Punching Bag for Kids: 15 Best Options In 2017

Sport is not only played for the purpose of fun but also for the well-being of health. According to new studies, the growing kids who play sports get better height, healthy bones, and disciple. Boxing, kicking, and punching are some of few games which can be played by kids of any age. No specific training needed to play boxing especially if it is done for fun purpose only. It could be hard for the parents to decide that which punching bag for kids suits their kids most.

They are available in different sizes and also come in various shapes.

Currently, in the market, you will find punching bags for sale in forms like a free standing punching bag, bags which can be hung on the roof with the help of roof and bounce back punching bags, etc.

Best Punching Bag For Kids In 2017 Reviews 

Following we are sharing the list of the best punching bag for kids reviews. We have included almost all types of punching bags instead of focusing only on one type. You will found some of these bags expensive due to their size and material used. But we have also included cheap punching bags for a kid on our list of best 2017 boxing bags.

You will found some of these bags expensive due to their size and material used. But we have also included cheap punching bags for a kid on our list of best 2017 boxing bags.

But we have also included cheap punching bags for a kid on our list of best 2017 boxing bags.

1. Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Punching Bag For Kids

Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag
  • TOTALLY SAFE: This Power Bag is weighted at the bottom and inflated with air. It won't hurt them while knocking around and is soft on their hands while hitting. You don't have to worry about it falling over, either, because it always bounces back!
  • BOOM, POW, BAM: Bop the Socker Bopper Power Bag. It bounces back fast. The world's fastest bounce-back action. Made of Heavy Duty Vinyl. It is air-inflated for soft, safe fun
  • SELF DEFENSE: It's good for your child to know how to keep themselves safe in a situation where you might not be there. Start them out early with the Socker Bopper Power Bag and by the time they're adults, they'll be able to protect themselves and others.
  • CATHARTIC RELEASE: This is also a great toy for channeling behavior that you wouldn't want them using on the playground. Giving your child an innocent and comfortable space to release their emotions is key to healthy living and development.
  • PHYSICAL FUN: Pull those kids away from the TV and the tablets and get them doing more physical activity. Keep them strong and healthy by giving them toys like the Socker Bopper Power Bag which is both exciting and exercising!
  • Toy
  • Big Time Toys

This punching bag for kids is not just a toy to give your kids. It is a complete exercise toy which helps in the health of growing kids. It is ideally designed for those kids who are above 3.

It has the right height of 4 feet which means that a kid of 12 years also enjoys playing with this. To provide the safety play, the company has weighted at the bottom to keep its balance.

You don’t need any rope to use this punching bag for kids. It is portable and not very heavy.

You can carry it easily and travel by removing the air from the bag.

2. The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

This free standing punching bag for kids has an ergonomic design. Its color theme, Joker figure and 46 inches of height will make your kids love this.

As compare to all another punching bag we have shared here; this punching bag has the most kids friendly design. This Bop bag is specially designed for younger kids to have fun, learn punching and kicking.

Just fill the base of this funky looking Bop bag with sand if you want the bounce back action. It can be used without filling the bases with sand too.

Carrying this outside is Easy.

It is made with durable vinyl material to keep this bag rust free.

If you use this bag with little care, then it could be your Everlast punching bag.

3. Punching Bag with Bounce-Back Base

Pure Boxing Inflatable Free-Standing MMA Training/Punching Bag with Bounce-Back Base
  • Punching bag that promotes exercise in children while helping increase agility and hand-eye coordination
  • Targets placed at strategic locations allow children to practice different martial arts moves with precision
  • Rugged vinyl construction can withstand an onslaught of kicks and punches, and will always bounce back up for more
  • Base can be filled with sand or water for stability; Sand has proven to be more effective for larger children
  • Stands 64" tall and includes a foot pump for inflation, recommended for ages 6 and older

The special thing about this freestanding punching bag is its bounce back base. The base can be filled with water or sand to keep the balance free.

This punching bag is really good in size which makes it perfect for kids above 6 to adults. You can even use this bag for kickboxing as well as for punching because of its bouncing back base.

As compare to other bags, this punching bag has a very professional color scheme and design. It is made of hard, durable plastic which ensures you it will last for a long period.

It can be used indoor and outdoor activities due to its durable material.

4. Kid Kick Wavemaster

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster
  • Great for introducing kids to boxing, kickboxing, karate and other martial arts
  • Durable nylon covers high impact foam
  • Low profile base fills with sand or water; unit weighs approximately 170 pounds when filled
  • Four height adjustments
  • One year limited warranty; made in USA

This free standing punching bag is more than just a toy for kids. As compare to above free standing punching bag, this product’s design is more kids friendly.

The total weight of this product is about 170 pounds maximum when filled. It does not just made with durable plastic but to provide comfort the kids; foam has been used in its body.

