Business Christmas Card 101

Customers means everything for any business and thus to build a relationship with them is absolutely vital. The festive season is an important opportunity for businesses to strengthen these relationships with a simple Christmas card that reminds them why they chose you to be their partner. It is also an opportunity to advertise the aspects of your business that you want to highlight. For instance, if a certain customer is looking for a construction company to build their new building, you could for instance send them a themed construction Christmas card to let them know that your construction business is ready to serve them. Of, as another example, if your company is offering cruise trips to exotic locations, then your Christmas card might have a bahamas or tahiti theme. The possibilities are endless and could be a real boost to your business by a simple Christmas card.

In this article, we will talk about the things you need to know about business Christmas cards so you can strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.


Whatever the intention, everything that a business does has to have calculated costs and this is true even for some Christmas cards. The cost of cards can be separated into three aspects the design, printing and postage. Design is not necessarily expensive, as you may just choose one of the countless cards that most card companies already offer which means no additional price. The downside however in this approach is that you will lose the ability to spice the card up with information about your business that you just want your customers to know about. And while designing the cards on your own may mean that you can dictate what is put there you run the risk of sending out a substandard design that your customer may not appreciate. If this scares you, you may choose to hire a professional designer but this could spike up the cost. Either way, company specific or not, sending a card can still mean something to your customers.

The second aspect is the printing of the Christmas card. Depending on the number of card you want to print, you may choose to let the card company print them out if they are by a few thousands or you could just print them yourself on the company printer if it is not as numerous. Keep in mind however that it takes a special kind of printer to print out quality graphic designs on a thick card paper. In this regard, not any type of printer would do and thus you may be wasting a few sheets of paper should it not be apt. You should test it out on a trial print to make sure that your printer can do the job.

The last aspect is postage and this may be the most difficult one to arrange. You have quite a few options on delivery ranging from sending them through mail, a private courier or simply handing ones out for each one that walks into the company premises. This can also prove costly especially if you intend to send one out for a lot of customer addresses.


Business Christmas card, as with everything business related serves a purpose which you should expect it to fulfill. Deciding what your card is meant to accomplish is not something that you should simply leave to chance. For instance, you could not choose to send out bland Christmas card and simply expect your customers to come rushing to you to ask what sort of business the two of you can have. As the purpose of the construction Christmas card is the stone where you build upon your Christmas message, it can later on help you on narrowing down the things that you intend to write and even the final design of the card.

There are quite so many things that a humble Christmas card can accomplish in terms of messages that you want to convey. And as implied, there can certainly be more than one message that you can attach to your Christmas card. Overall, the focus of the card should be on the purpose and only then can you truly center your effort into making the Christmas card that you desire.

Here are some example purposes that may be the central message of the construction Christmas card that you intent to send.

Reestablish business. You may have lost a client along the line due to a number of reasons. The festive times of the year are not only a perfect time to renew friendships but to renew business interests as well. Remind your former clients that they will always have an alternative should they fall out with their current partners.

Thanking them. This one is probably an obvious choice as thanking a customer is almost akin to reminding them that you would gladly work with them again. This also tells them that you value them as customers and they will surely keep that in mind should a need ever come up that you can help them with.

Advertising. Being new to an industry or simply being in a slow slump means you have to tap in new markets to try to get more business in. Sending cards to all potential customers is a way for your business to advertise your company with a little boost from the Christmas spirit. Christmas cards are unique in that people do not normally frown upon receiving one and neither would they simply treat it as spammed mail.

Keep it classy

Christmas cards are often personal and has a family feel to it. Most family Christmas cards can get too cheesy and feature way more jolliness than one would normally have wanted to see. This is absolutely not acceptable for business cards even for ones that are for Christmas. And while it is permissible to put in a few humorous lines, it can make the whole thing fall apart if it does not stick the landing.

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