10 Best Piggy Banks For Kids 2017

If you are a parent, who does not see much importance of getting a piggy bank, you should continue reading. I am going to explain you the importance of piggy banks for kids.

Parents want the best future for their kids, don’t they? And financial management must be one of the important things, your growing child or teenager should learn. Believe me; it is easy to do with piggy banks for kids.

Help your child to picture his/her dream and specify, how much money does he/she need to get to achieve it. Do not set too costly dreams; it is better to start from small things, which are easy to get.

Choose such items as a good tasty ice-cream, a new toy like a cute minnie mouse, a colorful train set, or any toys that is affordable and suitable for a 10 year old. He/She can even save money to buy birthday gift for his/her best friend for the beginning.

After that, your son or daughter will have to save money for their goals from his/her daily allowances to achieve more.

Best Piggy Banks For Kids Online In 2017

 Continue reading, and you will know more about piggy banks for kids and adults.

1. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank
  • A cute, happy piggy bank.
  • Pink vinyl pig with slot in his back.
  • Includes blue gingham scarf.
  • Measures 7.50" across.
  • A fun way to save your money.
  • Toy
  • Schylling

It used to be a typical thing in the past to break a piggy bank after saving enough money for a goal. That is why they were made of such fragile material as ceramic. As today it is not the rule, that you have to crash the money box, piggy banks for kids started making of shatterproof materials. This Schylling rubber piggy bank made of vinyl is one of them.

This rubber pig looks cute and friendly. It looks lovely with the blue gingham scarf around the pig’s neckIt is good for kids, who like a rural style because this swine looks realistic. This one can even remind animals from a farm.

With the height of 8.4 inches, it is compact and able to fit small space in your room. It is only 7.5 inches across, but it is enough for your kid’s savings.

This smiling pig will attract your kid to put some coins inside for getting big savings in future.  

2. Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank by Burton & Burton

Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank Green Bow Ceramic Personalized Baby Nursery Decor
  • Hand-painted ceramic piggy bank.
  • Adorable bow on head.
  • Includes dry erase pen for DIY personalization
  • Measures 7"H x 6"W x 7.75"D
  • Toy
  • Burton & Burton

If you are looking for a cute coin depository for your lovely daughter or small sister, take Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank into account.

This is a great example of hand-painted piggy banks for kids. It is completed in pink and green colors, combined perfectly on the white background. Moreover, the pig has pink ears and nose and green bow on its head, which is the centerpiece of girls’ attention.

If only your girl thinks that the design of the pig is too simple for her, she can add more details to the surface. The creators of the piggy bank provided a dry erase pen for easy personalization. Your small girl will be happy to have a chance to demonstrate her creativity!

The piggy bank is made of ceramic, which is considered to be traditional material for these needs. However, it is high-quality ceramic, so it is not as fragile as usual ones.

Do not worry about small space on your girl’s table, thanks to its compact size of 7x6x7.75 inches you can put it almost everywhere.

This is the piggy bank for girls will allow your small princess to save money with fun.

3. Carters Smiley Happy Piggy Bank, Silver

Carters Smiley Happy Piggy Bank, Silver
  • Carter's keepsake piggy bank in silver is ideal for baby's room; Silver finish and won't ever tarnish
  • Item is elegantly packaged for easy gift giving
  • Ceramic bank with non tarnish silver finish can be cherished for years
  • Decorative keepsake piggy bank is a wonderful addition to any nursery
  • Piggy bank is generously sized and perfect for saving those pennies

The Carters Smiley Happy Piggy Bank is similar to the previous one, but this one is suitable for both girls and boys.

The design of this piggy bank is more simple in comparison to the one with pink and green dots. But still, it looks beautiful.

This piggy bank will be suitable not only for kids, but adults will also like the classical look of their money box. The design is plain; there is nothing more than the smiley happy pig. 

This money box is created in silver ceramic. The glossy tone of the color emphasizes peculiarity of the shiny effect on the silver swine.

An elegant swine with a slot in the back side would be a great gift for somebody, who wants to save money for a big dream.

So, looking for a positive piggy bank without any adornment, consider the Carters piggy bank as a good choice for you.

4. Green Frog Money Piggy Bank

Green Frog Money Piggy Bank Froggy Savings Kids by Streamline
  • Teach your children the value of saving money in a fun fashion
  • Appealing bug-eyed "feed me" look
  • Makes a great gift for birthdays and special theme parties
  • Approx. 6"H x6"W.
  • Toy
  • Streamline

Do you think that a piggy bank has to be created with a shape of a pig only? It is not the rule. If you are looking for some creative piggy banks for kids, pay attention to the Green Frog Money Piggy Bank.