To make it fit for all ages of kids, there are four height adjustment options available.

You can use it as indoor or outdoor sports without worrying about mold.

This bag can be filled with water and sand both. It is one of those few Everlast punching bags which comes with one year of warranty.

5. Schylling Punching Bag For Kids & Glove Set 

Schylling Punching Bag & Glove Set (for children)
  • KaPow toy boxing gloves and bag set
  • Includes red vinyl padded gloves
  • Also comes with black and red foam filled punching bag
  • Bag measures 18" tall and includes rope to hang
  • Ages 7 and up
  • Toy
  • Schylling

This is a small roping punching bag specially designed for younger children. It is only 18 inches tall and required to use the rope to hang.

Free rope to carry this punching bag is included with the product. You will also get a set of boxing gloves with this bag.

This medium size boxing bag is made with vinyl boxing pad to provide your kids comfort while practicing. Due to its professional design, this product is suggested for kids above seven but not for older kids and adults.

The bag is light enough not to hurt your kid’s hands and wrists. If you adjust this bag according to your kid’s height, then it can be used for kick punching too.

6. Boxing Punching Bag with Gloves Punching Ball for Kids

These types of punching bags have usually been designed for adults and professional trainers. But to make it kids friendly, the company has made it small in size.

The total length of this punching bag can be changed from 30 inches to 43 inches. You do not need to upgrade punching bad for your kid if you purchase this due to the option to change the height of the stand.

To make this product more useful for kids, the company is giving weighted stand with elastic spring. Although, you will get two boxing gloves along with this product.

It is a great product for growing kids to keep them active, increase boxing skills and set coordination, etc.

7. Ringside Kids Boxing Set

Ringside Kids Boxing Set (2-5 Year Old)
  • It's never too early to start building tomorrow's champions and this youth boxing set present includes everything you need to get started
  • This bundle is the perfect gift for your child boxer - Great for Boys and Girls (age 2-5)
  • Beginner boxing set includes a pair of youth boxing gloves, kids slip-on headgear with an elastic chin strap and a 2 pound mini-heavy bag (17" long x 5" diameter)
  • Available in a variety of colors with Ringside logos like your favorite professional and amateur fitness gym equipment

This is another one of the cheap punching bags for kids on our list of best punching bags for kids 2017. You won’t just get a punching bag of total 17 inches but also set of two gloves and headgear.

The headgear also has an elastic chin strap for the support.

This product is available in different colors but in one standard design and size.

The size of this bag is not big enough for the kids above 10. So, if you are looking for the punching bag for your kid above 2 and under 10, then this is a perfect choice.

8. Children’s Deluxe Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag

Velocity Boxing Children's Deluxe Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag w/ Pair of Gloves, Hand Pump, Adjustable Height 35 - 53"
  • GET UP AND MOVING: Great Way to Encourage Children to Move Around and Participate in Fun, Healthy Fitness · Increase Cardio Endurance and Develop Hand-Eye Coordination · Manufactured by Velocity Boxing
  • COMPLETE PLAYSET: Includes Everything Needed Such As a Pair of 10" Boxing Gloves, Hand Pump with Needle, Assembly Hardware · Gloves Sized to Fit Most Ages 5+ and Up
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS: Adjustable from 35 to 53 Inches Tall · Fine Tune Stand to Best Suit Your Child's Height · Base can be Filled with Approximately 50 Lbs. of Sand or Water for Maximum Stability
  • RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 5+ AND UP: Approximate Base Diameter: 14.5" · Assembly Required, Easy to Assemble · Assembly Instructions Printed Directly on Box
  • TRUSTED QUALITY BACKED BY AMAZON'S 30 DAY RETURN POLICY: Each Velocity Boxing product is made and engineered up to high quality standards. If there is ever any issues or problems with your item, feel secure knowing all Velocity Boxing products are also backed by Amazon's 30 day return policy.

Not all punching bags for kids give you great bouncing due to its design.

Velocity Boxing has designed this freestanding punching bag for kids to give a great bouncing while punching. It is an adjustable punching stand. You can change its height as per your requirement.

The height of stand can be adjusted from 35 to 53 inches. This is a big advance free standing punching bag; that’s why the suggested age is 5. Its strong stand also allows adults to practice punching.

There is a free pair of good quality of Velocity Boxing gloves also include with this product.

9. Everlast Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag

Everlast Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag (Yellow)
  • Inflatable punching tower offers variety of challenging workouts
  • Helps Improve coordination and flexibility, and lets you burn off calories and stress
  • Rocks back and forth with every punch, creating knock-down, instant-up motion that builds endurance and sharpens reflexes
  • Includes foot pump and leak-proof, water-weighted base that fills directly from the tap
  • Made of rugged PVC material; folds flat for storage when not in use

Punching, kicking and boxing, your kids can enjoy all these sports with this single inflatable punching bag. You will get a free foot pump and leak proof kit to repair your bag in case of leakage.

