Best Phono Preamps Under $1000

LN112MM Tube Phono Preamp for Moving Magnet Cartridge
  • Uses 4 12AX7 tubes
  • Precision RIAA correction with Gain of 40 dB at1000Hz
  • 8 Hz subsonic filter
  • Custom built in USA
  • External 100-240VAC power supply included.

NuPrime HPA 9 Headphone Amplifier and Preamp - Black
  • Single-ended JFET input stage circuitry
  • Zero feedback output stage design
  • Pure Class A headphone amp design
  • Phono (RIAA) input module: Internal setting to MM or MC
  • Maximum headphone impedance support range from 8 ohm a to 1 K ohm

Lehmann Audio - Black Cube MM/MC Phono Preamp
  • MM/MC Switchable, 36-66dB gain (4 Settings)
  • Configurable loading 47k, 1000 Ohm, 100 Ohm
  • Custom hard wire loading slot
  • Passive RIAA Network
  • Optional soft-bass rolloff

Parasound - Classic 2100 Stereo Preamp
  • Two channel high end audio preamplifier
  • 7 pairs of line level inputs
  • 1 input pair can be switched for MM or MC phono cartridge with correct input impedance
  • Can add to an existing surround system to upgrade analog two-channel sound
  • Parasound 3 year parts, 3 years labor warranty

Budgie Tube Phono Preamp
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested by Shannon Parks in the Puget Sound, USA
  • 38dB gain for moving magnet, moving iron & HOMC carts (2mV and higher)
  • Exacta loading allows 16 adjustable resistances for a perfect sounding cart
  • Parks Audio can recommend loading settings for you and answer system questions
  • 2 year limited warranty

THORENS MM 008 ADC MM/MC Phono Preamp w/USB out for Digital Recording
  • You will Receive: MM-08-ADC-SL Equalizing Preamplifier MM/MC
  • MM and MC phono stage with brushed aluminium fascia....
  • Equalizing Preamplifier Phono MM/MC with Analog Digital Converter

Emotiva Audio SP-1 Input Selector & Phono Preamp
  • Add three line level inputs and a precision phono preamp to your preamp, DAC, or pre/pro
  • Upgrade your Emotiva Stealth DC-1 to a complete modular digital and analog preamp.
  • Precision switching relays add virtually no noise or distortion when switching line-level inputs.
  • High quality precision phono preamp supports both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.
  • Can be controlled by the Stealth DC-1 remote control or the included compact IR remote control.

Vista Audio Phono-1 Mk II hig-end phono preamp
  • Phono-1 is a miniature and versatile phono preamplifier which can be optimized for any MM and MC cartridge.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Class A operation; RIAA tracking accuracy: 0.07dB; Distortion: <0.005%; Input impedance (MM): 47k/100pF default; Input impedance (MM): 10 ohm - 47 kohm (adjustable); Gain: adjustable 40 - 70 dB
  • This product comes with 2-year warranty and 30 days return privilege.
  • -Verty Audio is parent company of Vista Audio and distributes its products worldwide.

Thorens MM002 Phono Preamp
  • You will Receive: MM-02 Equalizing Preamplifier Phono MM only...
  • Compact MM phono stage in high quality metal enclosure....
  • Equalizing Preamplifier Phono MM only...
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