10 Best Safety Glasses Reviews 2017

Today, the importance of safety glasses both in the work and play environment cannot be overemphasized. It’s pretty obvious that your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body.

Regardless of whether you’re working in your home, car repair shop, wood shop or anywhere else that pose a potential risk of an object or liquid flying in your face, your handy safety glasses is a must have.

Also, if you happen to be an employer, many health and safety laws makes it essential for you to pay attention to your workers’ safety.

Here is a Disturbing Statistic Behind the Lack of Safety Glasses

Why workers should wear the safety glasses?

Most of the time, glasses are not the first thing that comes to your mind when you step into the workshop, but proven statistics from the American Association for the Prevention of Blindness suggests otherwise.

According to their stats, over 700,000 Americans suffer a serious injury to their eyes while at work, and more than 125,000 injure their eyes while doing a thing or two at home.

The thing is this sad statistic could be practically avoided by wearing quality glasses which you can get at affordable rates.

Safety glasses are known to made of durable polycarbonate. It is also noteworthy to mention that lenses tend to be resistant to shattering.

While they might not last for ages, they will still be able to an excellent job of safeguarding your eyes from both small and large particles that can suddenly show up in the course of work.

This expands more on the fact that choosing the right pair of polarized safety glasses is essential. You should also know that quite some lenses provide protection UV protection to the wearer.

As a result, lots of folks wear them as sunglasses.

Cool right?

Now, we know that choosing the right pair of glasses can be a bit troublesome owing that there are tons of them available on the market.

However, you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for best one that will meet both your protection and style needs.

We have selected the ten best safety glasses money can buy, and we believe our choices are sure to come in super handy to you.

What to Consider When Choosing Safety Eyewear?

Listed below are some common features of glasses you ought to consider when making the final purchase:

Main features of safety glasses
Check out what are the main features the safety glasses should have.

Safety Standards

Be sure that the glasses meets the applicable standards for your country. If you are a U.S. citizen, you should look for “ANSI Z87 or Z87+”.

This code can be found marked on the frame of the glasses along with the other special lens attributes.


In the event of wearing prescription glasses, goggles should be big enough to fit over them conveniently. You should be able to find safety goggles that will work fine with your prescription frames regardless of their size.

There are also glasses that come fully equipped with a bifocal lens; this should come in handy if you don’t feel like wearing prescription glasses at all.


Always go for safety glasses made from shatter-resistant high-quality polycarbonate. While recycled resins cost less, they tend to be usually accompanied by yellow lenses, high distortion, and poor construction.

Also, be sure that your chosen glasses have zero distortion levels. That will give you the chance to wear it for a longer period without fatigue or eyestrain.


When it comes to considering how much protection the glasses offer, you’ll need to look beyond the safety rating.

Some models come with additional features including brow guards, wraparound lenses, and side shields.

You can also look for other unique features such as anti-fog coating; straps instead of temples; hard-coated lenses; padding around the lenses et cetera.


Another thing you have time put into consideration is the fit of your glasses.

You’ll need to look for a frame that will not only sit well on your face but also provide maximum protection.

We should mention that most glasses are built with a standard nose piece which will fit comfortably in most people.

Lens Options

Below are some common lens options you can find on different types safety glasses:

Clear: Clear lenses tend to used in various indoor and outdoor settings. They are specifically built for use in normal lighting conditions.

Dark gray: Dark gray lenses help limit glare in bright light. They tend to be used outdoors especially in bright sun to reduce fatigue and eyestrain.

Smoky Gray: These can also be used in bright sunny conditions.

Anti-fog coating: This feature help prevents the formation of fogs on the lens, especially in extreme weather conditions. The coating should last up to Six months with regular usage.

Best Safety Glasses In 2017 Reviews

1. DEWALT Concealer Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle
  • DeWalt tough coat hard coated lens provides tough protection against scratches
  • DeWalt XtraClear anti-fog lens coating provides tough protection against fogging
  • Soft, dual injected rubber conforms to the face to provide a high level protection from dust and debris
  • Adjustable, elastic cloth head strap provides a comfortable fit
  • Ventilation channels allow breathability and added protection against fogging
  • Built-in ventilation channel provides extra fog control and ventilation
  • Dual injected rubber provides a soft, comfortable seal

Taking the first place is this high-quality product from DEWALT.

The DEWALT DPG82-11 comes with a sturdy and professional look that is sure to be ideal for home and workshop use.

One of the first things you need to know is that your comfort is guaranteed as it comes with a super comfy elastic band.

It also has other essential requirements such as a fully enclosed super protective design, extra-tough lenses and anti-fog ventilation.