The base of this bag is designed to fill it with water directly from the tap.

No extra tool required to get ready this punching bag for kids other than what come with the product.

The base of this bag also allows it to rock back when you punch it.

This is also ideal for kickboxing for kids. Due to its height, the adults can also use it for training.

10. Franklin Sports Future Champs Mega Sized Inflatable Boxing Bag

Franklin Sports Future Champs Mega Sized Inflatable Boxing Bag
  • Inflatable Mega size boxing bag
  • Inflated size: 62" high X 12" wide
  • Water fill base for added stability
  • Perfect for ages 5 and up
  • Great gift idea
  • Sports
  • Franklin Sports

This boxing bag has the almost same feature as options mentioned above but comes at a low price. Its design is more kids friendly. It is about 5 feet high and 1 foot wide which makes it perfect for kids above 5 to 18.

It does not have a bouncing back base but still flexible to give you experience. The base of this boxing bag will be filled with only water with the help of plug on the bottom.

The high-quality material has been used during the production of this product to ensure that it last longer.

By purchasing this boxing bag, your kids do not require to wear boxing gloves. The height of this bag also allows your kids to practice kickboxing along with punch boxing.

11. Angry Birds Inflatable Punching Bag

Angry Birds Inflatable Punching Bag
  • Bright Colorful Angry Birds Design
  • Constructed from high grade PVC material
  • Inflation Nozzle allows for easy inflation
  • Toy
  • Bestway Toys Domestic

If you are looking for a colorful punching bag for kids, then have a look at this. It is based on angry birds theme’s design.

It has been many years since the angry bird’s theme is very popular among kids. Its color scheme and simple design also made it a good item to gift on kids’ birthday.

Its total length is about 36 inches which make it an excellent choice for the growing kids. It is manufactured from the high PVC material. The inflation nozzle of this punching bag made it easy for inflation.

There is not any specific age of kids to whom we suggest you this bag. Its large size, colorful angry birds theme, and inflation nozzle make it ideal for kids of all ages.

12. Inflatable Punching Bag – Durable Material for Kids

Referee Inflatable Punching Bag - Stress Reliever for the Die-hard Sports Fan and Fantasy Football Players by Bad Ref Inflatables - Durable Material for Kids and Adults - A Great Gift!
  • Made Durable for kids and adults.
  • Easy to set up. Can fill base with water or sand.
  • Best Stress Relief from Bad Refs
  • Comes with a hole repair kit.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

As per company’s claim, this punching bag is designed for both kids and adult. Not just you kids but you can also enjoy the punching with this durable punching bag.

The durable material of this bag allows you to take it in the swimming pool and rain.

The shape of the bag will not be ruined due to water. It is 4 feet tall and comes with hole repair kit. The referee figure has been designed on this bag for more fun.

This bag is also called stress reliever for the die-hard sports fan. Don’t just let your kids practice punching on this standing bag but also use it as a stress reliever.

13. Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag, Black/Red

Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag, Black/Red
  • Size and weight perfect for youth
  • Large striking surface while still small enough to pick up, toss and take down
  • Can be used as a tool to enhance youth athletes' coordination and development

This is an advanced punching bag which has been designed for the people of all ages. We have included this in the list of best punching bags of 2017 because of its design.

It is few of those free standing punching bag which is available for kids. If your kid age is between 10 to 18 then this is a perfect choice, it does have not only good height but also weight.

Even the adult people can enjoy and learn to punch through this everlasting punching bag. It is filled with sand which can be replaced easily if required.

As compare to other, this is one of the expensive punching bags on our list.

14. 3D BOP BAG Wrestler or Pirate Inflatable Toys

3D BOP BAG Wrestler or Pirate Inflatable Toys Blowup 36" (1 Random Style)
  • 1pc. 3-D BOP BAG Wrestler, Pirate, or Boxer Punching Kids INFLATABLE Toys BlowUp 36 ( 1 assorted style)
  • Toy
  • XpressionLine, intex

Not a punching bag for kids but we include this because of its theme based design. Your kids and their friends can use this punching bag toy in birthday parties to have fun.

It is cheap, good in size and also has bounced back feature. It is made with durable plastic to keep its life longer.

This product can also be used to play in swimming and outdoor activities.

15. RDX Kids Punch Bag Set With Gloves for Kickboxing

This is one of those few affordable punching bags for kids which come in a set.

This set of punching bad also includes the set of a free glove. It is not very expensive but not cheap either; that’s why we are calling it affordable. It is made with the excellent quality of plastic which makes it a durable punching bag.

With the help of zipping on the top, you can always replace, remove or add more sand. Its total height it only 3 feet and it is not a standing punching bag.

Free gloves and swivel hooks also include making the whole experience exclusive for kids.

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