Top 4 restaurants in Salt Lake City that serve the healthiest food for the food-fanatics

Regardless of whether or not you’re a foodie, there’s one thing that is common among all and that is everyone is aiming towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. Instead of searching for junk food stalls, people are now eagerly looking forward to the restaurants that serve the healthiest foods straight from the farm to the table. As long as you have to fuel your body in a healthy way, it is not necessarily going to be miserable always, particularly when you’re eating out.

We’ve put together a list of restaurants in Salt Lake City that are known to be the most favorite spots for the health-conscious food fanatics. We hope to offer you healthy meals and dining ideas so that you could leave your heart satiated.

#1: Mollie & Ollie

Once you visit Mollie & Ollie, you’ll find the perfect amalgamation of fresh green veggies, clean proteins, homemade sauces mixed together. You’ll find the best salads created by M&O, stir fry, scrambles and even after having them; you can still create your own salads. In case you wish to have fast food which is still healthy, you can have their famous Chimichurri Pesto stir fry, egg noodles with kale, perfectly cooked beef, bell peppers and amazing pesto sauce which can convert into a delicious bowl.

#2: Corelife Eatery

CoreLife has got several locations in downtown Salt Lake City, Millcreek, Sandy and American Fork and they’re dedicated to offering the healthiest, cleanest and the tastiest foods that are surely to be enjoyed by their customers. They have a wide array of menu options that include grain bowls, green veggie bowls, rice bowls and power plates. The best thing about them is that they will make your food right in front of you so that you can add or omit certain ingredients according to your choice. Their beet lemonade, basil and cucumber lemonade and fruit punch are beverages that shouldn’t be missed.

#3: GR Kitchen

People in Salt Lake City seem to love GR Kitchen due to their healthy, delicious and fresh-from-the-farm Greek food. You’re allowed to choose from their hot favorites like Greek salad, pilafi or opt for the healthier options like kale, quinoa or roasted vegetables. They have a casual and fast model with the help of which you can choose your sauces, proteins, toppings and sides and customize the entire dining experience. Their classic Gyro salad with feta, tzatziki and vegetables are few things to die for!

#4: Laziz Kitchen

This is not only one of the hottest spots in the entire Salt Lake City but they also serve the best food in the total valley. Laziz Kitchen specializes in serving Lebanese cuisine in downtown SLC and they have a delicious menu to choose from burgers to stew to wraps to homemade burgers. For the healthier items, choose a platter or a salad bowl. If you’re following a Whole 30 diet plan, they have menu choices which are approved by this type of diet followers.

So, if you’re residing in Salt Lake City and you’re a health-conscious foodie, you needn’t worry as you now have the list of the best restaurants in your locality. Visit them and satiate your hunger without consuming too many calories.

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