10 Best Minnie Mouse Toys For Toddlers

Can you imagine anything, which would be as cute as Minnie Mouse Toys? It’s not easy, isn’t it?

It is easy to estimate the cutest character of the Disney cartoons for kids. It should be based on the demand of children. Keep in mind, that Minnie Mouse toys become more and more popular.

Even though Mickey Mouse is considered to be more adorable, he would not be that popular without his lovely girlfriend, Minnie.

It’s hard to find a person, who does not like Minnie Mouse. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most favorite Disney characters among girls.

Does your daughter or your little sister adore cute Minnie Mouse? If you are looking for a gift for her, you are on the right way. We have done research in Minnie Mouse theme and picked out the toys, which toddlers like the most.  If you are also looking for a mickey mouse item, mickey mouse chair desk is on top of our list for top 10 study tables.

Here you are! Read about ten best Minnie Mouse toys for toddlers and pick the proper ones for your small princess.

1. LEGO DUPLO Large Building Block Toys For Toddlers

LEGO DUPLO l Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade 10597 Disney Toy
  • Build a birthday train featuring your favorite Disney characters, including a buildable birthday cake, balloons, a candle and three gift-decorated bricks
  • Includes two DUPLO figures, Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • LEGO DUPLO Disney building toys are compatible with all LEGO DUPLO sets for creative building
  • Train measures over 7" high, 13" long and 2" wide.
  • 24 pieces - For boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 5 years old
  • Toy

Do you know, how Minnie Mouse toys can help to improve skills in building and assembling? Get LEGO DUPLO large building block toys, and you will see it on your own.

You are lucky if you have two children in your family – a son and a daughter. Parents consider this LEGO set as a great gift for both girls and boys.

This building block is an excellent choice for two children because it belongs to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse toys at the same time. Do you want to figure out, what is inside the box?

This is a playing set of building and construction, which represents a birthday parade. It will be easy to understand for your child, because the set is full of typical festive details, such as candles, flying balloons and, of course, the birthday cake.

Fact: this LEGO building set was recognized as one of the best birthday gifts for kids. Especially, if they are a fan of Minnie Mouse toys.

Help your children to figure out with all the details and sing “Happy Birthday” song altogether. It will be a great start for his or her own birthday party.

2. Disney Minnie – Rainbow Dazzle Minnie

Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Rainbow Dazzle Minnie
  • 10-inch Minnie Doll
  • Magical light-up color-changing outfit
  • 3 magic-touch activation points
  • Classic hit song "True Colors"
  • Hear fun fashion phrases as you design Minnie's outfit
  • Toy
  • Fisher Price

Is your toddler girl is into fashion? Then one of the Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Mouse toys will be a good choice for your small princess.

The Minnie looks beautiful and charming; you can notice that from the picture. Thanks to the light up colors it looks sophisticated. Your toddler girl will be amazed playing with her toy.

With the height of 10 inches, it is neither big nor small. Just perfect for toddler girls.

However, this is not a nice-looking toy only. It can talk to your child. Minnie can pronounce fun fashion phrases, which your fashion-monger can use in future.

Moreover, these Minnie Mouse toys can sing thanks to the built-in sounder. Activate this option and expect the hit classical song “True Colors.”

The doll comes together with a mini camera accessory, and your small girl can watch Minnie through it.
Be sure; this fancy doll can make a day of your dreaming daughter or sister.

3. Disney Plush, Minnie Mouse

Disney Plush, Minnie Mouse
  • 100% polyester
  • It is Imported
  • Minnie is cuter and softer than ever
  • Perfect sized plush for your little one to cuddle with
  • Features jingle in tummy and crinkle in her bow
  • Sounds help stimulate the auditory sense
  • Minnie stands 12" tall

Is your small daughter happy, when she watch cartoons with Minnie Mouse? Just imagine, how happy she could be, if you give her a soft Minnie Mouse toy. She could be happy as a clam with such a wonderful gift!

If you worry about the quality of the toy, it is useless. This Minnie Mouse stuffed toy is made of high-quality polyester. This material is durable and safe for kids.

The toy is 12 inches tall, so it is pretty big for your small toddler girl. Therefore Minnie Mouse can become her friend, not a toy only. Moreover, this toy can make a sound in her tummy and crinkle in her bow.

Your girl will definitely like the design of this soft toy. Designers made all the efforts to make Minnie look as cute and soft as possible.

