Best Tube Amp Under $1000

YAQIN MC-13S EL34 (6CA7) 4 Vacuum Tube Integrated Push-Pull Amplifier (Silver)
  • MC-13S is the latest upgraded version of MC-10L, powered by Yaqin 6CA7T tubes
  • An analog VU meter monitors the average of the two channel output levels
  • Class A push-pull power amplifier to reduce distortion

Nobsound MS-10D MKII Hybird Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth/USB/Headphone for Hi-Fi (Black)
  • The Nobsound MS-10D MKII will compensate digital music to bring back its vitality.
  • The Nobsound MS-10D MKII can provide "ture sound", which is exactly what you hear when an artist plays nearby.
  • The polished piano black case, brushed aluminum shell, exposed tubes and lighted VU meter make this product classic and futuristic.
  • The Nobsound MS-10D MKII supports RCA jack, bluetooth and U-disk. You can do the "musical way" you want.

GemTune BL-02 Class A Integrated tube amplifier with tube 5Z3PX1,EL34-BX2,6N9PX2 Tube
  • EL34B tube upgraded to PSVANE brand .Particularly Ideal for Vocal Music & Chords
  • Class A Single Ended Amplifier to reduce distortion;stereo Hi-Fi Integrated Amplifier brings you exquisite & refined music
  • Self-Biasing Design; Analog Inputs; Output tags for speaker impedance: 4/6/8ohm.To ptotect the amp,tube and machine are packed individually.
  • Please download the user manual from:
  • 【GUARANTEE】 We provide a 1 year warranty for the amplifier and 2 month warranty for the tubes. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction so you can buy with confidence!

Dared Dv-6c Tube Hybrid Integrated Amp
  • 6 & 5.1 channel tube and digital integrated amp
  • Pure class-A tube preamp stage + class-D digital power amplifier
  • All single-ended mode, with three 12AX7 tubes for preamp
  • All single-ended mode, with three Philips latest Class-D digital power amps
  • High quality Control board with controller CPU processor

Nobsound Luxury Aiqin L-02 HIFI EL34 Single-ended Class A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier
  • All tubes is military level new tube; Rectifier and voltage tube are Seventies Class J military level tube
  • Special HIFI levels capacitors; German WIMA red grade fever no electrodes capacitance
  • Cathode capacitance: Philips audio-specific; All high-precision metal film resistors rings
  • CLC filter inductor; Power output transformer is Handmade; Optimized routing and Extremely low noise

Kkika Hybrid Tube Amplifier Black HI-FI Stereo Amplifier 38W2 Vaccum Tube AMP Support Bluetooth/USB/CD/DVD
  • 1.The best -selling and most cost-effective tube amplifier in the world.Every ten people buy tube amplifier,eight people choose it!
  • 2.Note:Only in the condition of large dynamic music and much bass effect the VUMETER will be working.
  • 3.We don't authorize any other companies to resale this item.So please buy from Kkika on Amazon.

Bravo Audio V2+ Upgrade Class A GOLDEN LION ECC82 Tube Multi-Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
  • Parallel 3.5mm and RCA stereo inputs
  • Gain control with Japanese ALPS potentiometer

Gemtune MC-84L 6P14 x4 Class A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier
  • High-perfomance ultralinear push-pull circuit bring out rich acoustic
  • SRPP preamp circuit widen frequency response and lower distortions
  • Output transformer is made of Japan audio-specific oriented silicon steel (0.35mm) and free-oxygen high-intensity enameled copper wire,To widen frequency response and better acoustic quality ,transparent and powerful
  • Adopt audio-grade Electrolysis and Philips MKP non-polar AC capacitor Make it low-noise,quite music background and durable.
  • Headpohone jack available.

Pro-Ject Tube Box S Phono PreAmplifier, Black
  • Audiophile-grade ECC83 (12AX7) vacuum tubes
  • Precise RIAA equalization
  • Three adjustable gain levels
  • Switchable input impedance/capacitance
  • Dual mono configuration

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