This money box will be suitable for the smallest children because the frog looks so cute and innocent. It will google at your child begging for extra coins as a part of big savings in future.

The frog of the piggy bank looks like a hungry one. So, putting coins, your small child will “feed” the frog.

The design of this piggy bank is suitable for both girls and boys. In case, if he or she likes animals, this is the perfect match for your kid. This cute money box can look perfectly in a room with green design.

With the size 6×6 inches, the money box does not take much space on your kid’s table or on a shelf. It is made of plastic, so you should not be a worry, that it might be broken due to a negligence of your kids.

Get the Green Frog money depository to teach your child to manage his/her incomes with fun.

5. Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar

Digital Coin Counter By Digital Energy Pennies Nickles Dimes Quarter Savings Jar | Transparent Red w/ LCD Display
  • 🌟 Update: As of 2/21/2018, All product issues regarding this product have been resolved.
  • Great for all ages! Kids will love watching their savings grow and adults will value having a landing spot for their change!
  • Accepts all US coins including: Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollar Coins
  • Digital LCD Display automatically keeps track of savings; Easy Twist-Off Lid for coin retrieval - when coins are removed or if you want to slip in a bill, there is a simple +- function to report the amount removed and keep a correct tally of your savings!
  • 100% Money back Guarantee

If your kid wants to save money for something special, he/she just needs to collect exact amount and make a purchase. You will see, it is much easier to collect some exact amount of money with a digital piggy bank rather than ordinary one.

Get Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar, and you will know the certain amount of money you have already have inside your jar. No wonder, this savings jar is suitable for both kids and adults.

If you decide to give this piggy bank as a birthday gift for your small child, he or she will learn calculation much faster than you expect. Admit it, it is easy and fun to learn something playing than seriously.

Moreover, your child will have real motivation playing a game with scores, which are money indeed.

Are you wondering, how this jar can be that smart to make difficult calculations? It is because the jar can recognize different types of US coins, such as Dollar Coins, 50 Cents, Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters.

From the one side, this bank is so convenient for people, who live in the USA. However, even if not, your small kid can learn the difference in currency rates very fast and collect his money in US currency.

As you see, this piggy bank is more functional than the others. It means you curious child can learn more from it.

6. NFL Green Bay Packers Resin Large Thematic Piggy Bank

NFL Green Bay Packers Resin Large Thematic Piggy Bank
  • High Quality Piggy Bank!
  • Great place to save up for tickets to your favorite team's next home game!
  • 7" H x 8" W x 6" D
  • Officially Licensed
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Resin Large Thematic Piggy Bank

The NFL Green Bay Packer’s thematic piggy banks for kids will be perfect gifts for athletes. Be sure, every fan of American football will appreciate such amazing gift as a piggy bank with his or her favorite team.

If you want to surprise a person, who is into American football, buy this creative money box for him/her. Take this tip into account: attach a small note to the piggy bank, such as: “For the team of your dream” or “For the NFL game.” This is only a small note. However, it will motivate your child or your friend to save enough money to see the “Green Bay Packers” team in a stadium.

The piggy bank is completed in dark green color, which is the same as the official color of the Green Bay Packers football team. The size of the piggy bank is pretty standard: 6x7x8 inches.

Get the thematic piggy bank for the fans of the American football. Let them have a lucky pig for them!

7.Thomas the Train Tank Engine Coin Bank

Thomas the Train Tank Engine Coin Bank
  • Thomas the train piggy bank
  • Perfect way to save your child's precious coins
  • Glossy finish
  • One size for all kids

Does your child like Thomas the Tank Engine? If yes, you have a chance to make a nice gift for him.

Psychologists recognized piggy banks as one of the most useful gifts for children, who are at least five years old. It is advisable to combine a useful gift with a favorite cartoon character. That is why parents often choose Thomas the Train Tank Engine Coin Bank for their kids.

Getting this coin bank is the way, how your kid will be able to play and save his/her precious money at the same time.

The piggy bank Thomas the Train comes in one size only. However, it is perfect for kids to play with.

Moreover, your kid can use the coin bank with Thomas the Train to save money coins for his/her first self-organized trip in future. Let your child initiate the journey!