If your daughter likes to sleep with toys, this one would be good for her.
These Minnie Mouse toys are suitable for girls of different ages. The only matter is that they should adore Minnie Mouse. But how is it possible not to adore her?

4. Disney Baby: Minnie Mouse Snuggle Blanky

Disney Baby, Minnie Mouse Snuggle Blanky
  • Perfect for nap or play time, Sized just right for baby
  • Soft enough for a baby
  • Pink and white polka dots
  • Features a large picture of Minnie Mouse
  • 13" x 13"
  • Machine washable
  • Travels easily

If your child do not want to sleep in the evening and Minnie Mouse toys can’t help in that case, try a different thing. Use the Minnie Mouse snuggle blanky to attract your baby girl to her bed.

The blanket is cute and suitable for small kids. Your daughter can play with Minnie Mouse in a day time, and she can protect her at night. Your toddler girl will never feel lonely with such a lovely company.

You can use this cuddle blanket at home or take it with you for a day trip. Let your kid sit on the blanket in a park. Use the blanket, if she wants to sleep right on nature.

This blanket is pretty universal and easy to use and wash. You will be able to make it clean again using a washing machine.

5. Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

Buying a bicycle or even scooter for your daughter, her safety must be one of the most important things for you. Reliable protection is such a necessary detail, which can make you calm and quiet for your kid’s activities. Now you see, how the helmet is important for your small daughter.

If your playful girl is already learning how to ride a bicycle, it’s the high time to look for a good helmet for her. Considering helmets for adventurous girls, Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet is the best choice for Minnie Mouse lovers.

This helmet looks amazingly. When your daughter wears it, she will look like a right Minnie Mouse. It was created in the shape of the beloved cartoon character with ears and bow on the top.

This helmet is suitable for heads in the sizes: 50-54 cm. It is also equipped with buckles for easy and fast adjustments when you girl will grow up a little bit.

Even though this helmet covers all the head, it is not too hot in summer time. Are you wondering why? It has seven holes for fresh air in summer.

If you get this helmet, you can easily recognize your child among the rest of the children in your inner garden.

6. Kiddeieland My First Minnie Ride One

Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On
  • Hear Minnie play her favorite music
  • Slide Mickey on the side and turn dial for sounds
  • Turn peek a boo window or turn hands on clock to learn to tell time
  • Tumble roller with cute images and blinking signal lights
  • Honk horn and steer wheel for real driving fun
  • Toy
  • Flat River Group

Do you want to arrange the first ride of your daughter in a toddler car decorated in the Minnie Mouse theme? If yes, think about getting Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On for her.

Be sure, that the first, the second and even the hundredth trip of your small princess will be comfortable and enjoyable. She will take her rides listening to her favorite music.

What should you know more about the Kiddieland vehicle? It must be important for parents, that your daughter’s ride will be not only pleasurable but also educative.

It is amazing that the Minnie ride-on vehicle is equipped with a horn, which your girl can honk, and lights for blinking signals. Also, she can look at specially equipped clocks and learn, how to understand the time. Let’s say; it is a real trainer for your child, which can train her brain effectively.

Parents choose ride-on toys in order to improve imagination and facilitation of their daughter in future. If you think it is worth to have such a valuable toy and vehicle at the same time, do not hesitate to get the Kiddieland ride-on toy for your toddler girl.

7. Disney Minnie Mouse – Fabulous Shopping Mall

Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Fabulous Shopping Mall
  • Includes 3-inch Minnie, Daisy, and Figaro figures
  • 2 floors for all of your shopping adventures
  • Moving escalator and revolving door
  • Take a ride on the spinning carousel
  • Visit the Food Court, Snack Shack, and Beauty & Pet Salon
  • Toy
  • Fisher Price

Does your small girl like shopping so much? We have heard complaints from some parents that their children might be annoying asking for shopping too often. No worries, because we know, what to do in that case.

Buy a fabulous shopping mall for your daughter or sister. This set of toys was recognized as one of the best choices among Minnie Mouse toys.

This toy can help to develop organizing and planning skills of your growing girl and be a fun activity for her at the same time. You small daughter can practice her skills in managing the whole mall.

The mall consists of two floors. The customers can use either working escalator or stairs to climb from the first floor to the second one.

Your toddler girl will be able to choose one of three main characters to play with – Minnie, Figaro or Daisy. All of them look nice and have a size of 3 inches, which is convenient for a child’s hand.

