Essentials for Your Home to Pass Inspection

Congratulations on selling your home – during this exciting time while the sale is still pending, you might wonder what to do next. The most important thing, whether you’re in Milwaukee or anywhere else, is to make sure your home goes from pending to sold, is the inspection. Nearly 90% of home buyers will require an inspection. Keep in mind that if your home doesn’t pass the first round, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be a way to remedy it, but it’s always easier if you can manage it on the first try.

These essentials will help ensure that your home passes that inspection with flying colors.

Clean Up

Before your home even goes on the market, it should be in the best shape possible, meaning show ready. Ideally, any clutter, messes or necessary repairs will have already been done, but if they haven’t been, be sure to do so now. While a little dirt won’t affect the inspection directly, it might influence the inspector as it’s a red flag causing some to think regular maintenance hasn’t been taken care of.

Be sure to make it easier for the inspector by clearing all items near major appliances, including the water heater, as well as the perimeter of your home.


Plumbing is important – take care of any and all leaky pipes, clogged drains and the like, and ensure that your water heater is working properly. If you aren’t sure, have a licensed plumber evaluate whether it’s up to current code and safely working. It should also meet the needs of the home – for example, if you added a soaking tub to a bathroom but didn’t switch out the water heater, it might be undersized for the volume of water.


Mold can be a big problem, so you’ll want to be sure it’s not lurking anywhere in your home. Check all areas that may not be well-ventilated such as your bathroom, closets, or behind your couch. If you find any, you may want to hire a professional to test the inside of the wall to check for further damage. Doing this before the inspection uncovers it is much better than waiting until after you’ve failed and having to renegotiate with the potential buyer.


The roof is another one of the most important aspects of an inspection and it’s usually something potential homebuyers pay close attention to. Make sure your roof isn’t missing any shingles and that there are no leaks. Clean your gutters so that they work properly too – gutters that go uncleaned for too long, often end up causing water to build up and can eventually lead to rot.


A bad foundation can cause flooding and multiple other issues. Be sure yours is not sinking or cracked. An easy way to test foundation is by checking your windows and doors to make sure they shut completely and easily. Also, check for gaps in your exterior windows.


Your electrical should be up to code and have no frayed wiring.  There are simple ways to check for electrical issues, such as looking for dimming or flickering lights, hot outlets, funny odors, sparking, or frequently tripped breakers or broken fuses.

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