So if you’ve been looking for one the best glasses on the market that is sure to shield your eyes from particles and debris, we suggest you go for DEWALT  DPG82-11.

A lot of happy customers frequently praise the reliability as well as the durability of this product, so be sure to go for quality.

2. Dewalt Bifocal Safety Glasses

Dewalt DPG59-120C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 2.0 Clear Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve
  • Magnification diopter is molded into the polycarbonate lens.
  • Safety glass and Reading glass all-in-one
  • Impact resistant and 99.9% UV protection
  • Handgrip pattern on temple is ergonomically positioned for secure grip
  • Distortion free lens provides fatigue free use

When it comes to choosing one, the best prescription safety glasses the Dewalt Bifocal Glasses is sure to come into play.

These glasses are specially meant for those who usually make use of reading glasses.

In essence, if you’re a user of the reading glasses, you’ll probably need a little magnification in your safety lenses. These prescription glasses offer up to 1.5 bifocal magnification in their lenses.

The distortion free lens is also something to talk about. The lenses are also impacted resistant, as such, you can be sure of using it for a long time.

The ergonomic grip, as well as the 99.9% UV protection, are also top features that are sure to attract your attention.

Most customers tend to be impressed with the perfect amount of optical support it offers for its price.

3. Uvex Stealth OTG Safety Goggles

Uvex Stealth OTG Safety Goggles with Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Coating (S3970DF )
  • Stealth OTG (Over-the-Glass) design fits comfortably over prescription eyewear; protects against impacts, dust, airborne particles and chemical splashes
  • High-performance Dura-Streme dual anti-fog/anti-scratch coating ensures clear vision in any work environment; clear lens is well-suited to most indoor work environments
  • Soft, elastomer body flexes and conforms to the face for a secure, comfortable, gap-free fit; pivoting, quick-adjust headband provides easy adjustment for a comfortable fit
  • Easy and economical snap-on lens replacement with multiple tints available; fits comfortably over most prescription eyewear
  • Meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3; made in the U.S.A.

The Uvex Stealth OTG is one of the best glasses that is sure to give you the best bang for your buck.

Firstly, the lenses come with both Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

As we know, the anti-scratch coating is sure to give you a longer lasting, cleaner vision that is well suited for most indoor work environments.

You can comfortably wear this glasses in all work conditions thanks to the soft, elastomer body it features. It is also important to mention that these goggles feature a quick-adjust headband.

This feature gives you the chance to adjust the glasses for a more comfortable fit.

Overall, The Uvex Stealth OTG Safety Goggles comes with a perfect molded outline that is sure to protect you from hazardous liquids and gasses.

For a reasonable price, you can give your eyes the best protection they deserve.

4. Clear Lense Safety Reading Glasses

Pyramex S4110SMP Intruder Safety Glasses (12 Pack), Clear Lens with Assorted Temple Colors
  • Lightweight, frameless impact protection
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C sun protection and impact protection
  • Clear Lens is great for general purposes and indoor applications that require impact protection
  • Includes: 6 assorted temple colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange and Black (2 of each color)

The Clear Lense Goggles are amongst cool safety glasses you can have for a reasonable price. These glasses are sure to be ideal for employers who care about protecting their workers from eye damage.


Well, it’s because they come in a bulk pack of 12 clear, non-tinted glasses.The frame of the glasses come in several assorted colors orange, pink, blue, green, and black.

The also come with sturdy scratch resistant lenses that also feature UV and glare protection. The lightweight design is sure to provide you with 100% comfort as the temple squeezes mildly on your face to keep the glasses in place.

These glasses are sure to be useful to folks from a wide range of trades and sports, especially people who are into hunting and shooting for sport.

All in all, the Clear Lense glasses are sure to give you the best bang for your buck, so invest in them.

5. MSA Safety Works Over Economic Glasses

Safety Works 817691 Over Economical Safety Glasses, Clear
  • Our most economical safety glasses
  • Fits over most prescription lenses
  • Vented temples keep user cool
  • Clear lenses for indoor or outdoor work
  • Provides eye safety

The MSA Safety Clear Goggles are one of the best safety glasses available on the market. These glasses are both economical and functional as they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor work.

The lenses are super clear, and this makes it very easy for you to see through while working.

These glasses are sure to be ideal for people who wear prescription glasses, and their thoughtful construction will fit comfortably over most prescription lenses.

They also come with vented temples to help reduce fogging and to make sure you stay fresh while working.

Another feature that makes this safety glass unique is its brow guard which safeguards your eyes from dust, water, falling debris among other objects.