This shopping mall set is full of small details, that is why it is not recommended to allow small children to play on their own. However, you can play together, and it must be amazing for both of you.

If you want your girl to improve her writing skills, suggest her to write a story about a happy shopping of Minnie, Figaro, and Daisy. You will be amazed by the results!

8. Disney Baby Mini Jinglers, Minnie Mouse

Disney Baby Mini Jinglers, Minnie Mouse
  • Features the loveable Minnie Mouse
  • Soft belly jingles and arms open, entertaining babies for hours
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Perfect for on-the-go or at home play
  • Collect all Disney Baby Mini Jinglers (sold separately)
  • Toy
  • Kids Preferred

Have you ever heard about Disney Baby Mini Jinglers set of soft toys? Just imagine, how kids love it! Minnie Mouse toys are considered to be the cutest ones, which are suitable for girls.

This Minnie Mouse toy is lovely and soft. It can be suitable for girls of all the ages. Sometimes it can fit even adult women, who are fans of Minnie Mouse.

Your small princess can play with this toy at home or take it outside. Don’t worry; you can always wash it easily. It is easy to take care of this soft toy, and it is a big bonus.

Moreover, Minnie Mouse has a built-in sound into her tummy. It will be even more fun to play with Minnie because of the funny sounds.

Look at the Minnie toy and expect a warm hug from her always open arms. And you will want to hug her surely because she is made of unbelievably soft fabrics.

9. Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Saucer Chair

Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Saucer Chair
  • Features unique Disney Minnie Mouse design with bow graphics
  • Polyester fiber cushions are perfect for lounging and relaxing
  • Foldable frame with plastic pouch bag for easy travel and storage
  • 100% polyester unholstery with sturdy steel frame
  • Dimensions: 18-Inch W x 16-Inch H x 14-Inch L
  • Toy
  • Disney

Although we are talking about the Minnie Mouse toys, we would like to add the Disney Minnie Mouse toddler saucer chair to the list. Even though the chair is not a toy, it is still so useful and valuable gift for any small girl.

Admit, that toddler girls are very playful. They use a lot of energy playing with their beloved toys and moving around their parents. It happens most of the day, but at one moment they are getting tired and want to relax for a bit.

In that case, toddler saucer chair is the right place for your small princess. She can sit and enjoy the company of her favorite cartoon character. She will never feel lonely with the impressive Minnie Mouse.

You should not worry about the quality – the chair is durable. It is made of high-grade plastic combined with polyester.

The seat is comfortable and soft enough. You girl will spend as much time here as she needs until the next active game.
It is a great gift for any toddler girl, isn’t it?

10. Disney Baby: Minnie’s Bath Vanity

Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Bow-rific Bath Vanity
  • Attach Minnie's vanity to the side of your bathtub or shower and have a bow-rific time in the tub
  • Each bow has its own water feature: one bow is a pouring cup, the other is a water sifter and the third is a spinning water-wheel
  • Includes a comb and pretend perfume squirter
  • 5 play pieces in all Everything you need for some stylish bathtime fun with Minnie
  • Comes with three detachable bows so you can swap which bow Minnie chooses to wear
  • Toy
  • Fisher Price - Import

It is true that Minnie’s Bath Vanity does not really belong to Minnie Mouse toys. However, it is a perfect set for bathing.

The bathtub set consists of three different bows. It means that your baby girl can choose all of them for proper Minnie’s bathing every day.

Use the first bow as a cup for pouring water to the other bows. The second cup can strain some water to make it pure. When it comes to the third cup can spin water like a wheel.

This set of Minnie Mouse toys was created for your small princess to have an enjoyable time in the bath. Attach Minnie’s vanity and let your girl have an unforgettable time in the bath.

You will have a mirror additionally to the bows set. It will allow your baby girl to see the reflection while bathing.
This set can be a suitable gift if you are going to the birthday party of a toddler girl, who like Minnie Mouse toys.


Now you have seen the rich variety of Minnie Mouse toys.

Which one would you choose for your baby girl?  Don’t want your baby boy get jealous? We also have toys for little boys, you can look at our different remote-controlled toys like cars, trucks, and planes. They already have one? Don’t worry, we have variety of toys to choose from, we have low priced toys for five year old boys and on sale toys for six year old boys. Feel free to check them all out here!

Remember, it is always easier to make a decision based on the reviews. If you want, you can add this page to the bookmarks and come back anytime. The Minnie Mouse toys are waiting for you!

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