10 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys in 2017 Reviews

Looking for toys for 6 year old boys could be challenging because it is the age when boys are in the stage of growing. Most of the parents prefer to gift their six-year-old with the set of LEGO which is a good idea. But LEGO is not the only thing which is available in the market to give your 6-year-old boys. If you look in the market for the toys for six-year-old boys, then you will found many options at affordable prices. But still, it could be hard to decide what to purchase.

Best Toys For 6 Year Old Boys In 2017

We are today bringing for you the list of toys for six-year-old boys which include all different types of toys to have. We have included LEGO, cars, tracks, learning toys and much more on our list of toys for 6 year old boys. To make it easy for you, we have also included short review and included basic features of these toys. The ranking of this list depends on the number of positive reviews and sales by the existing buyers.

1. The Original Stomp Rocket

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Today when kids are getting addict to technology, it is a good idea to choose an outdoor toy.

This Stomp Rocket Toy could be a perfect choice for growing kids to play. It’s come with four tipped rocket which can fly up to 200 feet high.

To launch the rocket, simply jump over it. It is also an award winning toy for 6 year old boys. It is super easy to use and play.

No need to for batteries or any other electronic accessories. We like this toy because its engage your 6-year-old boys and engage their leg muscles.

For a growing kid, this toy can give them a medium level workout too when they jump on the pad to launch the rocket.

2. Minecraft Core Player Action Figure

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How could we not include a toy from Minecraft on our list of toys for 6 year old boys? Not just adults but kids love to play Minecraft on PC and mobile devices.

If your six-year-old love Minecraft, then consider purchasing this cheap action figure from the game.

It does also include the related accessories like sword, axe, and workbench etc.

3. LEGO Creator Sea Plane

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This is an advance Lego toy which allows your 6-year-old to make different sea plane.

It comes with 3 in 1 model, but you can create more than just that with the help of your imagination.

Total number of Lego blocks available in this Lego Creator is 53. With the help of the piece, your six-year-old can build seaplane, boat, catamaran and much more. In short, this one Lego set is enough to transform many things with limited blocks.

It is a great alternative to other ordinary and traditional Lego set which kids are using since ages.

The Lego pieces also include other parts of sea transport including lights, engine, propeller and pontoons, etc.

As compare to other expensive Lego box, this is one of the cheapest to purchase.

4. ALEX Toys Artist Studio

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This is another amazing item in our list of toys for 6 year old boys. This is not just a toy to play, but it will increase the habit of art and write in kids.

It is one of those toys among the toys for 6 year old boys where they can spend hours to play. It is a complete studio designed for kids to improve their drawing skills.

The complete kit of this artist studio comes with ten sheets of paper, six markers, and 124 slides. You can use simple paper once your kids have drawn on ten sheets of paper which come with the kit.

5. ZOOB Car Designer

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In the age of 6, the most wanted toys for boys are cars. Defiantly, you can’t give them a regular simple car to play.

This ZOOB car design is a perfect gift to give a six-year-old boy.

It’s come in 76 ZOOB pieces, more likely Lego but they can make a car with these pieces. They can make the different style and types of cars including 12 wheel car transporters.

The kit comes along with the complete manual to understand and build the car.

The pieces are made with hard plastic where wheels are made with rubber. This means that it is a durable and long lasting toy for 6 year old boys.

We like this toy because it will increase the building and solve skills in growing kids. If your kid does not like to play Lego, then it is a perfect alternative to them.

6. Mindscope Neo Tracks Twister Tracks

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This 228 pieces track has been designed to build skills in growing kids. Unlike train tracks toys, this highway track comes with the flexible track system.

Kids can build the track of their imaginations because each piece of track is moveable.

It is made with durable material to make it last longer.

This track toy does not only have the track but other accessories like gates and bridge etc. There is also one electric car comes with the toy which moves with the help of battery.

Separate cars can also be purchased if you want to extend the traffic on highway track.

To make it more attractive for kids, the company has put pieces of different colors in this track system.

This is a great toy to gift to the 6-year-old growing boy to build the ability of creativity an imagination among them.

7. NewIsland Big League Blaster Gun

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Guns as toys can’t get old when it’s come to select a gift for boys. But this gun toy does not come alone; there are darts and dartboard included.

The darts can be fired up to 30 feet where the guy in very light in weight. There are ten darts are included in this gun toy kit.

Instead of giving your kids a real looking gun toy, provide them with this gun to play. It is made of hard, durable plastic. It can be last longer because it shatters proof.

There is no complicated technique required to use this gun. Simply insert darts and shot. This dart gun works with non-suction darts and required no batteries.

While this toy is perfect toy for 6 year old boys but can be a gift to 7-10-year-old boys too.

8. La Ferrari Radio Remote Control Model Car

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If you six-year-old love cars then this is a great choice on our list of toys for six-year-old boys.

This is an official licensed model of Ferrari which comes with radio control.

Your six year old can reserve and move car left and right including the stop. The headlights and rear lights of this car toy also work and can be controlled.

The independent spring system has been used n the manufacturing of this car. The car of this car model can also be open and close.

Your six year old will easily learn how to control a rc car.

This toy required batteries to drive. This is made with very good material, but it is no durable due to batteries which have been used in it. But overall, it is expensive looking car toy which can be used to gift on six-year-old boy’s birthday.

It is comes in different colors including black, red and light orange.

9. Best Delta Kite for 6-Year-Old  Boys

[amazon box=”B0167ZL9CO” template=”bigbox”]

This is a seasonal toy for young boys. If you visit beach a lot in summer and don’t know how to make your kids busy, and then purchase this Delta Kite.

Unlike other traditional kites, this Delta kite is easy to assemble and made with durable material. Its not just rust proof but also mold proof with flexible design and light in weight.

In the Delta kite, there are some items include, including durable storage bag with carrying handle.

Extra long, strong and anti-tangle flying line also included with the handle where you will get spare connection and tail too.

To make it a perfect toy for kids, the 6-meter flying line also included. There is no need to purchase extra line to fly a kite.

We love this toy because it allows your kids to have fun on the beach other than just playing with sand.

10. Nerf Sports Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops

[amazon box=”B011MIZMSS” template=”bigbox”]

If you are looking for a toy which gives physical activities to your kids, then this is what you need to buy.

This perfect shot hoop is designed for indoor and outdoor activities. While the box has the photos of adults but it is designed for six years and up kids.

Unlike another basketball hoop, it is easy to assemble hoop.

The flexible hanger and a door hook are included in this hoops kit, so no need to purchase them separately.

This is one of the cheapest toy available for six-year-old boys but doesn’t expect more. It is made with plastic, and it will be the break if you dunk.

We love this toy because it will encourage your kids for physical activities. This will increase reflexes, skills, and coordination for your growing kids.


Toys for 6 year old boys 2017

6 is the age when kids learn a lot from their toys. Choosing educational toys is a better idea but do add other fun toys in their collection too. This will not let them be bored from the learning through the toys. We have included both of them to help you to pick best for you six-year-old boy. We hope that our review will help you to choose best for him.

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