8. Joshua Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can

Jhua Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can
  • More fun than "regular" piggies bank - The kids could set his own code and enjoys that it "eats" the paper money. The bills are pulled in by a sensor, which kids absolutely love to do over and over again!
  • Note: Magical Switch Inner- There is a switch inside the safe door which controls voice and beep sound. If you keep it in the voice side, when typing in your each pin, it will say "password please". This "password please" = beep sound. So all you have to do is enter you pin just ignore the "password please". If you want to stop this voice, just switch the inner switch inside the door from voice to beep sound. Then you will hear beep sound when you type your password.
  • Hold coins and dollar bills, electronic ATM style password bank - You insert coins into the top of the money bank and you insert bills into the side. It has 2 lights. The red light indicates that you have input the wrong code. The green line indicates that the code is correct.
  • Password piggy bank - Password is preset but can be personalized. If forget the new code you can simply remove the batteries and wait for 20 mins, it will reset the default code to "0000".
  • Money box material - High quality plastic, sturdy and not break easily. Size: 13.5*12.5*19.5cm. Operated by 3 AA batteries (Batteries not included)
  • Toy
  • Shine toys

Pay attention to this model, because it is even more that piggy banks for kids, but also a safe deposit for small things. Explain your child, that he/she can put inside anything he/she wants to keep in a safe place. It can be cards, earrings, secrets or whatever else.

However, the main purpose of the box is to save money. There is a space for rolling paper money in front part of the box and a slot for coins in the top of a piggy bank. Keep in mind; the piggy bank can roll banknotes unless they are too soft or too old.

This piggy bank is the most secure one. Why? Simply because it is protected with a four-digits password, your child is supposed to invent by himself or herself.

The ATM can be opened only if you enter the right password. If your child does not share the password with you, you will not be able to open it.

To start using this piggy box, insert 3 AA batteries, which you will have to buy additionally.

This piggy bank is decorated with Panda and completed in thematic black and white colors.

With a piggy bank, your child will be more responsible and careful with his or her finances and jewelry.

9. Fire Truck Coin Bank

Fire Truck Coin Bank - Coin Bank for Boys - Teach Financial Literacy for Kids - Perfect Kids Money Bank - Piggy Bank of the Future by Money Scholar
  • Teaches children the Money Scholar System of "SAVE-INVEST-GIVE-SPEND."
  • Hand painted poly resin.
  • 4 chambers have separate exit with twist locks.
  • Great tool for learning money management.
  • Toy
  • Money Scholar

The Fire Truck Coin Banks are not only piggy banks for kids, but it is a replica of the real bank.

It is said, such this piggy banks for kids like these are more suitable for boys, but it is only because of its fire truck design. However, the educative process can be the same for boys and girls.

This kids bank can help you to learn about money processes and use them wisely. However, I think, your children will need your assistance to use the coin bank properly.

This piggy bank includes four compartments, which have separate exits. The first place is for Investments, the second – for savings. Explain your child, how to use the third and the fourth parts dedicated to giving and spending.

This piggy bank will be a great gift for bankers in future. Who knows, which occupation your child will choose in future. Teach him financial management now.

10. Cute Pig Money Box Piggy Bank

Cute Pig Money Box Piggy Bank for Kid's Birthday Gift,Blue-Develop a Good Habbit of Saving Money
  • Made of high quality plastic material, non-toxic, tasteless, fashion cute thick material;Home Decoration, birthday gift
  • In a pig's back entrance, can be cast into coins and banknotes
  • When you want to take out, simply open the pig's mouth
  • Size:19*11*10cm
  • Interesting & funny, A must item for child or gifts, greatly help you to develop a good habit of saving money
  • Toy
  • Ookamiwolf

If you are looking for a cheap, simple and lovely piggy banks for kids, consider this model as a good choice.

There is nothing extra in this money box – just a cute smiling blue pig with a coin slot on its back. It is the best option for small children. It is made of non-toxic plastic, which is safe for small kids.

You can put the piggy bank anywhere you child can easily get it thanks to its convenient size:19x11x10 cm.

It is recommended to take this bank as the first one in your kid’s life. It can encourage the child to make his/her first step to the big dream!


Help your kid with setting his/her goals. As soon as he or she see – it works, helps him/her to increase the quality and importance of the next goal.

Remember, if you teach your children, how to manage their finances properly in their childhood, they will be thankful to you in future. And it is all about piggy banks for kids.  Finally, we believe that a parent should not only teach their kids on how to be financially wise but also guide them on how to be well organized with their things– for now, let’s just start with arranging toys in a toy box.

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