you want.

Second, it includes a Theft-Proof Combination Lock which will prevent someone else stealing your stuff from the bag. Last, you can use the lock to the Durable Metal Zippers.

These zippers are strong high enough that no one can easily break it.

With these cool features, no wonder it becomes one of the top best-seller laptop bags for men.

3. Clean Vintage Hybrid Backpack Messenger Bag

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Sometimes we want to carry a shoulder bag, other times we want to bring a backpack. Now you can bring all of them in one item with Clean Vintage Hybrid Backpack Messenger Bag.

This one is so cool that you can turn it into various computer bags for men. You can change the model as you like.

It can be a messenger bag, briefcase, or even backpack.

This bag has two spacious compartments. The padded one is very functional for a laptop with different sizes. The range of the size it can hold is from 13.3 up to 15 inches.

You may still organize the bag with many other things by using the other compartment. Not to mention, one compartment itself is already quite roomy.

Furthermore, there are four pockets on the front to keep small stuff like wallet, smartphone, notes, and so on.

In spite of being hybrid and spacious, it is one of the cheapest laptop bags for men on this list.

4. Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Bag

[amazon box=”B010LNURCQ” template=”bigbox”]

Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Bag is another product which can keep the laptop in all kinds of dimensions. It can even store one up to 15 inches.

Hence, it is perfect for laptops such as Notebook, Macbook, Ultrabook, and Chromebook.

The front side consists of a velcro closure and several pockets.

It has a phone pocket, card slots, and pen pockets.

The design of the bag is so fancy and seems luxurious. Nevertheless, the price still friendly to everyone’s wallet. It comes in several colors, which are black, brown, green, gray, pink, etc.

There are three features which you can enjoy from this bag.

First, its water-resistant material will keep everything inside the bag dry, even in raining.

Second, the adjustable velcro strap allows you to keep your things in the compartment firmly. Third, the top quality fabric makes the bag to be resistance toward scratches.

You can bring this bag for traveling too.

No need to carry it with hand or on a shoulder. Just use the back strap and insert it into the handle of your suitcase.

5. HP Powerup Laptop Backpack

[amazon box=”B01J9QK410″ template=”bigbox”]

HP Powerup Backpack may be one of the most expensive laptop bags for men on this list. But, there is a reason why it is so.

As you can see by its name, this backpack has a feature of charging three kinds of devices, which are a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The charger contains two outputs for Android devices and 1 for HP laptop only.

The fact that the bag includes the adapter as well as USB and laptop cables is the reason behind its high price. You might be thinking how to connect them to the devices.

There is a cable opening you can use for that.

There is another opening at the side of the laptop backpack for men to connect a headset to your phone or tablet.

Furthermore, since it got so many electrical devices, you can cover it with a raincoat (also included) to prevent a contact with rain.

6. AmazonBasics Tablet Bag

[amazon box=”B00DUGZFWY” template=”bigbox”]

Among of all laptop bags for men we have mentioned here, this one can be the most commonly used bag. It is classic, simple, and most importantly, cheap.

This slim shoulder bag is perfect to keep your laptop with size range up to 15.6 inches. The compartment is quite efficient to store it without unnecessary bulk.

On the front side, there is a pocket which is suitable enough for a tablet.

Moreover, it also has a multi-compartment with several pockets. You can put your pens, phone, cables, and other items you need in there.

The shoulder strap has a padding featured so you can carry it around comfortably. If your shoulder is getting tired, you can simply hold it by using the top handle.

This bag may look simpler than the other ones, but that does not make it as a wrong choice. As a matter of fact, it is a best-seller item.

7. BFB Lawyer Laptop Bag

[amazon box=”B01EEU2F8Q” template=”bigbox”]

BFB Lawyer Laptop Bag is a great choice if you prefer business style.

Sure it is made of faux leather, but we can guarantee it is from the highest quality material.

This bag has versatile multi-compartments.

It can take up to 15.6 inches laptop. Inside the compartment, there are three pockets which can store glasses, credit cards, pens, phones, and so on.

Besides for working, you can bring this bag for traveling as well. It is because the additional zippered front section will make your bag secure enough.

This may be a bag with a business look, but it will not make you as an annoying man in a suit. The elegant design will make you be more stylish and edgy.

If you intend to purchase it, do not get startled with the price. Yes, this is one of the most expensive laptop bags for men here.

It is not surprising since this bag is 100% handmade.

8. Jack&Chris Men’s Laptop Bag

[amazon box=”B01CTUJNN8″ template=”bigbox”]

Laptop bags for men in business style are certainly very attractive. Here is another business laptop case by Jack&Chris which might interest you.

Comparing to the previous bag, this one has a friendlier price. However, it does not mean it has a low quality. In fact, it has a high-quality PU leather which is anti-dirty and durable.

The shoulder straps are quite long that you can adjust the length as you want. Moreover, it is comfortable too when we carry it on the shoulder.

Inside the bag, there are three compartments with one additional zipped pocket.

You can place your laptop on one of them. In the meantime, the other two will be perfect for items like A4 files, phone, wallet, business or credit cards, etc.

On the front side, there are two slip pockets for small stuff like notes or keys.

It also has a rear pocket which fits for a tablet.

9. Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag

[amazon box=”B00NAAW3WU” template=”bigbox”]

Now let’s move on from business look to military look. There have been a wide variety of laptop bags for men in military style. One of which is this military messenger bag.

This messenger bag is 90% of canvas and 10% of cow leather.

The only part made of leather is the two buckles decoration on the front side.

