How to maintain an e-bike

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular as fewer people want to use overcrowded public transport. However, like regular bikes, e-bikes require regular maintenance checks and specific cleaning equipment. 

E-bikes have a whole host of health and environmental benefits. As more people cycle into work, congestion and air pollution rates diminish. E-bikes are cost-effective, an excellent form of exercise and convenient for everyday use. 

Here is how to make your e-bike safer, more pleasant to ride and a few tips on making the components last longer.

So why are e-bikes so popular? 

Electric bike sales have doubled in the last year. Governments and businesses are investing more money into e-bikes and changing transport policies across Europe. Pretty impressive for a bike, right?

 Over the last year, more people are switching to cleaner and safer ways to travel. Our attitudes to cycling will outlast the pandemic and, hopefully, positively impact the environment. 

Checks to do before riding

It would help if you did a few mechanical and electrical checks before setting off on your bike ride. 

Check your tyre pressure. Soft tyres can increase drag and affect the performance of your e-bike. You will find yourself working harder than usual if the tyres need to be pumped up. Make sure to check your tyres before longer journeys to avoid any stability issues. 

Test out your breaks and gears by going for a quick spin around the drive. It’s better to be safe than sorry…

Make sure all cables are plugged in correctly and intact. E-bike cables are delicate and can easily get damaged from transporting the bike on the back of a car. They carry all of the data through the e-bike system and can cause some issues if damaged.

Double-check the magnet for the speed sensor. Your e-bike has a drive unit, which calculates how much pressure you’re putting on the pedals, and a speed sensor. Between the two nifty gadgets, it can calculate the right amount of power delivery. However, if the magnet gets knocked, the drive unit can’t work. Ensure the sensor and magnet on your bike are in line and have the correct distance between them. 

Maintenance aspects

To maintain your bike correctly, you need the right equipment. 

The main difference between a regular and an electric bike is, of course, the battery. Keep the battery at an ambient temperature inside your home to prolong its life. Do not store the battery when it is empty or leave it sitting on charge for days on end. Look after the battery – they are expensive! 

Invest in a bike with a brushless DC motor for the correct power levels and torque needed. Electric bikes use a compact DC motor built into the back or front wheel hub or mounted in the centre of the bike and connected to the pedal sprocket.

Keep your bike clean with a damp cloth, mild degreaser and low-pressure water stream. Make sure to remove the battery before cleaning, just to be extra careful. 

Reduce the amount of resistance between your bike’s components and dirt with lube. Friction can cause your bike to wear out faster.

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