Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Water Dispenser

There was a time when water dispensers could be sighted only in offices. But its sheer convenience has helped this device in securing its place even among normal households. Enough said, let’s take a look at the things to remember while purchasing a water dispenser:

  • Types – Initially you will have to decide amongst the type of water dispenser which shall serve your requirements in the best possible way. A water cooler or regular water dispenser can suffice your requirements if you wish for cold water to gush out every time the water faucet is opened or normal drinking water to cater to your requirements. Depending on where you wish to install the water dispenser and what you wish to do with the same, you can select amongst the various available options. A Tabletop model can be placed conveniently on a table or the kitchen platform while the freestanding one can be placed anywhere on the floor. You can proceed with a wall-mounted one for allowing continuous inflow of water from the main source or a Bottom Loading Water Dispenser if you do not wish to lift the heavy water-filled bottles on the dispenser.
  • Power Usage – Temperature of drinking water tend to vary from one brand to another. As a rule of thumb, the power consumed has a positive correlation with the degree of coolness of the water. Prior to purchasing a water dispenser, it is imperative to have a look at the size of compressor for learning more about its cooling capability. A dispenser having smaller compressor unit can suffice your requirements for water which is moderately cold.
  • Cold & Hot Water – While some models dispense both hot and cold water, others are specialists in a single format. For benefitting out of increased versatility you should proceed with a model having both hot and cold water dispensing functionality. Don’t forget to compare the cooling and heating capacity of different models before taking your final pick.
  • Price – You might want to compare different models available if you are running on a stringent budget in which case non-electric dispensers will serve you better as they come with a cheaper price tag compared to their electric contemporaries. Amongst the electric water dispensers, freestanding units are much costlier than the countertop models.
  • Child Lock – This feature becomes especially important in the case of tabletop and freestanding models having water faucets within easy reach of small children. This feature prevents children from spilling water all around by accidentally opening the tap and in turn saves you from the trouble of cleaning the spilled water. Child lock systems become an absolute must in the case of hot water dispensers where you child stands vulnerable to suffering massive burns if he somehow spills water.
  • Convenience – The best water dispensers offer sufficient space in between the drip tray and water faucet for helping in filling water bottles and tall glasses with utmost ease. The dispenser nozzle needs to be small enough for fitting easily in the mouth of the water bottle.
  • Exterior –A water dispenser having stainless steel body is preferred over its plastic contemporaries for avoiding the taste of plastic in drinking water.
  • Filter – Water dispensers equipped with Ultra Violet filter, carbon charcoal filter and water distillers can get the purification job done in a better way.
  • Maintenance – You need to keep the water dispensing area clean at all times although water dispensers require comparatively low maintenance. The cleaning process becomes convenient coupled with a removable drip tray.

Along with a water dispenser, all it takes is just a simple push of a button for accessing clean and fresh water devoid of any harmful chemicals which are usually found in tap water. Some water dispensers even feature additional filters for ensuring purity with every drop consumed.

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