Many customers tend to be very comfortable with these glasses, especially for the price.

6. 3M Virtua Protective Eyewear

3M Virtua Protective Eyewear, Clear Frame, Clear Anti-Fog Lens
  • Aearo part 11329
  • Lightweight frame, weighs less than 1 oz
  • Anti fog coating
  • Contoured, flexible temples for comfortable fit
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1

This sleek pair of professional eye shields is one of the cool glasses that are excellent for protecting your eyes.

Also, there is the option to buy them in packs which range from 2 to 20, and the more you buy, the cheaper deal you get.

3M Virtua Protective glasses are lightweight, stylish and they also feature a flexible construction that fit the contours of the face.

The glasses also come with 99.9% UV protection coupled with anti-fog lenses. That is pretty much one of the best lenses for your money, so buying them is sure to be a great deal.

7. Rugged Diablo Safety Glasses

Rugged Blue Diablo Safety Glasses (Clear 3 Pair)
  • Polycarbonate lens and frame
  • Wrap around one-piece safety glasses
  • Not easily broken
  • Anti-scratch
  • Available in 1, 3, 12 pairs

These polarized safety glasses from Rugged Blue are sure to be ideal for those who want to protect their eyes while still looking stunning.

These glasses are sure to be great for employers because they come in a pack of 12 lightweight glasses made of flexible polycarbonate.

They also fit well on the face thanks to their flexibility. These glasses are sure to last a long time as they are designed to withstand extreme impacts.

The Rugged Blue, Diablo Glasses also come with dark-coated lenses which are capable of providing up to 99% UV protection.

8. Gateway Cover2 Reading Glasses

Gateway Safety Cover2 Safety Glasses
  • One-piece polycarbonate lens fits over most prescription glasses
  • Lightweight design, with adjustable length temples for a customized fit
  • Flexible temple tips minimize pinching behind the head
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 impact standards
  • IR filter lenses are for use around light welding, brazing or cutting applications only

Do you wear prescription glasses?

If the answer is yes, these glasses are sure to fit comfortably and provide protection for both your eyes and glasses.

These glasses from Gateway Safety are made of flexible polycarbonate which meets various safety requirements.

The lenses are also scratch resistant and very easy to see through. It’s best for use in labs or your wood workshop.

They are also sturdy and durable, and they also come with up to 99.9% UV protection.

Overall, these lightweight glasses are very comfortable to wear, and they are sure to protect your eyes from harm.

9. Econ Veratti Prescription Safety Glasses

Encon Wraparound Veratti 307 Safety Glasses, Clear Lens, Translucent Blue Frame (Pack of 1)
  • Protective eyewear with untinted lenses can be used indoors and outdoors and don't interfere with color recognition
  • Polycarbonate lenses resist impact, have anti-scratch coating to prolong lens life, and provide 99.9% UVA and UVB protection
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.3-2007 standards for quality assurance
  • Wraparound frame and 9 base curve lenses extend the range of protected peripheral vision
  • Semi-rimless lens design with slim temples for reduced weight and fogging, soft adjustable nose piece for comfortable, secure fit

That is yet another great pair of glasses that provide excellent care to the eyes. The safety glasses also look cute and fit the face comfortably.

Also, their wraparound arms, as well as their curved lenses, ensure optimum protection to the eyes.

Just like the previous products on our list, these glasses come with anti-scratch lenses made of quality polycarbonate.

The Econ Veratti Glasses are sure to be ideal for protecting your eyes so get them and be safe.

10. Pyramex Avante Safety Eyewear

Pyramex Safety Avante Eyewear, Silver Frame, Clear Lens
  • Lightweight sports styling contours to the face to provide maximum protection.
  • Built-in rubber nose pads provide comfort fit and protect against slipping.
  • Vented frame increases air flow to prevent fogging.
  • Straight back flexible temples.
  • Anti-Scratch lenses offer 99% protection against harmful UV rays.

The last on the list are one of the best glasses from Pyramex Safety.

These glasses are lightweight and bright, and this gives you the chance to wear them for as long as you want.

There is also an option to pick from a range of colors that meets your needs.

Their frames also come with a unique design that allows air to flow out and reduce the formation of fog.

You also get to have a rubberized nose pad for better comfort and fit.


So there you have it, people.

So far we have looked at the different choices of glasses that can protect your eyes from unnecessary harm.

As we mentioned earlier, the importance of goggles cannot be overemphasized.

Our list comprises of the best safety glasses you can get at reasonable prices.

So, be sure to check out the one that works best for you and be safe.

If you’ve tried any model of safety glasses, feel free to share your experience with others in the comment section.

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