The compartment is large enough to place a laptop, books, tablet, wallet, and so on. About the laptop, it can fit one in sized from 13.3 to 17.3 inches.

There are four pockets outside the bag. Two of them are in the front section, and the other two are on each side.

This bag is available in various colors. You can choose either army green, coffee, khaki, or gray.

Whichever color you pick, they all are practical to bring our personal belongings.

Not to mention, the design match with everyone’s casual life style.

10. Polare Men’s Laptop Backpack

[amazon box=”B00VFHOEWM” template=”bigbox”]

Are you a traveler who always brings a laptop everywhere? Then this laptop backpack can be very helpful for your trip.

The material used for the body of the bag is of full grain cowhide leather. There are two compartments with ample space inside the bag.

One sleeve can fit a 14-inch laptop, and the other is suitable for 15 to 17 inches laptop.

It also has a few pockets on the back. Those are five front pockets, two side pocket, and one rear pocket. You can apply each one of them for many different things.

With its functional capacity, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for the traveler. But, due to its fashionable design, we can also take this bag for other purposes.

For example, we can bring it to school or even office for work.

Since it is a handcrafted product, you must expect how expensive it can be.

The good thing is that you can obtain one-year warranty in case if there are any problems after purchasing it.

11. GES Laptop Messenger Bag

[amazon box=”B01M5DXF0H” template=”bigbox”]

Here is another option for a laptop bag for a traveler. If the previous one is in for of backpack, this one is a messenger.

This bag is capable of taking a laptop up to 14 inches. You can put it in the zipped front section.

On the front side, it has four pockets in different sizes which you can use to keep you mouse, phone, power supply, and data lines.

There is an anti-collision isolation with Velcro design in the internal of the bag. You may remove it if you want and install it back when you need it again.

That is not the only thing that applies Velcro design. The double zipper closure also has it to give you a double protection.

As a result, it can prevent other people from stealing your belongings.

The fabric features water repellent lining which aims to protect the data in your bag.

This bag also uses Molle System on both sides that enable you to hang some items like kettle pouch.

12. Laptop Sleeve by UBORSE

[amazon box=”B01JZ4VWFI” template=”bigbox”]

Do you need a bag but only to keep your laptop? There are many laptop cases for men which fit for that purpose. One of them is this laptop sleeve by UBORSE.

The dimensions of this case are 15.87 x 0.79 x 11.30 inches.

Space is big enough to put a 15.6-inch laptop like Macbook Pro. Also, the side pocket is also roomy for small items such as pens, charging adapter, cables, and much more.

When you place your laptop inside, it will not create bulk. So, you may put the case along with the gadget into a briefcase or luggage.

The fabric of the case is of high-quality material. Its waterproof feature will protect your laptop from rain.

Moreover, its shockproof feature makes the sleeve to have a top-level of durability.

The top-gliding zipper is smooth when you glide it. That drives you to have convenient access to your laptop without getting scratches.

13. Alpine Swiss Rolling Laptop Briefcase

[amazon box=”B008BBOCO0″ template=”bigbox”]

Previously, we have mentioned some laptop bags for men in business and traveling.

How about we say you can do both of them with one bag?

This laptop briefcase by Alpine Swiss can ensure you to enjoy your business travel to the max. The interior of the bag is spacious. Its padded compartment can keep laptop up to 17 inches.

Even with your laptop in, there is still enough room for some more items like documents, wallet, tablet, or even a few clothes. At the exterior, you will have some pockets to place several small stuff.

There are three features here which will interest you.

First, it has two sets of combination locks which will secure everything you keep inside the bag. Second, it has locking retractable handle of which you can adjust the height as you need.

Last, it has a pair of wheels attached to the bag so you can use the handle and pull it quickly like a suitcase.

14. Hynes Eagle Laptop Shoulder Bag

[amazon box=”B01LYKG65X” template=”bigbox”]

If you are searching for multifunctional laptop bags for men, then we recommend this laptop shoulder bag by Hynes Eagle.

This canvas bag is very durable that you can wash it easily without damaging it. The size is large enough to carry various laptops up to 17 inches.

It has two main compartments, and you may place your laptop either one of them. In one of the compartments, there are three slip pockets and two mesh pockets for small items.

The exterior also has two front snap pockets and one rear zipper pocket.

The shoulder strap is detachable and adjustable. It means you can remove or reinstall it and also adjust the length as you like.

If you prefer to remove the belt, you can pick it up with the top handle like a briefcase.

Its charming design allows you to carry it for any distinct purposes. You can take it for school, office, traveling, camping, or any casual lifestyle.

15. AmeriLeather Expandable Laptop Case

[amazon box=”B00014DYWQ” template=”bigbox”]

If your job demands you to bring a laptop and more stuff, then you need this laptop case by AmeriLeather.

There are several business laptop bags for men we have discussed here, but this one has the biggest capacity. Its dimensions are 14 x 10 x 2 inches.

It has two large compartments of which both are spacious enough for your laptop. Its padded compartment will keep your laptop safe and sound without getting any damages.

The shoulder strap has such a suitable length that will ease you to carry it around. Moreover, its shoulder pad will add the comfort while bringing the bag.

The shoulder strap is easy-to-remove, so you can install it back anytime as needed. If you do not like to burden your shoulder, you can use the top handle instead.

Besides for working, it is still fashionable enough to bring to the college or even department store.

Those are our selection of laptop bags for men. Each of them may have different styles, but they all are equally practical and efficient for our daily life.

So, which one from the list of laptop bags for men is your favorite?

List of the best laptop bags for men at the one place!
Do you have an experience with one of these laptop bags for men? If so, please share it in the comment section.
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