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MartinLogan LX16 Piano Black (Ea.) Bookshelf Speaker
59 Reviews
MartinLogan LX16 Piano Black (Ea.) Bookshelf Speaker
  • For the Motion LX16, MartinLogan's signature perforated steel grille appears to float in front of the solidly constructed 3/4-inch thick MDF cabinets. Hidden discretely underneath the grille, the drivers are held securely in place by a solid, black-anodized brushed aluminum baffle.
  • Folded Motion tweeters and woofers are seamlessly blended with an advanced topology crossover network featuring polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors, custom wound inductors, and thermal and current protection.
  • The Motion LX Series also features recessed custom 5-way binding posts for connection versatility.
  • The Motion LX16 is available in two luxurious high-gloss finishes; Piano Black or Black Cherrywood.
  • Our new high-gloss black cherrywood finish has deep cherry undertones and appears almost black in low light, giving them a unique and understated elegance that blends into any environment. ***Single speaker - Priced and sold individually.***

Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers (Black, Set of 2)
218 Reviews
Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers (Black, Set of 2)
  • Perfect speakers for your wireless networked audio system
  • 3 digital inputs (optical, coax, USB audio) and 1 analog input (3.5mm)
  • D2Audio integrated 60 watts per channel Class D amplifier and DSP
  • Patented XBLTM 5 ¼ inch woofer, 1 inch silk dome tweeter, and passive radator
  • Optional subwoofer output with automatic crossover logic

Fluance 5.0 XL Surround Sound System with XLBP Bipolar Speakers, XL7S Bookshelf Speakers and XL7C Center Channel Speaker
2 Reviews
Fluance 5.0 XL Surround Sound System with XLBP Bipolar Speakers, XL7S Bookshelf Speakers and XL7C Center Channel Speaker
  • Replicate the movie theater experience with immersive bipolar surround sound; Bipolar radiation pattern for wide dispersion and optimum surround imaging
  • Enhance the vocals and dialogue of your favorite music and movies with this high performance center channel speaker; Premium 1 inch neodymium balanced pure silk dome tweeters for vibrant high-frequency response
  • Experience the movie theater or live music performance, and reproduce the full, dynamic sound in its truest form; 5 inch polymer-treated midrange drivers for delivering rich clear sound
  • Superior components ensure dynamic performance and superb sound
  • Meticulously-crafted audio-grade MDF wood cabinetry to reduce resonance, with a rich mahogany wood grain finish

Jamo C93 Satin Black (Pr.) Bookshelf Speakers
4 Reviews
Jamo C93 Satin Black (Pr.) Bookshelf Speakers
  • 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome decoupled tweeter with Anti-Diffraction WaveGuide and Tweeter Distortion Reduction
  • 6-inch (152 mm) Hybrid Composition Conical Cone woofer with Long Displacement Surround technology.
  • Anti-Diffraction Waveguide (ADW): Provides improved off-axis response with more uniform high frequency extension.
  • Hybrid Composition Conical Cone (HCCC): Provides the stiffness and strength of aluminum or titanium, with the transient response and smoothness of wood fibre.
  • Tweeter Distortion Reduction (TDR): Provides lower distortion, greater high frequency extension and smoother high end.

SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers (Piano Gloss Pair)
23 Reviews
SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers (Piano Gloss Pair)
  • The 1" Aluminum dome tweeter, which is light, efficient, and rigid, provides high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) with minimal distortion and the sense of utter transparency. It deploys a Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA) optimized diffuser to ensure the tweeter only has the perfect on-axis and off-axis frequency response.
  • We built our groundbreaking new 6.5" bass woofer on an all-new cast ABS-fiberglass composite basket for precise component alignment and an inert frame without resonances or added harmonics. Like all of the other drivers in the Prime family, the polypropylene cone is light and rigid to give a flat frequency response and the SPL necessary to keep up with the other drivers.
  • Like all of the other woofers in the Prime and Ultra series, the 6.5" woofer uses aluminum shorting rings for reduced distortion, and a vented voice coil former to keep the motor assembly cool during high SPL playback. For perfect bass extension the cabinet is rear ported and tuned perfectly for the 6.5" woofer.
  • Our exclusive SoundMatch crossover sports premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors, and heavy-trace printed circuit boards. All of these high-quality components yield lower distortion, tighter tolerances, better heat dissipation, and all around better sound.
  • The 2-way crossover is uniquely tuned so each driver can blend perfectly each other while offering the best on and off-axis response, while maintaining phase coherency and razor sharp time domain behavior.

SVS Prime Satellite Speakers (Black Ash 3-pack)
20 Reviews
SVS Prime Satellite Speakers (Black Ash 3-pack)
  • You get a three pack of SVS Prime Satellite Speakers - Black Ash
  • Despite being small enough to fit into nearly any room and system, the overachieving Prime Satellite simply outclasses cheap HTIB speakers, packing the same technology, sound quality and performance as its bigger brothers in the Prime and Ultra lines.
  • Available in premium-grade piano gloss black or handsome black ash finish, the Prime Satellite is not only handsome but functional too - with an integral keyhole bracket which allows for easy wall-mounting.
  • Leveraging design and technology from the SVS Ultra family, the Prime Satellite features high-quality drivers and crossover components simply not found anywhere else in this segment: The 1" aluminum dome tweeter utilizes an FEA-optimized diffuser which delivers a very open 'airy' presentation and extremely unveiled highs.
  • The 4.5" woofer delivers surprising bass response and punch, and features a polypropylene cone, an aluminum shorting ring for reduced distortion, a vented voice coil former, and unique all-new cast ABS-fiberglass composite basket for precise component alignment. The SVS SoundMatch 2-way crossover ties it all together with premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards. Expertly refined topology ensures a smooth response and transition between drivers with excellent polar response and phase coherency for amazing imaging.

ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5' Bookshelf Speakers by Andrew Jones (Pair)
373 Reviews
ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5" Bookshelf Speakers by Andrew Jones (Pair)
  • Custom Drivers.Height: 14.0 in / 356 mm,Width: 8.5 in / 216 mm,Depth: 10.0 in / 254 mm
  • Woven Aramid-Fiber Woofer
  • Deep-Spheroid Custom Waveguide
  • Intricate Crossover

Audioengine HDP6 Passive Bookshelf/Stand-mount Speakers (Pair) (Walnut)
12 Reviews
Audioengine HDP6 Passive Bookshelf/Stand-mount Speakers (Pair) (Walnut)
  • Proprietary Audioengine 5.5-inch woofers are built on a solid diecast aluminum foundation. Their advanced underhung voice coils drive the motors, and are appointed with flared Kevlar cones and supple butyl rubber surrounds, which dissipate unwanted cone resonances.
  • Ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters are driven with neodymium magnets. These tweeters hold up well under high power and give a very smooth response thanks to their edge-driven design.
  • Heavy duty 20mm MDF is used throughout the construction of the rigid braced cabinets. They're engineered with the proper stiffness, mass and dampness to clearly and accurately reproduce sound without creating parasitic resonances.
  • Beautiful furniture-grade hardwood veneer cabinet finishes with sleek aluminum trim accents, available in Walnut and Cherry. For a look that blends more deeply into the background, choose a Satin Black automotive finish. Stylish grills magnetically attach to protect the drivers without diffracting or diffusing the sound.
  • Innovative slotted rear bass venting ports eliminate wave turbulence, easily transitioning the low frequency energy from the speaker cabinet into your room. With this design, HDP6 delivers smooth, natural and surprisingly deep bass from such a small speaker.
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