Things A Fisherman Doesn’t Know He Needs

If you know a fisherman or even a guy who loves to fish more than he loves to breathe, you know that their fishing trinkets, tools, and gear is their pride and joy. When birthdays and holidays come around, you immediately go to the nearest Bass Pro Shops or local fishing store. You buy the newest poles, bait, boating lights, and even apparel, and your gifts never disappoint. Wouldn’t it be nice if women were easy like that? There is a never ending supply of things that fishermen either didn’t know they needed or simply don’t have yet. For the next occasion, find one of those things!

“I Love My Wife” T-shirt

Sounds corny right, well it’s actually hilarious. This plain t-shirt says in very large letters “I Love My Wife”, but at a close glance, you can see in small letters that it really says, “I Love (it when) My Wife (lets me go fishing)”. If you and your husband have one of those relationships where you don’t even see him on Sunday’s because he’s up at 4:00am and gets back at 10:00 pm from a day on the water, this is an awesome shirt to get him.

Personalized Bobble Head

This personalized bobble head if for the guy who loves fishing. Found on Etsy, they’re homemade and designed to look like the fisherman you have in mind. Not that this bobble head is going to help your guy out on the water, but it’s a pretty fun decoration to place in the car or come home to after a long day.

Custom Floating Key Chains

Every fisherman has got a large set of keys. Maybe they keep their house keys separated from their boat keys, but some set of keys is going to come on the water with them. Getting them a floating key chain is both practical and cute. Help them never lose their keys and make them easily found if they fall overboard.

Fisherman Dry Bag

Help him make sure that all of his belongings stay dry during his time fishing. The pockets in this dry bag lets him reach his phone, keys, and wallet easily, but also has a large area for clothes to change into once he’s back on land. Choose from a ton of different colors and get free shipping with Amazon prime.

Anything Yeti

Yeti has been the brand sweeping the outdoor sporting world recently. With coolers, bags, buckets, and accessories, it’s the top of the line when it comes to keeping your things cool while you’re away from home all day. The Tundra 350 is Yeti’s largest cooler with 19,000 cubic inches of capacity, holding up to 82.4 gallons. The price reflects the quality at $1,299. A little lower on the premium scale is the Roadie 20, great for drinks on the boat.

Sage Method Humidor

If your guy likes to enjoy a cigar out on the water, pick him up a single cigar humidor to keep it fresh and ready to smoke. Cigars can get wet out on the boat, completely ruining them for a good smoke. This product is only $50, but will save him much more in ruined stogies.

Barnacle Waterproof Speaker

Every guy needs a speaker out on the water, but it’s pretty risky to bring your family Bose out there. These small waterproof speakers have great sound and are made to float on the waves if need be. They can even be used back at the pool when he takes a day off from fishing and spends it with the family.

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